TIE Fighter - short film

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OtaKing77077 : Hello everyone! Thanks for all the kind comments. I'm glad you like seeing the Empire's TIE series getting some well-deserved screentime! In case you're wondering what I'm up to now, here's an update video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6uZfTRv0K0&t=0s (It has a bunch of clips from other projects I've animated that you might not have seen, so take a look if you want to see spaceships exploding!) Cheers!

RiulDoamnei : This should be designated Imperial Navy official recruiting film. I've never respected so much the TIE bomber.

ZoidFile : Even without saying a single word, that female Tie fighter pilot is more interesting than Phasma will ever be.

Diedrich Makato : How's THAT for a strong female character? I already relate more to unnamed Tie Bomber Pilot than Rey

Whiskey Bacon : The dialog was 10x better then TLJ's.

Almighty Supreme Leader Weegee : The TIE Bomber pilot is already more badass than Phasma in a 7 minute video.

LevelCapGaming : This is the best thing I have ever seen. I want to watch a whole 80s anime style Star Wars movie now.

George Washington : Imperial Fleet: Every SW Fans Rebel Fleet: Disney crap

THEOFILO4 : grievous watches Resistance: Time to abandon the ship grievous watching this video up here^: Another fine addition to my collection

TheMightyThor83 : The difference between this and The Last Jedi and Resistance is that this film was created by someone who loves the source material and wants to honor it. Last Jedi and Resistance is made by a company that sees Star Wars as nothing but dollar signs and as a vehicle to push their politics.

sablephoenix : Okay. As someone who has studied animation techniques (I went to art college for it and learned both traditional cel and computer animation), that pedestal dolly over the bow of the star destroyer at 5:35 is absolutely RIDICULOUS. The difficulty of pulling something like this off in cel animation is just plain not understood by anyone who hasn't actually hand-drawn animation frames before, but from this point on I literally, out loud, said, "WHAT?! This is ridiculous!" Kudos to you for saving all your most advanced animation techniques for the end of the video. Especially considering that I doubt anyone unfamiliar with how cel animation is made even fully realizes how difficult this was to create.

BaronVonGamez : That Interdictor Cruiser though... And this definitely needs it's own series! 

James Watterson : Tie Fighter is better than Star Wars Resistance

KingTimmahB : I was expecting a Gundam to appear. This is waaaaay better than anything Disney's put out recently.

Captain Valor : 10/10 Better than Star Wars Resistance

S Plass : This looks way better than "Star Wars: Resistance". I happened to be sick while watching this, and this is easy on the eyes compared to that Resistance trailer. So way to go there! I also see you dropped the plot armor.

Croz Raven : Better than the entirety of Disney new SW trilogy space battle scenes.

WOW Music : *You, Sir, have won the heart of countless Star Wars fans all over the galaxy* *Thank you for your hard work!*

Dalek Emperor : Finally, someone with the name johnson makes something good, instead of just trying to devide the fanbase for his own worthless ego. Seriously, this 7 minute short was five times better than the last jedi ever will be. I commend your little but beyond entertaining video good sir!

SneakyWarrior 82 : Disney should hire you to do a Star Wars anime when they realize SJW nonsense and Star Wars shouldn’t ever mix. 10/10, would Yoda again.

Boo Yeah : When Star Wars was cool...before the dark times....before the Disney Empire....

anti brony master race : I needed this after watching star wars rebels end with the murder of thousands of imperials.

William M : The facts that someone made this fan-made animation did better than disney with thier shit show of star wars resistance, and when you kind of think about it, this is just really sad.

Das Institut : So who else watches this incredible short film after watching the comparison of it vs Star Wars Resistance?

Astronopolis : I love the 80s anime aesthetic you chose, it looks amazing. The Itano Circus missile shot from the tie bomber was my favorite scene!

green gamer : Imagine this as a series

Datch : All hail the Empire

Noah Van Leeuwen : YES! a video that respects the tie bomber FINALLY! its always been one of my favorite ship from star wars. Great job with the animation it was really incredible

Srcosmos : 😭😭ohh that 90s gundam vibe pure beauty

Luis18 Artist : This what Resistance should have been Instead we got childish humor and shitty animation Disney should learn from you my friend because you are a God

MagyTheMage : Funny how i care more about characters i didnt even get to see talk more than the characters in rebels that had seasons of development

Lord Inquisiteur Willhelm Von Steiner : Honestly, even if Palpatine is evil as hell and lot of miffs are corrupted as hell, the Empire is probably the most beneficial organization in the entire lore of Star Wars. Hell, Palpatine might not be giving a shit about living sentients beings, but he make sure that the order is kept throughout the whole galaxy, taking away everyone's freedom but in the same time, technically protecting everyone, because too much freedom equal massacres. The vast majority of stormtroopers, tie fighters pilots, imperial soldiers, tanks/vehicles crews, engineers, scientists, officers (Both low ranked and high ranked), naval captains, and in general, the vast majority of the people's who fight and serve for the empire are actually good people's and truly believe that they are keeping order in the galaxy.

Blur4strike : Checkmate Disney. This right here shows true passion for the franchise compared to the middling things released recently.

TheNaim116 : So whena the first season come out? We all know thia was the "pilot" episode. 😉

SheriffPeanut173 : One guy made a 7 minute animation better then an entire disney crew with a huge budget (talking about star wars resistance)

klik beet : Who is here cause they couldn't handle the cringe of star wars resistance

trycoldman23 : *Compare this to Star Wars Rebels*

John LeClaire : Reminds me of the battles I had all the time in the good Star Wars battlefront (the one in 2005)

BUSHNAK529 : We have this awesome masterpiece, but yet Disney is about to release the dumpster fire that is Resistance.

Bambus mann : Anime and StarWars fit quite well together

deadmanwalking971 : Just imagine if this was the future Star Wars got, instead of the political fake bull disney gave us? Independent fans creating the future Clone Wars and GCW works, and not "diverse" and "inclusive" pieces of crap. And, we'd still have the Extended Universe, and no forced liberal shit!

OtaKing77077 : Hello all, My current job contract is ending in December and I'm considering what to do. One one hand, I'll have infinite time to spare. On the other hand, I'll have no money coming in. So my options are to get another full-time animation gig or take some time off to do some actual full-length TIE Fighter episodes (with actual ongoing story and voice acting this time) and stick 'em up on Youtube for free (obviously. Since it would be a fan film and all). Just out of interest, if I set up a patreon or gofundme page or whatnot, would anyone be interested in chucking some spare change in so I can buy food, or would it seem like really tasteless shilling? Luckily I live cheaply so I wouldn't need much to pay the bills and keep me in sandwiches (plus however much voice actors cost), which would free me up to work 9-10 hours per day animating a fully self-contained TIE mini-series (yes, with original trilogy-era lightsaber fights if you insist. I have plenty of story material worked out - I've just had no time to actually do it until now). Like I said, this is just a "what if" question to see if enough people would be interested. Let me know your thoughts, either here or on muh Twitter or Deviantart page (links are in the video info above). Basically, if you supply the cheap ham sandwiches, I'll supply the animation. ...Wow. What a crappy tagline.

Inshrektor Gadget : 3:11 RIP Lock Skywanker, 20420-69 ABC

Universo del Quetzal : learn something from this, star wars resistence . RIP STAR WARS DISNEY

PastelStudios : lmao when they said the resistance show was going to be anime inspired, i thought it would look like this lol

Alith Anar : Why couldn’t resistance hire this guy if they wanted anime style Star Wars?

Captain Qwaz Caz : Better than rebels and resistance.

Golden Brine Gaming : Still better than Resistance Trailer

Vlad 117 : 2 words: Holy Shit!

H4-N5.V [Hans Volter] : I want the real *best Star Wars cartoon* of the last few years: Rebels I said the real *best Star Wars cartoon* of the last few years: Paul Johnson’s TIE Fighter short *_p e r f e c t i o n_*