Baby Shark (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Frog Leap Studios : Well, you asked for it!

Captainmakis 952 : I am still waiting for "somewhere over the rainbow" death metal

WNxNokturnal : As a metalhead with kids, I welcome this version

Matthew Pigott : Dad stuff, your doing it right....

huskerpower- : Well at least now when this songs stuck in my head from my daughter it’ll have cool guitar riffs in the background lol

Andrew Watson : Ur daughter must have been head banging along all week to you making this. SO GOOD DUDE

Al Schmegelsky : Daddy can we do this song? What song sweetie? Baby shark! Mommy hates it! It has 26 trillion views. Really, let's hear it hun. Fix it daddy, please!

Grant Davidson : Love this so much. But if your going to do anymore catchy covers could you do the ducktales theme please...keep up the great work

Diamond Carwash : I play this LOUD AS HELL in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway and I actually get people singing along in other vehicles around me.

Kevin Martin : Now this version I can tolerate! My 7 year old will love this! You guys rock!

OngoingTech : Leo Leo Yes Papa? Making awesome covers? No papa Telling lies? Djent Djen Djent

Jim White : Imagine being a neighbor😂😂😂

Triple_Hit Double_Dip : Metal Cover of Ocean Man!!!!!

there is a duck in my pfp Boi : now this is how you dad the right way

A Misantrophy : Better than original!

Melanie Willis : Who else thinks Leo should make a album of children’s song covers like this 🙌🏻

Gollum E : Leo shark doo doo doo doo

Fero Malum : You want to know how to make metal adorable?......bam, this right here!

Corrupt Sintax : Who would be so heartless to give a thumbs down. Good job to Leo and his little heathen!

hed420 : Now you need to get a green screen that covers the entire room. This would be awesome.

Darin Roodman : Leo, your little girl is getting so big!!!

Andrew Geier : It was only a matter of time before this was done, and I don't think anyone could have done it better

General Steppenwolf : Johny johny should hide his sugar. Cause he is next

paul spring : Aww... You are the best! I love how your daughter brings you in to do the song. Awesome man. As always.

Lei xD : Ahora la de un tlacuache tu ru ru tu🎶😂

Dorothea Michaelis : That's awesome and so cute! 👍😄

Jove Joved : Yeah, this is about the right speed and content for nu-metal.

Donald Baxter : My two year old grandson loves this. Thank you Leo for helping me introduce him to metal.

addicted to amazon : Thanks Leo. My boyfriend sings this song repeatedly now.

Donald Ugarte, Jr. : This might prove to be your biggest hit, Leo. Just think of your target demographic: metalhead moms and dads who've been racking their brains trying to introduce their toddlers to metal tunes!

JoojToranja but Musical : Johnny Johnny yes pappa metal cover

johnny 47 : Your doughter is growing up along the covers , what a great childhood she could ever exprience :p

Gayle The Killer : *This made me laugh idk why*

Space Duck : You should do Catch the Rainbow by Rainbow <3

BeardGuitar : My son watches this over and over like he watches bounce patrol lol. He's 2-1/2 yrs old. The first time we watched it I scrunched up my face when the metal increased at the daddy shark part (you know what I mean) he does it too :) Proud metal head dad just had to share that. Keep it up Leo.

AntonioJimenes RodriguezErnandes : LA VAZ A MATAR PERRO!

Lego friandises englais et français : So cool

Filip : hehe. my favorite song

theawsomeyoutuber275 : well well we’ll by duffy metal version

Elmo Pantalonescuadrados : Debo admitir que mejoró mis expectativas xd

tetsuoshema : This is great, my 4yold loves your version of wheels on the bus. She will get a kick out of this.

Diana Silva : 😂😂😂✌😜😜😜 😘😚💖💖💖 👊😎 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Mina Mirkwood : Little metal kids are so happy right now

RJ Villafuerte : Leo lo hizo de nuevo xD

ana arque gonzalez : Jajaj

ana arque gonzalez : Amazing

WileyCoyote69 : LOL Some people will do anything for their kids.

sofakingdrunk66 : This has got BITE...

Kristián Gregorec : country road

slapdaddyj : Absolutely love it!! Awesome work as usual!!