Why ramen is so valuable in prison

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all things fascinating : Well the richest person in Jail must be called Top Ramen. 😂😂

Rekken and Yu : My mom and dad sent about 30 packs of ramen a month to my uncle in prison, and I don't think they realized the value of it then. He must have been the kingpin lmao

Emerald Gaming : ‘I need that drug now’ ‘Ramen, chicken flavor only’ ‘Please i only got veggie’ ‘Add some extra spices and we got a deal’ ‘I’m out of spices, please’ ‘No spice,no drug’ ‘I’ll add some extra veggies’ ‘Show me the ramen’

Bouncy Candies : Tekashi 69 must be enjoying his ramen in prison right now

Alastair SingsNoice : Ramen is good Ramen is life (And my college food for 6 years)

AfterPrisonShow : I can vouch and say Ramen and Stamps are definitely the main currencies in prison! I've sold a few prison meals in my day! 🍜


Mino Masters : Ohhh, this explains a lot of the jail episodes in Brooklyn 99

Bxnezy : Prisoner 1: i got 2 packs of ramen that jacket look nice Prisoner 2: what flavour ? Prisoner 1 : chicken Prisoner 3: aye I'll throw in my jacket and some shoes Prisoner 2: get up on out of hear I'll give you a jacket my shoes and I'll "accidentally" drop the soap Prisoner 1: aye man you got yo self a deal

Alex Wooden : It's not right. Prisoners get into the jail because of their mistakes. But their fundamental rights should be full filled. Cause they r people too. Treating them like beasts keep them beasts. They can't get a chance to improve themselves. So government should be concerned of this. There's nothing precious than a nice meal.

Mel R : lol now I feel rich 🤑 who wants to joint My Ramen 🍜 mafia 😎💵💵💵

Bad beauty guru : Tay k in there still eating good noodles 😭

Jesus saw that : You guys missed a big reason for Ramon being so useful in jail. The food has zero flavor so inmates put the Ramon seasoning on their food to make it edible

Corg Lord Lord of the Corgs : Me in prison: Guard: miss why are your pants so... big? Me: *hyperventilating* uh... *20 packs of ramen fall out of my pants*

all things fascinating : The value of things is so subjective. This reminds me of the Holocaust when people would trade their jewelry for a slice of cheese. Imagine the horror.

Harambe Uzamaki : Remember when I was sentenced 10 years at Ichiraku State Penitentiary. Tough times. Some guy from the akimichi clan would take my one ration of ramen everyday....until I sealed him into a restaurant menu.

Christina Nguyen : no wonder why tay k was flexing all that ramen

kai i : since ramen is cheaper than a regular meal why dont they feed them ramen instead of every-day 1.77$ lunch?

Red Squadron Omega : Breaking News: Cigarettes now cost a pack of ramen and 2 handjobs up from 2 handjobs and a stick of jerky. Analyst site economic depression of 2008. More Prison News at 5.

Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos : The economy would make so much more sense if money was edible 🍜

ajdin omeragic : Yea mom I want 50 packs of ramen. No I am not insane that stuf is worth lick 5$ in prison per pack !

azurequincy : Booty is more important than Ramen .

Fume : Ramen straight sodium and carbs lmfao

Nexus : Fancy spin on the fact that people are being underfed.

all things fascinating : A ramen a day keeps the jailer away.

Hard Boiled : _First step on world domination plans, bring a truck of ramen to a prison and become the ramen king_

AvEry KoP : Hey I’ll give you ramen if u don’t but rape me

Nicole Cartagena : 6ix9ine take notes

just some guy : Naruto is typing....

HotGhanaRadio : I know Tay-K be eating them good noodles everyday in jail 😂😂

Orange Juice : Next video is gonna be, Why a shiv is so valuable in prison

Erika Feria : Eating ramen while watching* me: good thing I’m not in prison

TheLegendAX 99 : I literally thought that Brooklyn nine nine made this up for the prison episode😂😂😂 I didn't realize that it was a real thing

- ThePossible - : You have never ever tasted a majestic INDOMIE


angelo sky : Japan invading America through its back door.

An _tex : now a currency i can get behind

broskie packingGun : Valuable in prison, but not in nutrition.

yuch1102 : Why all they eat is maruchan ramen? Get them some shin ramyun

Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams : *_Gang name: Top Ramen_*

Jay Cruz : Ramen is the main ingredient for food in county jail or prison it’s like gold in there

High Ground : Prisoner: gets limited edition flavored ramen Same prisoner: I AM NOW TOP RAMEN!

Nhia Xiong : Here's a tip: leave a few noodles uncooked and then sprinkle them on top afterwards like a garnish. Gives you an extra little fun bonus crunch.

Donald Trump : Who else got hungry watching this

DarkRanger919 : This just confirms my notion that collage is just prison you pay to be in.

MiniMight : Naruto would be like a mob boss in prison then

Samurai Red : It's like living in college then?

Okay Okay : So thats why Ramen is currency in the Darwin Project...

KingIceHunter : At my CO-OP pizza was the big seller. With pizza 🍕 you had power and could get whatever you wanted.

Abyssinia Empire : Instant Ramen was made to help curb post WW II food shortages but nowadays it’s dorm room food for college students.