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Mischief Managed : This is absolutely heartbreaking. Thinking of you Dan.

Nate : I keep coming back to this video. I don’t know why. Why this one? I miss Dan’s videos.

Little Me Carmie : This poor man. He was so brave until the end. This breaks my heart...

Jadee McLerran : I hope the thumbs down on this video are for the cancer and not the video itself. My love is with your family now. Rest in peace.

NPC #7125366 : This poor man... my problems are nothing.

AF Math & Engineering : Extremely sad...what an amazing person, such a terrible shame. RIP

Game Detective : "See you later...tata....hopefully." This broke my heart.

Fat fuck who wants 50,000 subs without videos : My biggest fear is seeing this happen to my closest family members. I don’t think I could imagine a worse pain than that

holly gallapoo : This breaks my heart to watch this. I he was so young. My mother died of cancer and its so hard to watch someone go through such pain and suffering. I remember her sitting outside when on hospice just after the doctor told us she only had a couple weeks at the most. She looked at me crying and said to me its not fair. I thought she was talking about her dying then she said you will not have any parents at such a young age. I couldnt believe she was worried about me when she was dying. I was so shocked. I was upset because my mother was dying but I was more concerned about her feelings. All I could think of is she must be so scared. Then a few days later her mind started to go she quit eating and drinking and she was picking at blankets searching through my sons diaper bag and peoples purses. Then her body went and gave out and she just slept. She died 2 days later. It still hurts so much and its been 3 years. I dont know why I am sharing this here. I guess this video just brought it all up. Cancer is such a horrible disease. I am so so sorry for his wife and family. RIH

Jason McLaren : Dan, I've been wasting my life with drugs for 20 years. Seeing your videos has helped me realise that I've got to live life to the fullest. Not just waste away. I wish you luck in the great beyond. Whatever that might be. Thank you

L McCauley : R.I.P. What a wonderful person, so young. Damn cancer why can't they find a fucking cure?!!!!

Declan Brown94 : The difference in him from this video to even just a week before he died is so horrible to see. Followed his story the full way, truly heartbreaking. RIP mate no more suffering.

dnd 221 : I'm an atheist but I'll say a prayer for you

Holy Creep Sauce : I want to say something but I just don't have words. X

Christopher Porter : That last 'see ya later', 'tata', 'bye bye' really got me tearing up

13 Beaches : I keep coming back to this video as I want to comfort you over and over again. I am a hospice nurse and moments like these we are most vulnerable. Rest In Peace now

LadyStephyLynn : Glad he isn't in pain anymore.

HV : Rest in peace you legend!!

Sarah Speaks : This past year I have had suicidal thoughts. Watching you and this fight for your life has GIVEN ME STRENGTH. You have no idea how you’ve affected people positively and shown them how to live and to never take anything for granted. Your spirit will live in long after you’ve left your physical body. Thank you for being you, for sharing your journey, and for your incredible soul. We honor you, Dan. We see you. We’re with you. One love. Thank you thank you thank you. You are so loved.

s b : This is a the meaning of a true hero. Hate that word being brandished to footballers and celebrities or other non important things and people. This man has made millions of people sit up and take note of what the journey can be like and more importantly to Get problems you may have checked sooner rather than later and not to ignore them. Your videos are worth more than any amount of money out there.

Sana Indap : he died only 4 days later :(

Arijit massage vlogs : there is no god. good people die and bad people survive.

Trent Hooper : His last video ever made...

T West : I am so sorry man, No one deserves that.

Robin Garrett : I remember when i first watched dan there was someone who was always bashing him as being a fraud. It would actually do my spirit good if i knew that person apologized. But i doubt it. Would love to be wrong.

Exceller8 : I didn’t even know it was possible to miss someone so much that I didn’t even know. 😢 I’m so glad that Dan’s suffering has ended, he was so strong all the way til the end. The amount of people he touched is just mind boggling.

Asymetrisch Tv : You're the bravest man I've ever seen. Fight the cancer till the end. Rest in peace dan.

Solomon David Gomez Vlogs : This is truly heartbreaking. Thinking of you and praying for you.

SwitchUp : 1:40 even now you're still hilarious. Total and utter respect.

Ranksters03 : So sad to see this is the last time we ever saw Dan

Red Blaze : Jeez....'never going to eat again'. The things we take for granted. All my best wishes to the family. So sorry for this huge loss. Dan seemed like a real stand up guy. X

Nosey B'stard' 8928 : Your family did you proud today RIP Mate will remember you forever

Sandra Clark : November 19th Becca said that the scans Dan mentions here showed that the tumours had invaded everywhere, his heart, lungs, bones, just everything was cancer and this video is a miracle because Dan's level of pain must have been excruciating. So sad to lose such a warrior, but nobody should live in so much pain. You've been gone a while now sweetheart, but I for one think about you every day xxx

Perez Fecto : I'm experiencing some personal issues and physical discomfort but after watching you struggle against all odds, my problems seem to disappear like magic. You might be sick, my friend, but you got the power to heal others and that's amazing. You're so strong and inspiring. It's unbelievable. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We'll NEVER forget you.

skinny legend : Immediately when I heard his voice, I started crying. I can't even imagine the pain he went through. Rest in peace.

jess flowers : So heartbreaking 😢 I recently lost my mother from breast cancer stage 4. The pain is unbearable. No one should ever go through this 😢 May you Rest In Peace 💛

Matej Brezan : Thanks, you made me stop smoking... doesnt matter what you have it from, if you are reading this somewhere - you might have saved me, thank you

Lilgravyvert : He’s dead, He’s dead. Show some respect leave him alone

kbbels : This video is why we MUST fund research. We MUST fight for earlier and better diagnosis or testing. We shouldn't be living in a time where a wonderful awesome young person is documenting their final months, weeks, days, hours etc... If Dan has touched you, and is still inspiring you, then I challenge us ALL to pick up the fight for Dan, and all the other Dans out there. You or I could be next, or worse, our kids. Please don't let Dan's fight stop, it's our time to pick up the baton and keep running and pushing ahead to get a cure. I implore us all, to put into action that inspiration he's given all of us. Dan, thank you for opening this window that's allowed us a peak into your life and the circumstances in which cancer has placed you and those who love you. I'm making a life long commitment to raise awareness, but more importantly, funds. I'm starting in October to donate 25% of all our earnings from our cabin rental business to fund cancer research, and all of Oct funds are going to support a family with a child battling this horrific disease. I'm doing this in your honor. I may not be rich, but even me, a simple living girl from Alabama with a small business, has been so deeply inspired by you that I can no longer just watch your story unfold and not feel motivated to do something. I'm forever changed by your willingness to share your truly inspirational, yet deeply sad journey with cancer. I'm angry it took your life story for me to care about research enough to do something. May you be enveloped in all the warm memories and immense love from your loved ones, and from all of us in your remaining time. May you truly understand the impact your life has made and will continue to make because you were brave enough to share it all the way. I wish we could give back to you, I wish each of us could take on a portion of your pain, shock, suffering, and your struggle, to lighten the load and your burden, because I can PROMISE you, every single one of us would. The worse part is, we are all so helpless. There is nothing we can do but watch life unfold, and that's another way cancer truly SUCKS. As hard as these updates are to watch, I feel these are the very ones that will hopefully move and impact more people like me to do something more than just leave words. As lovely as so many of these comments are, it's our actions that will honor you and work to prevent another journey and ending like this. As bad as I want to stop the video when I see and hear your recent heartbreaking updates, I won't pause , avoid, or stop it, because you do not have the option to pause, stop, or avoid what cancer is doing to you. As long as updates appear I'm watching. I'm not going to hop off the journey now because it makes me feel uncomfortable or emotional.

Kasey Sorce : It must of been so hard making this knowing u was going to go shortly after it Rip fly high with the angels You didnt give up u fighted through the best you could ❤ Watched this over and over again and its so heartbracking but im happy you will be out of pain now ❤

Collin Plays : We still love dan.

Thiago Saldanha Gracie : This is so sad. Really. :(

Jez2008UK : This came up on my recommended YT, I'm 55 male and crying, this is so sad to see someone so young die to an illness with so much life left in him, dreams, wishes, desires and yet also seemed so calm and not angry. My blessings to you and heart felt love to you. We are all connected, brothers and sisters in this big family called the human race. We forget or judge based on external appearances, but we are connected, otherwise I would not be crying or upset or feeling that I have lost something myself. I shall remember you my friend, my brother at times when I complain about my little lot. RIP now.

Greek God : So so so painful, I don't know you, but I hope that you're in a better place, you're such a beautiful soul, and you said you where weak, infact you where the strongest man in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Rest in peace x

Lyme_pithgypsy : I pray that your transition was a blessed, peaceful one. Love and Light to you and yours, Dan. #BlessedBe ✌

David Chang : Rest peacefully Dan. Thank you for being you. Love to your family and friends.

Horridius : i hope when its my time to go im half as brave as he is.

Nicolas11x12 English : Thank you, Dan.

Sixth Kai : I love you. I've never seen any content but i love you.

Cockatoosmom : Dan I just watched this vid over and over & miss you. Miss you terribly. I wAtched a vid of a woman in her 90s in Mexico that runs a cancer center and so many people have survived all types and stages of cancer. Her father was a doctor and everything is about nutrition. I only wish you could have met with her and still be with us. Your brother is in US but I don’t know where as I would like to meet him. Very sadden over many things since your passing but I guess I better keep my lips buttoned up Bless you Dan you really are a special soul❤️♥️💕💞