25 Songs Using 1 Chord Progression!

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SugarpillCovers : Download the medley here - https://sugarpill182.bandcamp.com/track/25-songs-using-1-chord-progression Firstname Lastname came up with the concept for this video, and we decided to turn it into a collaboration. We recorded, filmed and mixed it within a few days, and here is the end result. Enjoy!

Panda Potato : Isn't that the progression for every single blink-182 song Edit: this was an exaggeration

Casey Connor : IT'S HER! FROM THE YOU'RE GONNA GO FAR KID VIDEO! Her beautiful voice is great.

João Mellin : great video but you cheated lol you changed the tone from some of the songs, those weren’t the original chords

POPPED CULTURE : Bad voice is bad

ThirdGenNerd : It took me a solid 40 seconds to realize there was another person in this video

Y.A.P the Red : Please try covering 'Play crack the sky' - Brand New, it fits this style so perfectly and her voice will compliment the tone so well

CallsignSlate : That was dope! Btw what model is that taylor?

R.M. : Really a beautiful voice!

Sir Winston : nice dude!!!

PigStarz : Damn all my favorite bands (Less than Jake, TFB, and Reel Big Fish) are all present on this channel! Love the covers, and keep up the great work!


Hvalpikk : That was fun. Enjoyed.

Megan O : Such a great mashup! She has such a relaxing voice! :)

the only broken-hearted loser you'll ever need : 4 ads! Hope you're getting some money out of it, man Great work, love it

Y.A.P the Red : Hypnotizing

Deus Do Mal : Wooow you're gonna Go far kid. Awesome cover

FRONKmanB Brannigan : Not gonna lie, loved that. Her t-shirt is sick 2 🐙

plopbellie : Hey thats the same acoustic i have! I love my GS mini. Littler guitars just seem to fit better for me :P

Hmw : I love every aspect of this video. all my favorite bands in one

9OXI9 : Sick!

Seth Will : Nice voice your friend got, congratulations!