Baby Shark (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Frog Leap Studios : Well, you asked for it!

Captainmakis 952 : I am still waiting for "somewhere over the rainbow" death metal

Diamond Carwash : I play this LOUD AS HELL in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway and I actually get people singing along in other vehicles around me.

WNxNokturnal : As a metalhead with kids, I welcome this version

huskerpower- : Well at least now when this songs stuck in my head from my daughter it’ll have cool guitar riffs in the background lol

Andrew Watson : Ur daughter must have been head banging along all week to you making this. SO GOOD DUDE

please end my suffering : now this is how you dad the right way

Kevin Martin : Now this version I can tolerate! My 7 year old will love this! You guys rock!

addicted to amazon : Thanks Leo. My boyfriend sings this song repeatedly now.

Gilded Cage : Imagine being a neighbor😂😂😂

Melanie Willis : Who else thinks Leo should make a album of children’s song covers like this 🙌🏻

Gollum E : Leo shark doo doo doo doo

ميكج اتي : Better than original!

Corrupt Sintax : Who would be so heartless to give a thumbs down. Good job to Leo and his little heathen!

Andrew Geier : It was only a matter of time before this was done, and I don't think anyone could have done it better

OngoingTech : Leo Leo Yes Papa? Making awesome covers? No papa Telling lies? Djent Djen Djent

paul spring : Aww... You are the best! I love how your daughter brings you in to do the song. Awesome man. As always.

Dylan Fitch : Damn dude brought a tear to my eye. Not becuase it was great( becuase it was), but becuase you did this pretty much for your kid.

Donald Baxter : My two year old grandson loves this. Thank you Leo for helping me introduce him to metal.

Gayle The Killer : *This made me laugh idk why*

Dorothea Michaelis : That's awesome and so cute! 👍😄

Cameron Doyle : I taught my one year daughter to head bang to this. Now we rock out together!

johnny 47 : Your doughter is growing up along the covers , what a great childhood she could ever exprience :p

Zalphinian : Just discovered this version of the song, and all I can say is that's a very metal dad who really knows how to parent the right way. ;-)

Darin Roodman : Leo, your little girl is getting so big!!!

302hobronco : Finally a version I can play loud with the windows down.

Kristian Montes : Está jodidamente bueno, pero no veo a mi pequeña hija escuchando esta versión.... 😈🤘

Charles Handel : I thought my 3yo loved the pinkfong original. Now I know he's a metal head just like dad.

mexighosthunter 86 : Bumped this loud on my car to pick up my daughter at school and alot of the kids were banging their heads and laughing at the same time win situation😎🤘🤘

Brooke : Honestly, this is the ONLY version that should've made the Billboard charts ✌

xpirate16 : Ozzie Shark doo doo doodoo doo

Felipe Cagnoni Lopes : *_Hino!_*

Andrew Meil : Legit metal!

Kirk Walker : The fact that this was a family project makes it even more adorable.

AntonioJimenes RodriguezErnandes : LA VAZ A MATAR PERRO!

Joe Erickson : Damn Leo! You turn everything into gold! I'm gonna start calling you Midas.

Filip : hehe. my favorite song

Donald Ugarte, Jr. : This might prove to be your biggest hit, Leo. Just think of your target demographic: metalhead moms and dads who've been racking their brains trying to introduce their toddlers to metal tunes!

NR : Keren

theawsomeyoutuber275 : well well we’ll by duffy metal version

Space Duck : You should do Catch the Rainbow by Rainbow <3

Pamela Olson : FrogLeapStudios: Hubby and I loved the cover you both did of "Sultans of Swing', and now we've spent a better part of our Saturday afternoon enjoying your various songs and covers!! You both are amazing!! Love the tunes, love the family vibe in this one and most certainly have gained two new fans!! I'll be sharing your 'gift' this Christmas with my three adult daughter (and baby shark for the two grand Thank you both for sharing your amazing talent with the world!! May you both continue to live, love and make music!! Pamela Olson Founder SaveOurChildren

Matthew Pigott : Dad stuff, your doing it right....

ana arque gonzalez : Amazing

ana arque gonzalez : Jajaj

loïc vasse : WTF!

Elmo Pantalonescuadrados : Debo admitir que mejoró mis expectativas xd

Al Schmegelsky : Daddy can we do this song? What song sweetie? Baby shark! Mommy hates it! It has 26 trillion views. Really, let's hear it hun. Fix it daddy, please!

sofakingdrunk66 : This has got BITE...

slapdaddyj : Absolutely love it!! Awesome work as usual!!