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Mischief Managed : This is absolutely heartbreaking. Thinking of you Dan.

Nate : I keep coming back to this video. I don’t know why. Why this one? I miss Dan’s videos.

Jadee McLerran : I hope the thumbs down on this video are for the cancer and not the video itself. My love is with your family now. Rest in peace.

Little Me Carmie : This poor man. He was so brave until the end. This breaks my heart...

ImRhys : This makes me want to cry. I'm so sad to see you having gone from a healthy looking guy to this :'( EDIT: I'm so sorry, RIP :'(

Holy Creep Sauce : I want to say something but I just don't have words. X

AF Math & Engineering : Extremely sad...what an amazing person, such a terrible shame. RIP

kintsukuroi8 : Him saying "I'm never going to eat again" was one of the most profoundly sad things I've ever heard. RIP

K S : This poor man... my problems are nothing.

Im a pug : Man this makes me think just how fast your life can change. Cancer killed this poor man so fast he went from alive an well to living a nightmare in a instant. Be grateful to wake up an know you have your health

Sarah Speaks : This past year I have had suicidal thoughts. Watching you and this fight for your life has GIVEN ME STRENGTH. You have no idea how you’ve affected people positively and shown them how to live and to never take anything for granted. Your spirit will live in long after you’ve left your physical body. Thank you for being you, for sharing your journey, and for your incredible soul. We honor you, Dan. We see you. We’re with you. One love. Thank you thank you thank you. You are so loved.

Joe Smith : When I lost my infant son I carried a copy of this poem in my wallet & read it when I felt sad. It seems appropriate now: Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. by Mary Elizabeth Frye Thanks for taking us on your Journey. You showed such class & dignity in the most difficult of times. I have such respect for you, you will never be forgotten. Be at peace my friend, fly with angels.

BaeWolf : Somehow I knew this was the last video we’d see of our beloved Dan. Absolutely HEARTBROKEN. Been watching for 8 months constantly following your amazing journey. What an inspiration you were to me. I have no words to describe how heartbroken I am by your passing. I plan to cherish everyday I have in honor of you. Rest in piece Dan and soar amongst the stars.

Game Detective : "See you later...tata....hopefully." This broke my heart.

Frachlitz Gaming : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 im sorry I can’t believe he’s gone we miss you Dan

Perez Fecto : I'm experiencing some personal issues and physical discomfort but after watching you struggle against all odds, my problems seem to disappear like magic. You might be sick, my friend, but you got the power to heal others and that's amazing. You're so strong and inspiring. It's unbelievable. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We'll NEVER forget you.

Nemesi : "Keep thinking that's my nipple but it's cancer" Oh god... why do you have to be amusing in the darkest times... that made me chuckle a little, thank you for your wisdom and knowledge that you shared... I appreciate you mate.

Nosey B'stard' 8928 : Your family did you proud today RIP Mate will remember you forever

Declan Brown94 : The difference in him from this video to even just a week before he died is so horrible to see. Followed his story the full way, truly heartbreaking. RIP mate no more suffering.

Swole Turd : William Gaskell Calmly, calmly lay him down; He hath fought a noble fight, He hath battled for the right, He hath won the fadeless crown. Memories, all too bright for tears, Crowd around us from the past: He was faithful to the last, Faithful through long, toilsome years. All that makes for human good, Freedom, righteousness and truth, — These, the objects of his youth, Unto age he still pursued. Kind and gentle was his soul, Yet it had a glorious might: Clouded minds it filled with light, Wounded spirits it made whole. Calmly, calmly lay him down: He hath fought the noble fight, He hath battled for the right, He hath won the fadeless crown

R.D. Franklin : I love you, brother Dan. I know you have fought a brave battle my friend, and you will continue to fight to the bitter end...and I wish that was 60 plus yrs from now. All these months I have been following you and your beautiful family. I have been with you through the ups and the downs of this cancer war. Your family is the model for bravery. You have been an unflinching soldier for the army of humanity. Many a night I waited for your updates and held you in my prayers. I have seen you looking strong in health...as well as weak and ill. But through it all, Dan, you have remained a determined warrior for the benefit of others. You could have just given in and died long ago...but you chose to fight on and help others to learn about this cancer that is rare and deadly. You have shown us how to be tough in situations were it is not all that easy. You have been the iron man among us all who refused to be destroyed. Many people from around the world have sent you well wishes and healing thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine the enormous strength it takes to be the man you are. Your mom and dad are so very beautiful and I desire to reach out and hug them so ever tightly. When the cancer jabbed at you...you ducked, ran, swerved out of its way...and then you jabbed back at it, even harder! You suited up for battle every day and met your worst opponent on the field of battle. You never once retreated! You are a five star general in the war against cancer, my friend. You have earned every medal made of the valor there is to decorate ones uniform. Few in this life have worn the uniform you now display proudly...and few will ever defend it so bravely. Even when there is crippling pain, you Dan ... muster the energy to spit back into the face of cancer, and release a new video. How many people, would or could, be so gallant? We all hope a miracle enters your life and frees you from this bondage. The cancer is losing Dan! It is losing because it has met a fierce adversary in you. You have post-pone death, and the cancer is furious, because it is losing some battles. Cancer thought it would devour you rapidly...but it was very wrong. You chose to focus on the needs of others in the future, and how your sufferings could benefit them in research. I hope your country declares a national holiday in your memory. When you pass into the next room...you will enter a champion! I truly wish it were many decades down the road. Your parents have raised a well respectable gentleman in who they can be proud. My love for Becky and all your family embraces them daily. Be well as possible Dan, with the time remaining. Remember, one day there will be no killers of mankind. The honorable memory of Dan, shall light the way for generations to come, to never give up hope and to cling to a better tomorrow. You have inspired so many Youtubers like myself...to cherish each day and to keep working hard at what we love to do and share with the world. For this gift, and so many more, Dan...I say...THANK YOU! We will see you soon...somewhere...but rest assured...We shall see, You! R.D. Franklin.

Riptide Flow : How could people dislike this? Heartless Edit: Thank you for all the support and likes on this comment

Rin234 : I see a man who only wants to live his life but knows what it means to accept fate. R.I.P mate

archangel : Rest In Peace angel, we love you.

13 Beaches : I keep coming back to this video as I want to comfort you over and over again. I am a hospice nurse and moments like these we are most vulnerable. Rest In Peace now

kbbels : This video is why we MUST fund research. We MUST fight for earlier and better diagnosis or testing. We shouldn't be living in a time where a wonderful awesome young person is documenting their final months, weeks, days, hours etc... If Dan has touched you, and is still inspiring you, then I challenge us ALL to pick up the fight for Dan, and all the other Dans out there. You or I could be next, or worse, our kids. Please don't let Dan's fight stop, it's our time to pick up the baton and keep running and pushing ahead to get a cure. I implore us all, to put into action that inspiration he's given all of us. Dan, thank you for opening this window that's allowed us a peak into your life and the circumstances in which cancer has placed you and those who love you. I'm making a life long commitment to raise awareness, but more importantly, funds. I'm starting in October to donate 25% of all our earnings from our cabin rental business to fund cancer research, and all of Oct funds are going to support a family with a child battling this horrific disease. I'm doing this in your honor. I may not be rich, but even me, a simple living girl from Alabama with a small business, has been so deeply inspired by you that I can no longer just watch your story unfold and not feel motivated to do something. I'm forever changed by your willingness to share your truly inspirational, yet deeply sad journey with cancer. I'm angry it took your life story for me to care about research enough to do something. May you be enveloped in all the warm memories and immense love from your loved ones, and from all of us in your remaining time. May you truly understand the impact your life has made and will continue to make because you were brave enough to share it all the way. I wish we could give back to you, I wish each of us could take on a portion of your pain, shock, suffering, and your struggle, to lighten the load and your burden, because I can PROMISE you, every single one of us would. The worse part is, we are all so helpless. There is nothing we can do but watch life unfold, and that's another way cancer truly SUCKS. As hard as these updates are to watch, I feel these are the very ones that will hopefully move and impact more people like me to do something more than just leave words. As lovely as so many of these comments are, it's our actions that will honor you and work to prevent another journey and ending like this. As bad as I want to stop the video when I see and hear your recent heartbreaking updates, I won't pause , avoid, or stop it, because you do not have the option to pause, stop, or avoid what cancer is doing to you. As long as updates appear I'm watching. I'm not going to hop off the journey now because it makes me feel uncomfortable or emotional.

L McCauley : R.I.P. What a wonderful person, so young. Damn cancer why can't they find a fucking cure?!!!!

Let It Happen : I'm thankful to have survived my bout of cancer, I know the sadness, anger, confusion that started to drive me crazy. I'm sorry mate, it was a battle you lost but you had won the war. Rest in peace mate Jesus loves you.

HazeOverLidl : "Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die." RIP

dancidancii : Rest in Peace Daniel, its heartbreaking that you are gone and your life is over, sickness shouldn't even happen in the first place, but you suffered enough and now its time to rest, i dont know you personaly but i will always remember you...

rlp rlp : This showed up in my suggestive videos. I watched it and I'm sat here bawling whilst feeding my 10 month old daughter breakfast. Life is so precious I will be sure never to take it for granted. This 2.28 video has changed me this morning. All the best dude. All the best.

Eddie O : This world and these bodies are just one of many stopping points as we pass through the physical and metaphysical , we are energy.

s b : This is a the meaning of a true hero. Hate that word being brandished to footballers and celebrities or other non important things and people. This man has made millions of people sit up and take note of what the journey can be like and more importantly to Get problems you may have checked sooner rather than later and not to ignore them. Your videos are worth more than any amount of money out there.

PurpleKisses1110 : Ugh this breaks my heart, I keep coming back to this because I remember when it was uploaded, part of me was hoping I would see another video of him being more cheerful and feeling better after this.. His last ‘tata bye bye’ ☹️ so glad you aren’t in pain anymore, Dan. Rest easy in the sky big guy ❤️

who am i? : I can't explain just what a warrior you are, I absolutely love you!

Exceller8 : I didn’t even know it was possible to miss someone so much that I didn’t even know. 😢 I’m so glad that Dan’s suffering has ended, he was so strong all the way til the end. The amount of people he touched is just mind boggling.

Ang G : Elton John's song Daniel my brother 💔 Thinking of you listening to it xo

EP1CN3SS2 : Im so crushed by your passing, i can't believe it.

Mpampas Delekos : You're free now,rest easy.

Eva_G : I keep trying to compose a comment and failing to know what to write. Instead I'll just send lots and lot of love, you wonderful brave man. ❤️

Christopher Porter : That last 'see ya later', 'tata', 'bye bye' really got me tearing up

Sandra Müller : I´m not a person who pray often, but for you I have ....... Hug :) ( Excuse me for my terrible English )

CornishRicky : Love. Enjoy the next world or rest in peace.

Kimberly Bates : Like many others I suppose still waiting for you to come back with one of your inspiring video's then it hit's you💔

Wayne Goss : Dan. You are utterly amazing and I'm thankful for you. You have this Dan. You got this. You slap this. You keep slapping this. Because you're the strongest person I know. And the most amazing xx

Leanne McEvoy : Can't stop watching these videos 😥

Philip Chan : Pain no more my friend. Keep looking out for the family.

ツNuqna : R.I.P, legend! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ranksters03 : So sad to see this is the last time we ever saw Dan

KIMYOKITTEN : I’m so sorry you’re in pain Dan. You’re an amazing, strong and a very special person. I’m praying for a miracle and miracles do happen. I had an aggressive form of cancer. I’m still here and Pray that you will get back on your feet soon. I’m sending you lots of positive and healing hugs, Dan. ❤️🙏❤️