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ReviewTechUSA : This breaks my heart. I followed this man for awhile and I hoped for a miracle, but sadly it didn't happen. I hope he's at peace now.

Alex & Erika : Just came across this channel, so sad. Heartbreaking. Condolences to your family. R.I.P. ❤️😢

Randomstuffs216 : Learned so much from him. Weird that someone can just exist one minute and then they're gone. Trying to get your head around that is hard

HENRY THE RC CAR : Rest in Paradise ♥️ Wishing everyone watching this, good health! Cherish everyday!

Michael Zagorski : What soulless bastard dislikes these videos

Sandi Wood : "I keep thinking that's my nipple but it's cancer". Even on your death bed you are trying to make everyone laugh - your spirit was unbreakable - even if you didn't think it was. The world lost a lot of color the day you left us Dan. Rest in Peace <3

100 Subscribers? : I saw this video 6 months ago called, "THE CANCER IS EVERYWHERE" and he said he had a certain life expectancy. After that video I continued my life like it was an average day. 6 months later, I'm here, wondering what happened to him. It makes me sad knowing that this guy who I knew for so little time, just died. Rip

LadyStephyLynn : Glad he isn't in pain anymore.

Tucker Blanchard : This makes me appreciate every breath of life, every second. Because if I don't, it could be my last.

Trent Hooper : His last video ever made...

son goku : 2:22 That last goodbye Rest in piece brother :/

Sandra Clark : November 19th Becca said that the scans Dan mentions here showed that the tumours had invaded everywhere, his heart, lungs, bones, just everything was cancer and this video is a miracle because Dan's level of pain must have been excruciating. So sad to lose such a warrior, but nobody should live in so much pain. You've been gone a while now sweetheart, but I for one think about you every day xxx

Little Me Carmie : This poor man. He was so brave until the end. This breaks my heart...

Mr. Vidfreak0 : This was the hardest thing for me to watch..i just found out about dan today...a video of his was recommended to me and i had to watch it...my dad went thru colon cancer for 6 years that spread to his vital organs this past year...i quit my job to be with him in his last month and a half he had left on this earth...but he didnt like to talk about how he was really feeling he tried staying positive...until his last week alive..that was the hardest time my family has ever had to go thru..he wouldnt talk about how he was feeling...but i could tell things werent going well...i didnt even get to say goodbye...i never got a chance because the weekend he died he had gotten out of the hospital on Saturday morning and sunday we found him unconscious...my mom rushed him to the hospital while i stayed with my lil sister...then i got the call....i knew...he was gone....ive never been able to get rid of this pain of losing him...its a battle every single day...i still cry most days...hell..im crying writing this....but until now i never knew what kind of pain he was in until i watched dan try to explain what he was going thru...im not looking for sympathy...idek why i felt like spilling my family’s story...but i just want dans family to know from my family to his im so sorry for your loss...he seemed like a really great guy with a good heart...i thank you and him for sharing your journey so i could understand...Rest in Paradise dad and dan..you both will be missed dearly...

Geraldine Geraldine : This is what real hero's are in society, not the excuses of politicians and leaders that we have. You sir are my hero. I hope you are now at peace.

DaviloX07 _ : Life is so unfair sometime. Rest in peace.

Legit Slav : 4 days later he died...

Mischief Managed : This is absolutely heartbreaking. Thinking of you Dan.

Infamousvillain1 : I remember I use to come to check up on dan and to hear that he’s gone 😭😢😢 it breaks my heart. Rock the heavens my brother you were an amazing person

1000 subscribers with no videos : 285 dislikes for what reason

chloet182 : I’m glad he didn’t spent to much time like this before he passed to be at peace and without pain 🙏 I’m sure most people would have given up (very understandably) long before but Dan was so so strong and courageous finding the strength to get married and tick a lot of things of the bucket list despite the physical state he was in but he just kept going and even when he knew it was over ..feeling sick and in agony he was still cracking jokes ! Hadn’t thought about this till now but I’m pretty sure Dan would hard been well chuffed her kept his hair and beard till the last breath ❤️

Arijit massage vlogs : there is no god. good people die and bad people survive.

Jadee McLerran : I hope the thumbs down on this video are for the cancer and not the video itself. My love is with your family now. Rest in peace.

RedToxic 24 : Who else found out about this channel and is watching these videos just to see his last days of life? He was very strong and thanks to him there are still people who can see his story. Rest in peace, Thomas

Sailor For Christ : May the Lord be with you

Tempz Modz : Damn 😭 rest in peace 😭

Rian Mullaley : My Grandma passed away from Bowel cancer a week ago. Absolutely heartbreaking. Your journey is so inspiring I hope you rest up well. ❤️

who am i? : I can't explain just what a warrior you are, I absolutely love you!

Cameron Finch : “See ya later, ta ta, bye bye”. His last words to us. Love you mate x

jake irwin : Fly high brother☹️

Philosopher's Tone : What a brave man... making a joke and smiling in a situation like that...a true bad ass and I mean that in the best possible terms. I just came back to see his videos and just found out he passed. If only we all could look that good in our last hours. Rest in piece soldier...thanks for your courage. I salute you.

I creamed on your mother I got high on Calpol : I can't believe I was late for this i am officially angry with myself *rip peeweetoms* MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND PROTECT YOU UP THERE

Nate : I keep coming back to this video. I don’t know why. Why this one? I miss Dan’s videos.

Billy Whitfield : The people who disliked this video I don’t know what goes through ur mind

Stephen Garrison : i have never seen anyone so handsome from cancer so close to death- it just doesnt seem real & the impact u have had on so many people is amazing, u are a truly wonderful soul & wont be forgot anytime soon to thousands!

Shaggy : I never knew you and this is the first video from you i've watched but i can tell that you're a great guy and have a lovely personality, good bless you and rest in peace.

Hendri Maidle : R.I.P

Holy Creep Sauce : I want to say something but I just don't have words. X

With All Respect : “I keep thinking that’s my nipple buts it’s cancer” 😨

Trend Pulse : I just found this guy and I am so sorry for him and his family hope he's in peace and I hope his family is doing well

Frederique miersma : My grandpa died from cancer. I really cried when i saw this bc he sounded like this to. My father has cancer now too and he is not going to survive this year. I am very afraid to see someone this sick again. I dont want anybody to die. I hate cancer so much its unfair that someone gets cancer. I hope from the bottom of my heart that god is with them and that they didnt suffer more than they already did.

aymen_ gamer : "Im just too weak" 😟

HV : Rest in peace you legend!!

Curtis : I’ve watched this a hand full of times... it doesn’t get easier. I can’t imagine what this man was feeling in this moment. I’m not the religious type but I hope there is something more on the other side cause this good man shouldn’t end here. Thank you Dan and I hope your resting well where ever you are now.

Ask GoIightIy : Missing you so much😪

Cockatoosmom : Dan I just watched this vid over and over & miss you. Miss you terribly. I wAtched a vid of a woman in her 90s in Mexico that runs a cancer center and so many people have survived all types and stages of cancer. Her father was a doctor and everything is about nutrition. I only wish you could have met with her and still be with us. Your brother is in US but I don’t know where as I would like to meet him. Very sadden over many things since your passing but I guess I better keep my lips buttoned up Bless you Dan you really are a special soul❤️♥️💕💞

Brennan Wright : I’m so grateful that I found this man, still remember the day I found out about his passing Rest In Peace Dan

Solomon David Gomez Vlogs : This is truly heartbreaking. Thinking of you and praying for you.

On_the_mooch : I lost my dad in September to cancer. Watching this brave man since my dad's last few months. They both look so much alike, the pale skin and weakness. It has upset me seeing this three months on, because like my dad, this guy is not thinking of himself but those around him. And inside he must be so scared, which is what I can't get my head around in regards to my dad, because it's ok for these men to be upset. And to cry. I am so sorry my friend, I know the hard battle you have thought. Hopefully you and my dad are both at peace and no longer in pain. Thankyou for sharing your journey for us, I hope it has opened just one person's eyes to what is important in life .

Charlee : God I miss you so much. This pain is incredible :(