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Elizabeth Vlogs and other stuff : Wow the lyrics are sad. But someone will love you at some point

Taylor Jones : Why do I have to die alone?? 😂😂

dally playz : Dis song makes me feel like garbage👌👌👌

Fairn Vay : Thanks...

jose matthew : It ok to be single besause you still not alone besause Jesus will be with you always☺

L0GiC Laden : This just makes me feel worse

Pauline Xuer : How is this literally my brain? 😅

The Lost Boy Lahanya : I am single boy and I'm gonna be #foreveralone 😎

Elizabeth Vlogs and other stuff : I almost died form choking on a lemonhead half an hour ago

Autistic Gameing : This songs tuff

Rea Gaming : Hi teacher

Julia Gerszewska : Exactly why do i have to die alone

Stacy Najjar : good advice.

Zeek Games : hello teatcher

Jayda Stewart : I have a bf so I'm not doing alone

aamin ali : 😞😣👏🏾🥔

Cleetus 69 : Mr Brown?

sixxo6 : 🙃🔫

ThiccDaddyDaequan : Why was this in my recommended? Thanks YouTube.