You Can't Turn Back (Original Song)

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World Of Music And Beauty : If you like that music, share it so that more people can see it ! ;) Love !

Leandro89 : Nice ;D

Chase The Vase : I love it bro!!!!! :)

Forever MPH : Hi, Ted!  Here you go again composing such an incredible song!  I also listened to DonnyFire's outstanding remix of it.  The two of you are really great together!  Best wishes, Michelle   :-)

Abbie Sea : THIS IS SO INCREDIBLE. I got goosebumps just listening to the beginning... then your voice came in and WOW. You have the most amazing voice ever, it's so breathy and soulful and just awesome. And the lyrics are just pure, raw poetry. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing song. You are my inspiration of the day :)

Karlyne's Cover : 👏🏼

jeffrey hartmann : HI World, really cool song !!! This is really good. . . you are going to be a big star. . . !!!!!! thanks for sharing and Bravo!!! jeff. . . L

The Tsar Of Salt : Those piano parts were super catchy. Awesome work!

Sam Le Magicien : Super bravo

Terminator VS Humain : Tu gères c'est toi qu'à composé le tout ?

DonnyFire : If its fine with you im gonna continue remixing your songs

Bbddy : 💓

Easter Bunny Gaming : Nice one!!!