Baby Shark (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Diamond Carwash : I play this LOUD AS HELL in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway and I actually get people singing along in other vehicles around me.

Dylan Fitch : Damn dude brought a tear to my eye. Not becuase it was great( becuase it was), but becuase you did this pretty much for your kid.

mexighosthunter 86 : Bumped this loud on my car to pick up my daughter at school and alot of the kids were banging their heads and laughing at the same time win situation😎🤘🤘

Faramir Vildhjärta : A fullgrown man. In a shark onesie, playing a metal verision of a Lullaby., There’s hope for humanity yet

Captainmakis 952 : I am still waiting for "somewhere over the rainbow" death metal

please end my suffering : now this is how you dad the right way

Zekloid ! : My baby shark listened to this. Now he is a MEGALODON!

Original Radman : Daughter: Hey Dad listen to this awesome song! Dad: Hold my beer! Thanks Dad! 🙂

addicted to amazon : Thanks Leo. My boyfriend sings this song repeatedly now.

WNxNokturnal : As a metalhead with kids, I welcome this version

Donald Baxter : My two year old grandson loves this. Thank you Leo for helping me introduce him to metal.

Cameron Doyle : I taught my one year daughter to head bang to this. Now we rock out together!

johnny 47 : Your doughter is growing up along the covers , what a great childhood she could ever exprience :p

Brooke : Honestly, this is the ONLY version that should've made the Billboard charts ✌

Matthew Pigott : Dad stuff, your doing it right....

Pinky Malin : Thank you for making Baby Shark tolerable. *LOL*

Kirk Walker : The fact that this was a family project makes it even more adorable.

Zalphinian : Just discovered this version of the song, and all I can say is that's a very metal dad who really knows how to parent the right way. ;-)

Joe Erickson : Damn Leo! You turn everything into gold! I'm gonna start calling you Midas.

huskerpower- : Well at least now when this songs stuck in my head from my daughter it’ll have cool guitar riffs in the background lol

Dorothea Michaelis : That's awesome and so cute! 👍😄

Luiz Mito Games : This is the beter version about baby Shark.

SixSixSix Hellroad : I like how your shark jaws clap when you head bang :)

Ben Murray : This is the best version of it

Donald Ugarte, Jr. : This might prove to be your biggest hit, Leo. Just think of your target demographic: metalhead moms and dads who've been racking their brains trying to introduce their toddlers to metal tunes!

Dianez Pilon : I didn't understand Baby Shark until you did this. Thank you \m/

Space Duck : You should do Catch the Rainbow by Rainbow <3

Siegfried Albers : Awsome! Best Vision ever! 🤟

justin cowles : The Guitar Tone is +=+ Perfect. Epic. Yes :)

enigmamz : Um.... Candy-Gram!

Charles Handel : I thought my 3yo loved the pinkfong original. Now I know he's a metal head just like dad.

Jove Joved : Yeah, this is about the right speed and content for nu-metal.

Михаил Выдрин : THE NEXT LEVEL Imagine this with st. Anger snare

Frog Leap Studios : Well, you asked for it!

Michael MacKay : San Jose Shark's goal song!

TheLegend27 Gaming : Now we need Scary Flying Shark XD hahaha this was to awesome!!! Also love the ending dance 🤣

therockstar barber : This best cover I seen of yours, nice man

dirk digler : You see boys and girls , metal heads can be cute af too , \m/

P. B. : As a 47 year old father of a 3 year old little girl who loves to sing this song, I thank you for making this song fun again! 😂 freakin’ hysterical!

302hobronco : Finally a version I can play loud with the windows down.

Dylan Smith : People at my school LIKE Pop And Gangster Rap But I Love Heavy Metal And Memes So Perfect Combo

Luis Dalcomune : 🔥🔥🔥 Mechanically it’s a great song, killer composition

fio Maulana : Cutie Metal 😄 Reallu good cover 🔥

Jessica Delgado : I knew this would happen, and I'm not disappointed. This is what we are rocking out in the car rider line

Andy The X Tech : Good job! Rock On! 🤘

Swamp donkey Thunder punch : Wow, she is getting so big😍

John ManyJohns : What happened to 'Let's go hunt!?" ;-) FUn version and great to see your family so happy. Cheers.

Al Schmegelsky : Daddy can we do this song? What song sweetie? Baby shark! Mommy hates it! It has 26 trillion views. Really, let's hear it hun. Fix it daddy, please!

x8in_finity : Theme song for the Meg 2 or any JAWS sequal