4 ways to improve your new life abroad

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S A : ive never heard that it dosent rain in spain. ever.

I am not a tree : Those are some great advice! I couldn't agree more, especially on the first point - choosing a place to live. I currently live in a students town in France, not the friendliest place for an expat in her early 30's... But - I have a friend who decided to live in a smaller town nearby, because it was "so picturesque..." Pf! Now she's moving into the "main city", because she's bored to the bone ;) I have recently made a similar video to celebrate my 2 years in France, where I share my 5 mindset shifts that helped me to get back on track: https://bit.ly/2ORyCSp I have also added your video to a playlist that I'm creating, as I find your advice very useful - Changing, getting confused, finding new identity - https://bit.ly/2wsx5uS

Viktor Seven : Great video guys, I came here from Reddit! My wife and I we are moving to Tenerife in January! I studied a bit of Spanish in school and I think it's a much easier language to learn compared to German and French, for example. See ya!