What will I watch? (Netflix browsing)
What will I watch Netflix browsing

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This is what happens when I browse Netflix.


Chaos Is Coming : so many movies/shows I haven't seen.. yet there is nothing to watch .-.

Dresden_stl : Search: Romantic Comedy Result: Pumping Iron

Monody : Ah yes… The Netflix Effect: Any given title is on Netflix until you search for it.

FANTAVISION : This is how I feel about my Steam library...

Prisoner36 : Plot Twist: When he woke up Pumping Iron was playing.

Bowensflowin : This... is weirdly relaxing.

I ride around and stuff : My biggest problem is the length of movies. I'm always like "Oh yeah! Casino! Uhm no, it's too long. I'm not into a three hour thing now." and then I keep searching for something and could have watched Casino twice.

EPMTUNESツ : Ahh Pumping Iron. You mean the anime British romantic comedy cult classic!

Chesco : Decides on a movie, falls asleep right away. 100% Accurate to real life.

Jean-Marie CORDA : Fukin GENIUS ! So realistic, so sharp, such original concept. I'm always impressed by James Rolf

PhatDookie 420 : Let me suggest something you might like: *Pumping Iron*

wildM4 : 4:58 AVGN took over James' for a moment!

W. James : Netflix is only made up of -Stuff you don't want to watch -Stuff you have already watched -Stuff you're not in the mood to watch Nothing else.

Twisted Wizard : good old Bob Ross. What a happy mfer.

ivan melo : Anyone miss blockbuster?

Jake M : This is 100% how Netflix is for me.

EvolvingFetus : Bottom line is... *Netflix sucks?*

Pita Broodje Met kaas : European netflix sucks

Enrique Cervantes : Because of your interest in *The Garfield Show* : *Pumping Iron*

GAME NITE : This would be even more accurate if he just played the office for the 500000000th time at the end

Patrick Johnson : You missed the part, where you remember you wanna watch something, but then you look and find out, "Damn, they took it off." Every other time that happens to me.

YowLife Productions : I guess you should review Pumping Iron

thevichox 07 : Netflix in a nutshell

Maynard Zachavelli : Instead of watching Netflix I'll just watch this instead.

Hola Burger : Hey btw, have you seen Pumping Iron?

Next Level Entertainment : Netflix does have Raiders of the Lost Ark. but the problem with Netflix is that they do not keep titles too long. Just like Lost, you won’t see breaking bad on there soon enough

Lon.TV : This is exactly how I feel... I never end up watching anything

R S : Netflix sucks. Not enough movies and too many bingewatch shows

new cristian habean : anime british 2 are DEFINITELY the same

NickJarno : Has a partnership with Amazon for AVGN. ''I don't want Amazon'.'.

Dapper Raccoon : *PUMPING IRON*

Dolphin Boi : I died when James said "I wonder how many Pumping Irons I can line up."

wkLeoTrooper : I swear if Pumping Iron starts turning up in my YouTube suggestions...

Bacon : even has the crickets in the background, this man is amazing

Smith Wesson : Looks less like James doing a skit and more like the Nerd on his day off

Emperor Palpitoad : Still wondering why there's only one blockbuster store

Grehn : "There's so few options, but at the same time there are too many options." Perfect description of netflix right there

Jim Jim : is this how people watch netflix and then chill?

Yusuf Gazi : 2:40 made me realise what I was doing, about to click off bye.

spookanide : This is why I don't have netflix.

Soniclover345 memez : Netflix and chill: James Rolfe edition

CJ : "Because you watched Bee Movie" Ya like Jaaaazzz, James?

Stonemansteve II : Sounds exactly like me, except that I have absolutely no interest in anything Frankenstein! And I'd like to point out that in 2011, Netflix was overflowing with classic movies from Nosferatu and Birth Of A Nation, to Pulp Fiction and The Pineapple Express!!! Now, not a damn thing hardly!! And it infuriates me, because they specifically told us they were raising their prices to give us even better shit to watch streaming, and they took everything good away instead!!!

Xenalin : Did anyone else think he'd end-up watching Pumping Iron?

karambadodox : Pumping IRON is a classic, but when it appeared on Cult I roflcoptered

JaxBlade : I feel this on a cellular level

IceyPie : Pumping Iron.

Josh Guevara : Netflix's selections keep getting smaller while the prices are getting bigger

ZMAN 420 : Your CORRECT! 👍 I feel same way.