Disneys Robin Hood (1973) Intro

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TheBackyardScientist : This movie is still A+, never gets old.

Brandon Nakagaki : don't know why but this intro always seems hilarious to me; about as funny as it was a decade ago

Blaze Folf : I find it interesting the movie intro was literally spoilers to the entire movie and no one notices till you watch it again xD

Liquid Logic Films : ah hand drawn animation...I miss it.

BayareaGuy06 : R.I.P. Andy Devine (1905-1977) (Friar Tuck), Terry-Thomas (1911-1990) (Sir Hiss), Ken Curtis (1916-1991) (Nutsy), Roger Miller (1936-1992) ( Alan-a-Dale ), Pat Buttram (1915-1994) (The Sheriff of Nottingham), Phil Harris (1904-1995) (Little John), Sir Peter Ustinov (1921-2004) (Prince John),George Lindsey (1928-2012) (Trigger) and Brian Bedford (1935-2016) (Robin Hood).

TheCockeyez : Freakin' love old school Disney! Just look how good the animation is!

Rabid Guinea Pig : Ah old disney movies. They aint the same anymore

Gillian Backhouse : I may or may not be here because of Hamster Dance.

LegendaryNinja : Fucking nostalgia :'(

Blue : I honnestly donnt understand the 87 dislikes : I mean, these guys came to this video to remind themselves of their childhood, or because they had it in thier recomandation or whatever, and they just thought "naaa, don't like it now, it sucks" What the fuck ?

Earl : Still the best movie ever...

Chris Meyers : Better Robin hood than Kevin Costner. I don't care what other people think.

Chris Welcome : There's only two people from the main cast who are still alive, yet everyone says RIP Brian Bedford...

georgedownswheeler : I whistle this every time before a game. Great mood lifter, don't need rap, or heavy metal or violent lyrics to focus your mind (though I have no issue with those who like to use those. Whatever works for you.) 

WilliamWallace1983 : To the 100 people who disliked this freaking Disney classic....you are all APPARENT and OBVIOUS LOOSERS!

Odbarc : This is probably my all-time most common theme I think while I walk around empty minded. Usually in the form of 'doot's.

Rational Rice : I wish they made more 2d animated movies

Alicia Westfall : Screw this Hamster Dance crap. I just found out it was a song the other day. Nothing compares to the original baby :) This is one of my all-time favorite movies as a child to watch. The songs are amazing and the humor is so subtle but so good.

Ian Berbert Belov : 0:30 to 0:44 when I heard that hamster song I already knew it sampled this.

Nguyen Pham : everytiem I sing the monkey song from Tarzan I'll definitely turn into this song halfway lol

Magsimoo : 124 people have no taste or sense of childhood :)

176Blue : beat-boxing before it was cool

Shaun Hessey : This and Jungle Book literally might be my favourite Disney movies honestly

JMC UltimateLP : i got tears in my eyes *-* i loved this movie as a kid <333

Perismol : R.I.P Robin Hood (Brian Bedford)

snapper mower man : this reminds me of the hamster song

Maximiliano Sproviero : Best Disney film ever... old memories...

Jake Rutigliano : RIP Brian Bedford

Captain Haddock : Steven Gerrard is our captain. Steven Gerrard is a red. Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool, a scouser born and bred!

Chris Piper : the hamster song ripped this song off

briannaMBrown : I just love this version of Robin Hood! The film and the character just have this quality and charm to them that makes them stand out from other incarnations of the story. Disney certainly knew what made the Robin Hood story such a classic and charming tale...unlike other filmmakers. (*ahem* Ridly Scott! *ahemhm*!

Reverand Logic : oh, child hood. I will remember you fondly.

Luke The Ghost Killer 2515 : Before Zootopia, there was Robin Hood

Julian Nicholls : Although I did see this film when it came out, that music is now the 'Hamster Dance' to me. I'm a heathen :-)

Jason Paulin : My dad was 10 when this came out.

Alex Bowden : T mobile commercial just now

bohgirl24 : This reminds me of a slower version of the Hamster Dance song.

Fabian Cano : Hamster Dance much more epic!

Gregory Maghan : And now...stuck in my head

Greg Jarrett : Been playing in the back of my head for 37+ years now....

Ach Herrje : Just try and start your day with this song... Feels like nothing can go wrong!

WookySnacky666 : 2:08 What the fuck? They're shooting at children?!

Casey : I love this movie, especially Maid Marian.

Felisha Baker : The reason I came here was because of the Hamster Dance. Any one else come here for the same reason?

mu 101 : i came from the hamster dance to laugh but MAN this song is much more relaxing than that obnoxious hamster dance

Jess McSkimmings : Bring back hand drawn animation!

Roses & Jean Jackets : THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD

Doomernic : Good old days.

Official channel of the Empire : I've been whisteling this my whole life, but I couldn't remember where it came from...

Юлия Оленева : блин, как же классно!