TIE Fighter - short film

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OtaKing77077 : Hello everyone! Thanks for all the kind comments. I'm glad you like seeing the Empire's TIE series getting some well-deserved screentime! In case you're wondering what I'm up to now, here's an update video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6uZfTRv0K0&t=0s (It has a bunch of clips from other projects I've animated that you might not have seen, so take a look if you want to see spaceships exploding!) Cheers!

LevelCapGaming : This is the best thing I have ever seen. I want to watch a whole 80s anime style Star Wars movie now.

more shitty playlists : Who would win a multi million dollar company or one bored fan?

Shawn M : Hopefully Disney doesn't claim this like they did with the Vader fan film.

Italo House Music : You know your Star Wars sequels suck, when a fan creates a bunch of nameless, non-speaking Tie Pilots that have more character than all of the generic SJW cookiecutter characters you made up for your movie.

Gavinrad : too "visually aggressive" for disney

RiulDoamnei : This should be designated Imperial Navy official recruiting film. I've never respected so much the TIE bomber.

hiddentiger73 : Since Disney bought Star Wars, the Empire has been made into a non threatening laughingstock instead of the intimidating, ruthless military it once was. You sir have restored my faith in the Dark Side.

WOW Music : *You, Sir, have won the heart of countless Star Wars fans all over the galaxy* *Thank you for your hard work!*

John Selig : Seven minutes long, zero voice acting, yet I love this more than any of that Disney bullshit

Astronopolis : I love the 80s anime aesthetic you chose, it looks amazing. The Itano Circus missile shot from the tie bomber was my favorite scene!

anti brony master race : I needed this after watching star wars rebels end with the murder of thousands of imperials.

Tyl Regor : *This video went impressively viral after Disney started ruining Star Wars with "Rebels" and "Resistance".* *Disney can be compared to Rebel Fighters here. Technologically superior, but operated by terrible Pilots who most likely only piloted a Speeder and had a very brief training.* *Animations such as this however can be compared to TIE Fighters. Technologically lacking, but operated by Pilots who actually know what they're doing.*

Eddie Molina : Can you make one of these but for the republic commandos 😭

tylergriffin333 : Are not studios throwing briefcases of cash at you? The world needs more of this.

Kami Tokisaki : Is Paul Johnson the genius version of Rian Johnson?

Croz Raven : Better than the entirety of Disney new SW trilogy space battle scenes.

Equinox : I wish Star Wars was as cool as this

Shane Armstrong : I love every little bit of love and detail that went into this. As someone who grew up putting hundreds, if not thousands of hours into Tie 95, this 7 minutes was a trip back to my childhood in all the best ways. From the diagnostic controls, jamming all power to the engines, the sweeping view of the briefing room, the sound effects for each individual engine type and laser, the waiting until 2.5 Clicks for missile lock designation in the Y-Wings, the missile lock designation sound, an ACCURATE INTERDICTOR CRUISER, and my favourite touch, a handy-dandy little T-UGs unit. The only thing that could've made this better would've been Thrawn and a Missile Boat making their appearance, but given we didn't see any Tie Advanced, I can only assume this is early into the Harkov Era, and well before we deal with Zarin or Thrawn. I also love that this captures EXACTLY what makes the Empire a force to be reckoned with. The Empire are terrifying because they're competent at what they do, and what they do is crush anyone and anything that stands in the way of galactic peace mercilessly. They are a well-oiled machine that destroy all who oppose, or else turn them to the cause. The only true mistake they ever make is getting too over-confident in their ability to succeed, coupled with in-fighting that tears them down from the inside out. Regardless, this is pure passion down to every minute detail, and I have never wanted or needed anything more in my life than a full-length version of this. Disney, if you're watching, take fucking note. THIS is how you do Star Wars.

Just an All Seeing Omnipresent Eye : I don't support the Empire. I don't support the Alliance all that much. All i liked is this hard-worked fan animation that satisfies my hunger for space battles. *I like wars with that involves casualties on every sides*

Devin Morse : This is the Star Wars we deserve and need.

BaronVonGamez : That Interdictor Cruiser though... And this definitely needs it's own series! 

Justin Hargis : This was so gundam like, i loved it!

Blur4strike : Checkmate Disney. This right here shows true passion for the franchise compared to the middling things released recently.

NAVI SEEL : Disney: no one can make a better animated star wars than us. OTAKING7077: hold my beer

Silverbolt : I'd rather watch this on repeat then watch Resistance

Datch : All hail the Empire

The Sarcastic Wolf : Me in 2019 wondering why there is no star wars anime..

Joel Reimer : Hard to find such videos as this, but infinitely better than rebel propaganda. Support the troops!

gotmoosefur : Let me just say, bout time the good guys lost

zevangelo viloria : Anime x Starwars. Finally I can die in Peace.

trycoldman23 : *Compare this to Star Wars Rebels*

r2d2 from startrek : It's better than most of the shit Disney's come out with! I fucking love it man. Keep up the good work, you're going places! Now then, if every other part of the Empire actually took their training to heart like this fine fleet, the universe would have been left in much safer and more compitant hands, either way, ALL HAIL THE EMPIRE!

Frederick Lin : Never have I ever appreciated the destruction of rebels so much....

Scream of Shadow : Im not anime fan, but this... _Oh boi, Sooo goood..._

George 98 : Better animation than reshitstance

OtaKing77077 : Hello all, My current job contract is ending in December and I'm considering what to do. One one hand, I'll have infinite time to spare. On the other hand, I'll have no money coming in. So my options are to get another full-time animation gig or take some time off to do some actual full-length TIE Fighter episodes (with actual ongoing story and voice acting this time) and stick 'em up on Youtube for free (obviously. Since it would be a fan film and all). Just out of interest, if I set up a patreon or gofundme page or whatnot, would anyone be interested in chucking some spare change in so I can buy food, or would it seem like really tasteless shilling? Luckily I live cheaply so I wouldn't need much to pay the bills and keep me in sandwiches (plus however much voice actors cost), which would free me up to work 9-10 hours per day animating a fully self-contained TIE mini-series (yes, with original trilogy-era lightsaber fights if you insist. I have plenty of story material worked out - I've just had no time to actually do it until now). Like I said, this is just a "what if" question to see if enough people would be interested. Let me know your thoughts, either here or on muh Twitter or Deviantart page (links are in the video info above). Basically, if you supply the cheap ham sandwiches, I'll supply the animation. ...Wow. What a crappy tagline.

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : That probe/robot thingy in the beginning is simply too beautiful for words.

Tracy Datu : Here because our man Gundam. ;) Honestly wish they would get somebody like this guy to make a series instead of the garbage Disney keeps putting out...This video made me remember why i loved starwars and why im sad Disney has ruined it...

Parmenion : 4000 rebel scums disliked the video.

gutz166 : This is created by someone who genuinely loves the entire Star Wars lore, while Disney ones are motivated by weird politics and money.

Lord Inquisiteur Willhelm Von Steiner : Honestly, even if Palpatine is evil as hell and lot of miffs are corrupted as hell, the Empire is probably the most beneficial organization in the entire lore of Star Wars. Hell, Palpatine might not be giving a shit about living sentients beings, but he make sure that the order is kept throughout the whole galaxy, taking away everyone's freedom but in the same time, technically protecting everyone, because too much freedom equal massacres. The vast majority of stormtroopers, tie fighters pilots, imperial soldiers, tanks/vehicles crews, engineers, scientists, officers (Both low ranked and high ranked), naval captains, and in general, the vast majority of the people's who fight and serve for the empire are actually good people's and truly believe that they are keeping order in the galaxy.

TorontoJon : I got more pleasure from watching this 'TIE Figher" animated short film than watching those latest Star Wars movies, particularly 'The Last Jedi' (yuck).

Keln : God this is awesome. Been reading a star wars Manga. The fan stuff is so much better than the Disney stuff

highlander723 : LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE

Lucas Dokie : This is better than the wanna be new star wars

James Watterson : Tie Fighter is better than Star Wars Resistance

Ankit Bhardwaj : This is how the Empire was meant to fight.

Nicholas Pentowski : This 7 minute animated short >literally any star wars movie made by disney (with the possible exception of Rogue one Because that was amazing)

Panos Kar. : Well done man. I wish there was an alternative view in star wars where the empire wins in the end of the movie and not always the rebels. Very good job again and keep up the good work.