Why ramen is so valuable in prison

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Vardhanam Daga : Well the richest person in Jail must be called Top Ramen. 😂😂

Rekken and Yu : My mom and dad sent about 30 packs of ramen a month to my uncle in prison, and I don't think they realized the value of it then. He must have been the kingpin lmao

Sad Kiddo GT : ‘I need that drug now’ ‘Ramen, chicken flavor only’ ‘Please i only got veggie’ ‘Add some extra spices and we got a deal’ ‘I’m out of spices, please’ ‘No spice,no drug’ ‘I’ll add some extra veggies’ ‘Show me the ramen’

Bouncy Candies : Tekashi 69 must be enjoying his ramen in prison right now


Jesus saw that : You guys missed a big reason for Ramon being so useful in jail. The food has zero flavor so inmates put the Ramon seasoning on their food to make it edible

ツSamurenaiy : Ramen is good Ramen is life (And my college food for 6 years)

Corg Lord Lord of the Corgs : Me in prison: Guard: miss why are your pants so... big? Me: *hyperventilating* uh... *20 packs of ramen fall out of my pants*

Bxnezy : Prisoner 1: i got 2 packs of ramen that jacket look nice Prisoner 2: what flavour ? Prisoner 1 : chicken Prisoner 3: aye I'll throw in my jacket and some shoes Prisoner 2: get up on out of hear I'll give you a jacket my shoes and I'll "accidentally" drop the soap Prisoner 1: aye man you got yo self a deal

AfterPrisonShow : I can vouch and say Ramen and Stamps are definitely the main currencies in prison! I've sold a few prison meals in my day! 🍜

Alex Wooden : It's not right. Prisoners get into the jail because of their mistakes. But their fundamental rights should be full filled. Cause they r people too. Treating them like beasts keep them beasts. They can't get a chance to improve themselves. So government should be concerned of this. There's nothing precious than a nice meal.

Red Squadron Omega : Breaking News: Cigarettes now cost a pack of ramen and 2 handjobs up from 2 handjobs and a stick of jerky. Analyst site economic depression of 2008. More Prison News at 5.

Nexus : Fancy spin on the fact that people are being underfed.

kai i : since ramen is cheaper than a regular meal why dont they feed them ramen instead of every-day 1.77$ lunch?

Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos : The economy would make so much more sense if money was edible 🍜

Harambe Uzamaki : Remember when I was sentenced 10 years at Ichiraku State Penitentiary. Tough times. Some guy from the akimichi clan would take my one ration of ramen everyday....until I sealed him into a restaurant menu.

Fume : Ramen straight sodium and carbs lmfao

Hard Boiled : _First step on world domination plans, bring a truck of ramen to a prison and become the ramen king_

Nicole Cartagena : 6ix9ine take notes

HotGhanaRadio : I know Tay-K be eating them good noodles everyday in jail 😂😂

azurequincy : Booty is more important than Ramen .

AvEry KoP : Hey I’ll give you ramen if u don’t but rape me

- ThePossible - : You have never ever tasted a majestic INDOMIE

angelo sky : Japan invading America through its back door.

Vardhanam Daga : The value of things is so subjective. This reminds me of the Holocaust when people would trade their jewelry for a slice of cheese. Imagine the horror.

Erika Feria : Eating ramen while watching* me: good thing I’m not in prison

Nhia Xiong : Here's a tip: leave a few noodles uncooked and then sprinkle them on top afterwards like a garnish. Gives you an extra little fun bonus crunch.

just some guy : Naruto is typing....

Affishal : Valuable in prison, but not in nutrition.

Vardhanam Daga : A ramen a day keeps the jailer away.

Samurai Red : It's like living in college then?

All Might : Yea mom I want 50 packs of ramen. No I am not insane that stuf is worth lick 5$ in prison per pack !

Lavar balld As a muthafucker : Nah Mi goreng noodles is better!!!

Donald Trump : Dealer - Aye you lookin for some quick chickin. Prisoner - Hommie you know I can only afford that veggie. Dealer - You loyal I'll pass you a chicken if you can get me an orange. I just wasted your time can I have a like


WuzNab : Imagine a prisoner walking in a prison with thousands of soups stuffed down his pants

yunggoth : Prison sells ramen for lower prices than my university

Nyx Nyx : Dang...i feel really rich now.

Rishika Chutani : 3.14 Rajhma Chawal😁

Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams : *_Gang name: Top Ramen_*

Ernesto Cano Carrill : No wonder Naruto loved it

MiniMight : Naruto would be like a mob boss in prison then

PokéPacksTM : Watch out y’all they’re eating the ramen

Val Pops : No wonder they wanted the picante beef flavored ramen in Brooklyn 99

Abyssinia Empire : Instant Ramen was made to help curb post WW II food shortages but nowadays it’s dorm room food for college students.

mmannion19 : If i go to prison ima be rich

Will Smith : So thats why Ramen is currency in the Darwin Project...

Xnate13X : I did an internship in one before and EVERYONE had ramen.. They'd smash it into pieces and eat it raw as a crunchy snack and use the seasoning for their meals or microwave if they had access to it.

Danish Raman : the Nine Nine’s has predicted the future