Hayley Moore - At The Races presenter amazingly catches loose horse

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Kani Fuker : Wow!!! what a super woman, if that was a footballer he'd still be rolling around on the floor claiming one of Hitler's men shot him.

Citizen Mike : Wow, a woman of action indeed

Gemma Saint : She's done that before. She's a rider obviously. Only one brave enough to step in front of it to stop it tho. She knew he'll slow down which he did.

hiphopfan : Any update on if the microphone is ok?

StonyRC : Top Girl - that takes some nerve!

Recluse : "Shes unbelievable!" "Hope the microphones alright cause shell have to pay for it".

Pepper : Dress without a stain, hair still perfect, and a hella good story for her fellow horse fanatics.

Double Helix : This woman puts professional footballers to shame, has no fear, what a legend and she's fit.

Ivan : all horsegirls are weirdos, thats a fact

Skyline GT-R : That was so hot. She did all that in a sun dress.

Pat Gatti : She was fantastic...and obviously knows and loves horses...a real trooper.

Gcal1956 : Marriage material!

analog kid : the horses owners should pay for the costs to any equipment. she was fantastic.

sahiel5 : country girls...

Pepper : Best news anchor 2018 award Horse ladies are so ballsy. Good for her for doing what she thought was morally right for the horse. They usually just keep going until they collapse for anyone that's not seen a runaway horse. She even said it herself she couldn't stand to see it go another lap. So people shouldn't hate on her or bash her for putting herself in danger. She knew full well what could have happened.

ynotnilknarf39 : Horsey ladies are great, dig a few weeds in the field and do a few wheelbarrow's worth of muck and they are forever grateful :o)

Aaron Harris : At least they have qualified people covering the races

Barbara Dyson : She knew exactly what she was doing and what could happen, Professional horse persons know when and how to catch loose horses.

pupeluv : That's a British cowgirl right there, y'all.

808steveA. : Move over Wonder Woman Here's HAYLEY. 👍👍👍👍

joiganja : iv,e said for years them horsey girls are bad . they,re always getting shinners and cuts and broken bones off their own horses , and they laugh it off .

Baz Keeley : Haley Moore. Take a bow young Lady. 💪💪

qubemaster : "She stood in front of a running horse" being a literal description makes her a god damn legend

Loneliness Is A Helluva Drug : That's hot, what a turn on! This is a woman who is sure of herself, and that's attractive for sure!

Bobbly Wobbly : That's a horsewoman.

Paul : Puts all male reporters to shame gj!

Craig Andrews : Never mind balls of steel, more like breasts of steel. If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off.

Paulo Correia : I know it's not PC, but my immediate first thought was "BALLS!" ;) That woman has ovaries of steel!

Just Daniel : someone should tell her women have the vote! we don't need anymore *Emily Davisons*

DrOfWelshMagic : She got more balls than me FACT! 👏👏

The Moto Channel U.K : INCREDIBLE !!! The iron lady !!! She was like a brick wall, your not getting past me son !!!

slaneysider : An ounce of breeding is worth a ton of feeding, a chip of the old block she is , what a woman .

Medic On the move : Respect to you Haley , ✊ , action woman extrodinaire 👏🏻👍👏🏻👍👏🏻

Hieron : One Russian poet of the 19th century wrote that Russian woman can "stop a galloping horse and enter a burning hut". So all Hayley has to do now is to enter a burning house, then we can call her a honorary Russian.

moroz98 : As the Russian poet Nikolai Nekrasov wrote: "She stops a horse in full stride and walks into a burning house.” (1863)

cat intensifies : Hahah what a boss

nickshergar : WHAT A GAL!!!! HERO! Well done..... REALLY WELL DONE.....

Smile it’s good for you F**k gambling : 64 dislikes who are these people

Double Helix : I'm bored of arguing with men who are woman haters, fellas you never get laid with opinions like these, so go back to your wa.. pits and keep watching porn!!!

TEMPAS FUJIT : Reporter turns into SUPERWOMAN!👍💪

Dennis Page : Matt Chapman wouldn't be up for this, and she managed to not show her underwear.

edwardmashberg1 : Notice how the Brits take the whole thing in stride, make jokes, stay chill, and avoid hysterics and bathos. And superwoman goes right back to work.

Double Helix : Sparkski fa Cup is competitive level my only argument is contact Pro footballers go down with minimum and stay down again this woman was run over by a horse and got straight back on her feet there is no contradiction

rdaystrom : Now there's a girl who has been around horses and knows what she's doing.

Ian Clarke : Haley for prime minister

bballamo21 : How the microphone's family take the news?

Stephen M : Go, Hayley, the horse was so frightened!

Corvus Corax : Коня на скаку остановит, в горящую избу войдет :)

Justin Labriola : Woooowwww worried about docking her for the equipment. Thats business for ya

UncleCheeseBurger : > Marriage material