3 Cats, 1 Steak

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Grain Brain : The sense is simple enough: when two pull a steak the third will eat up.

Elrique Suave : lol the two big cats are fighting and pulling, meanwhile the lil cat is nommin'!!

4RedDwarf3 : Middle cat is the smartest and a kitten, eat while the others hold your dinner for you.

SlashZ890 : How proxy wars and the third party works in a nutshell.

sonsofneo : which 1 is making rev engine noise lol

Александра Романова : а серый, самый хитрый, пожрать успел. ))))

Elrique Suave : Marble colored cat tried to sneak off with it! LOL @0:49

Sylvia Saw : *munch*munch*munch*

Michael Hussey : Lesson is to divide and conquer?

Sraye : That steak is SO RAW, THREE CATS PLAYED TUG OF WAR WITH IT. Grey one clearly won. Had the most bites off it. 

Harry M : cats vs steak or cat vs cat?

corey jessup : guess there trying to stake there claim

Metsada007 : They are roaring like lions.

Pink Honey 41 : 3 little brats, 1 meat. Who will win? It won't be the meat because the 3 fury stooges are fighting and ripping the meat apart. This is so funny. LOL!

Maurice D Turner-Brown : Hey cat in the middle you never know. Who's. Really pissed

Debangan Mukherjee : Two came and pull third one is eating soo funny ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 my stomach get pain now

theceboyz : ruski ruski ruski

Malroth00Returns : This is where the adorable little monsters remind you they still are monsters.

Alex Domanovic : @2:41 - @2:48 when i get to the red light just before it goes to green. then i let go of the brake and start to hit 20 and hear the turbo boost and start hitting 60

snappy : I swear at 2.40 I heard a Formula one engine starting.

Gunsong1 : Divide and conquer defined

Myles Griffin : Perfect meme sire eat up

Lightning Boy : Is that raw?! NO THAT STUPID OWNER

Kaiser Frost : I sneak in there with scissors and cut the orange and white one loose, then cut the other two apart and that way everybody gets a chunk.

fireninja fox : Kitties

The Noisy Spectator : This reminds me of a popular song; Let It Go! Let It Go! Let It Go!

Олег Афанасьев : Protoss. Terrain. Zerg.

Klim Samgin : Почему то хочется надеятся, что котейки хозяина доедают.

Александр Востриков : Средний кот красава - пока те держат, этот хавает :)

Валерия Чехова : Хозяева садисты!

xT1ger_JP : I think they call this "natural selection"^^

son of sparda : mexicat stand

Aziz : haha :)

emrald sky : Para noia

Михаил Штормъ : автор х7есос!

Jayme Brown : animal abuse, should have take the others cats claw off the other jejeje

James J : 2:20 😂😈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

James J : 1:42 😂😂😂

Salad Hate : Депутатом от е**ной р*ссии растет мохнатый уебок =)

Andrew Smirnov : Порошенко Яценюк и Коломойский -- делят украину

сИДОР Мойша : скачи ублюдская хохлянд

thabosswife100 : Cute and mean but cute

TaiSchenker : You mean 3 pussys fighting over meat. ;)

leriksson880 : nom nom nom

Nefarious Cookie : Should've cook it to soften it up

RottenRroses : I knew that steak! What are the odds!

Ted Man : 3 pussys 1 steak and they are fighting boooooooooner

marmotaminaminovici : go back to fingering your daughter mr morality

Kyuwashere : Right: Optimist Left: Pessimist Middle: Opportunist

Erebus2075 : you should not be allowed to have cats, clearly you are too much of a moronic retard to read the basic sign. they do NOT find this in anyway entertaining and your forcing them into a situation where the next step is that they will beat each other up... what kind of bad person are you -.- good example of why our world is so fcked up, complete lack of commen sense or morale