This poor guy has been vlogging his entire battle with cancer Unfortunately he has almost lost his battle now

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I can’t even describe what’s going on easily now to people but it is really a hard struggle. I’m a lot sicker than expected.


Sandi Wood : "I keep thinking that's my nipple but it's cancer". Even on your death bed you are trying to make everyone laugh - your spirit was unbreakable - even if you didn't think it was. The world lost a lot of color the day you left us Dan. Rest in Peace <3

Alex & Erika : Just came across this channel, so sad. Heartbreaking. Condolences to your family. R.I.P. ❤️😢

MuhammadAli_GOAT : A strong man does not have muscles, a strong man looks like this.

Cameron Finch : “See ya later, ta ta, bye bye”. His last words to us. Love you mate x

100 Subscribers? : I saw this video 6 months ago called, "THE CANCER IS EVERYWHERE" and he said he had a certain life expectancy. After that video I continued my life like it was an average day. 6 months later, I'm here, wondering what happened to him. It makes me sad knowing that this guy who I knew for so little time, just died. Rip

Tucker Blanchard : This makes me appreciate every breath of life, every second. Because if I don't, it could be my last.

WA Boom : So weird how life works, you see this poor man dying and you hear children playing in the background. Just goes to show how frail and quickly our time on earth is.

Potterverse : This is absolutely heartbreaking. Thinking of you Dan.

son goku : 2:22 That last goodbye Rest in piece brother :/

Rip Lil Peep : 4 days later he died...

DaviloX07 _ : Life is so unfair sometime. Rest in peace.

iplay xxviperxx 1 : I know I'm late but rest in peace mate 😭😢

only one Mr X Only one Mr y : 😓 My The Force be with you..... Always,

Lara Bsk : I can't believe it's been over 7 months, you're missed Daniel! Wherever you are, we remember you

Infamousvillain1 : I remember I use to come to check up on dan and to hear that he’s gone 😭😢😢 it breaks my heart. Rock the heavens my brother you were an amazing person

Mr. Vidfreak0 : This was the hardest thing for me to watch..i just found out about dan today...a video of his was recommended to me and i had to watch it...my dad went thru colon cancer for 6 years that spread to his vital organs this past year...i quit my job to be with him in his last month and a half he had left on this earth...but he didnt like to talk about how he was really feeling he tried staying positive...until his last week alive..that was the hardest time my family has ever had to go thru..he wouldnt talk about how he was feeling...but i could tell things werent going well...i didnt even get to say goodbye...i never got a chance because the weekend he died he had gotten out of the hospital on Saturday morning and sunday we found him unconscious...my mom rushed him to the hospital while i stayed with my lil sister...then i got the call....i knew...he was gone....ive never been able to get rid of this pain of losing him...its a battle every single day...i still cry most days...hell..im crying writing this....but until now i never knew what kind of pain he was in until i watched dan try to explain what he was going thru...im not looking for sympathy...idek why i felt like spilling my family’s story...but i just want dans family to know from my family to his im so sorry for your loss...he seemed like a really great guy with a good heart...i thank you and him for sharing your journey so i could understand...Rest in Paradise dad and dan..you both will be missed dearly...

Juliano : I am about to experience the same death in the next months. I have a sarcoma too, it’s spread. Euthanazia is ilegal in my country. Sometimes I think about just putting a bullet through my head to avoid all this useless sufering. I still have time, but not the support that this brave man had from his familly and friends. He died surrounded by love, from his loved ones and admires, I will just die in pain surrounded by the grief and dispair from my parents. What to do?!?! Rest in Peace, Thomas.

John Webb : Thankyou Dan for showing me courage and how to die like a man. I have ALS and you showed me courage. RIP....Love you brother.

oof : 7 months since this legend passed In my eyes youre the biggest inspiration on youtube Rest in peace with my condolences to you and your family

Xo Kelly : So so sad that he had just 4 days to live after uploading this video...Rip beautiful soul

SirNox : We love you mate ❤️

Mark DeVries : "See ya later.. tata... buh bye." His last words to his fans.

Kathy Edwards : You left a Mark on my heart that will never go away... miss you friend ♥️

ivana : Come back from time to time just to see you again. Miss your smile, miss your positive spirit, miss You. Sleep peacefully dear Dan.

Sri Rahayu : You strong man😣 Im from indonesian😦

BPS : Rest in peace you legend!!

DL Coba : This was one of the most heart breaking things I have ever seen...we grew to love you. It's now April 11, 2019. We did love you! Miss you so much, miss your smile, your eloquent speech, your beautiful face. Such a loss for us, big score for heaven though, I guess they needed you up there more. I understand that. What a fight. I'll never forget the way you said "secondary" in your British accent. That word runs thru my head at least once a week. God bless you. I know your still working it, just in a different dimension. Love U!!!

Krystal Sedillo : I stumbled upon this channel as well. For him to document this, shows, how disciplined he was. Dan has really shown me the seriousness of this disease, and it is not to be taken lightly. It's a killer and I'm so sorry that he is gone. Dan seemed like such a awesome person to know. I enjoyed getting to know his family too. Especially, his Mom and Dad. I hope to see more unseen footage of Dan and his family. 😞

_ _ Hyper _ _ : I cannot believe he’s gone man, I’ma subscribe him for the respect that this man deserves. RIP Dan 😓

T I Jamir : Dam seeing this in 2019 only. Stupid YouTube recommendation! Everyone should learn some valuable lessons from Dan. Value the good life we have now. God it's such a tragic he is no more now.😢

ball bag : you were a soldier my friend xxx

jackassmaker : This video still makes me so sad. RIP

Rian Mullaley : My Grandma passed away from Bowel cancer a week ago. Absolutely heartbreaking. Your journey is so inspiring I hope you rest up well. ❤️

crixglh : see ya later in the other world you are a real man

Jo Sou : If I face the rest of my life with half of your courage, humility and dignity, I will be proud. You are remarkable.

Loxley sings : Rest in Power, dear Dan...thank you for inspiring us...u will be missed❤

Jiju the Great : I was keeping up with him last year, but stopped for a while since my school semester got a bit hectic. I checked in today to find the news. I’m heartbroken. Rest In Peace, man.

Razor Tube : I miss this man now. I followed him because I was so interested in his story. I watched him for about a year on and off. He is a beautiful soul and the world lost a great, iconic, individual. I’ll never forget his struggle or what he was challenged with. Thanks for being a part of my life Toms.

Shaggy : I never knew you and this is the first video from you i've watched but i can tell that you're a great guy and have a lovely personality, good bless you and rest in peace.

WhirledPeace : “There’s also food I’d like to eat..I can’t eat ever again...”. How those simple words broke me completely. We love you as tears stream our faces. You have been our hero in this, our warrior. Thank you for making our lives and this world a better place just by being you. You have have helped so many people and brought us from all over the world together in love. That’s pretty remarkable and rare indeed. Becky, mum and dad, our hearts and love are with you..

JULIE PADILLA : I find myself frequently re-watching his videos over and over again. This world has lost a wonderful human being, so kind and warm. Him saying "see ya later,... ta-ta, ....ba bye" is what gets me every time. You, Dan, are truly missed....

Toasty Subjects : “Those things I wanted to do, I’ll never be able to do now” broke my hart😭😭😭

oldmate_TV : Watching the first 12 seconds of this video, hearing voice, his disorientation and appearance made my heart drop for him. Im a 28 year old male and this is just tear jerking to watch... Hope his family are coping the best they can. 😕

psychic cavesman : LEGENDS NEVER DIE BROTHER ! RIP

How To Videos : What a fight this guy has put up, Dan you truly are the man 👍

Pink Lord : Omg! He was so strong and positive. May he rest in peace. <3

Skoarex : May you rest in peace in heaven. So heartbraking to see a young man dying. my thoughts and prayers to him and his familiy and friends. i think up there you are still kicking out your jokes and make everyone laugh. god bless

Trend Pulse : I just found this guy and I am so sorry for him and his family hope he's in peace and I hope his family is doing well

dominant thinker : It's really unusual how this man had a huge impact on my life,he gave all he had so now he can rest, r.i.p bro...