Richie Eisler in CANADA - USD Skates

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Mushroom Blading : I'm mesmerized by the skyscraper slowly going by in that first shot.

Vince C : that first rail is ridiculously long, sick skates

shyfxxf : 10 times cooler than skateboarding!!!

Brandon Ryan : Wow, thought a grind that long was only possible in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater!


Whacky2 : Real life Jet Set Radio! This guy's pretty bad ass!

Phil Aristoteles : In my city apperantly I'm the only person doing aggresive skating. =_=

crysisgoty : are rollerblades cool again?

Cat From The Future : Dude, roller blades are a really awesome way to move around the city... 

xgreenxcloverx : Clearly, rollerblading is fun!

beesland : 0:09 - 0:26 where are the floating spray cans?

Josef Stalin : Jesus christ, nearly 30 second grind!?


DodgeCity111 : What if someone stuck some gum on the rail?

meparadis : Still probably one of the best rollerblading edit ever made

John Gantz : 80,000 + views in 2 days is really impressive for a rollerblading edit.

John L : Richie Eisler makes it look so easy. Even when he falls he looks like, "I meant to do that."

Jon Fromm : Absolutely Incredible...Richie you have pushed blading to new heights!

Ci Gallagher : When you get bored of Sunset Overdrive

TiboNutz : That first grind reminded me so hard of Jet Set Radio Future. Awesome.

Matt Ruscigno : Is rollerblading the air guitar of extreme sports?

CpmStudios : As a skateboarder who used to be a blader, OH HELL YEAH!

Unlike U : I really wanna see a chase between Richie and the Police. They would have no chance

Bart Lanzini : Music : Drama - The Art of Storytellin' Part 4

Canto do Sabido : Song name: Outkast- Da Art of Storytelling part 4

ASVPFlacko : Because skateboards are too mainstream

Austin Cheung : He's got such a fun creative style!

Gregory King : This is that shit I do like!

Llibert elSkullRide : No words to describe this guy!

Mr. Grine : I could do the same in Jet Set Radio Future...

Frank Wenzel : I was never into inline skates...but I am now! 

Ana Rui Fonseca : really makes me miss skating... maybe i'll get some new blades, can someone tell me about the model used in the video?

Rolands Svētiņš : Everybody loves Richie!

Matt Tozzolo : fuuuuuuuck richie is so good x_x

SomeBoredHuman : 0:08 SONIC SPEED! GOTTA GO FAST!!!

Erazerhand : Air gear, everyone?

Dawid Ray Friebe : Damn! Man! You are crazy!!! just wanted to say you're awesome! ;d Full speed! Greets from Poland ; ]

Lil Remains : This is like Jet Set Radio Future!!! my alltime favourite game!!!

HISPEEDLEVEL : из-за таких балбесов псевдо "крутых" сейчас все нормальные парки, исторические места, просто новые площади и дворики городов - Засраны ободраны в полное г..но этими долбанутыми роликами. На любой площади собирается толпа молодых уе..нов которые по большей части гремят, грохаются постоянно на землю, матерятся и делают вид что они ппц какие крутые при этом совершенно не задумываясь что сюда пришли люди отдохнуть, погулять и просто насладится красотой своего города. Каждый раз как вижу придурка на скейте перед Большим Театром в Москве хочется уе..ть его башкой о край фонтана где он покоряет мир своей долбанутостью!

Steve dnb : Richie the best!!!!! Nice style and move! :)

grindymct : So it's okay to be a rollerblader again now?  Well that only took about 14 years.

MrGuarf : Jet Set Radiooooo!!!

Stonemansteve II : His ankles must just be a shattered collection of bones!

alexandre do : that first grind was worthy of jet set radio future aha !

Porkchop Sandwiches : First trick reminded me so much of JSR

Zachary Green : Jet Set Radio


Adb2688 : Anyone know the name of the song?

rockmemanu : I thought I was in Jet Set Radio !

Positive Spud : To anyone looking for the song it's Outkast - Da Art of Storytellin' Part 4.