4chan Proves Reddit is Full of NPCs
Reddit full of low functioning NPCs

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AquiliuS : It's ok to be sentient

Mous3 : Imagine only seeing things inside your head. This post was made by schizophrenia gang.

Boblob Chippymig : *visualizes 3D rotating spoon* Thank God, now I can sleep peacefully once more

Ellis Watanabe : >when a chinaman realises that he is a soulless automaton and breaks the conditioning implessive

xxxCrackerJack501xxx : We need to figure out where the save points are in this simulation so we can start having some fun

Shay Ó Laoghaire : People didn't dream in color before T.V had color? Oh right, color wasn't invented until 1975 when John Color invented it. I think he was joking

Berlop : Self consciousness begins at age 7, but for these people apparently not. I'm just left thinking how

Dollar Thief : _"I use to think I was a human but then I took a redpill to the knee"_ - OP of that Reddit post

Nashmau : "Hello" "Hi" "I saw a mudcrab the other day, horrible creatures" "Get out of my face!" "You too"

Friendship : We're just a bad game of Sims, and Elon Musk is the player.

solid state drive : That feel when you have so nuch inner dialogue you talk to yourself aloud when walking down the street, scaring NPCs away.

Nilly Nush : I'm more concerned with Google's election meddling since project Veritas outed them

ixiahj : Is this real? Can some people really not see or hear things in their head? I'm hearing the words in my head that I type... as I type this.

Newby Ton : Plot twist: Reddit is just one central npc and redditors aren't real

D L : If taken as genuine.. this is heart-breaking and simultaneously the reason there is no guilt necessary in collateral damage of NPC's. People that cannot be woken up are part of the system and therefore at any moment can be an agent of your death. If taken as a troll session.. No difference.

Reyjinki : If these NPCs don't even know how to visualize things, then imagining concepts in Physics must be one heck of a mindfuck for them.

Fadi Miro : No one: NPC [with red glowing eyes] : BEGONE THOUGHTS!

Onex : I can visualize an entire scene and interact with it and instantly "teleport" myself to another scene. Are these people just trolling? How can they think about anything?

Christopher Lammering : N - Orange P - Man C - Bad

Former Government Human #4937 : I almost wish I was incapable of thought. Then I could sleep.

Smattless : It's absolutely full spectrum MK Ultra. It's odd that you'd try to dismiss it, when we know that MK Ultra is in fact real.

NPC# 8675309 : I think we should protest. 2, 7, 5, 8: 4 Chan is full of hate. 4 & 8 Chan we need to ban!

Julian Marco : One quote comes too mind: "A mind without books is like a sword without a sharpening stone."

Ruvin Luciano : The virgin redditor vs the chad 4 chan.

Starfurexxed : Finally, i know that it's normal to hear voices in my head.

Rachel Test : Holy Kek my brother just told me two days ago that he has this issue. Shadilay, friends.

Le LarritzZ : I CAN BEND SPOON IN MY MIND, does this mean im in matrix? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Southern Romanian : The NPCs are crashing. Are they made with the xr engine?

PickelJars ForHillary : Aphantasia....sounds like a black strippers name.

Roland Campbell : This is what happens to the mind when it stops compartmentalizing information, facts, and beliefs and just throws them all into one unorganized pile of personal truth.

Elysium 27 : I showed my brother a video on the NPC meme a couple of months ago and within 2 MINUTES !! of watching it he told me to f-off called me alt right and said " i'm literally shaking " 😂😂😂😂 he proved the meme 100% accurate in 2 minutes

lifebarier : All those that can't visualize things - I would like to see their scores on IQ test questions where you have to move/spin things in your mind (eg "which of these 4 figures is the figure X just spun on multiple axis")

Dixie Normus : Mr. Obvious, how much do I have to pay you to follow me around all day and background shout funny things while I go about my day?

All H : Quick, get out of their render distance! Let them despawn!

Daniel Bob : This is kind of scraping the barrel, don't you think?

Gubzs : Some say that NPC syndrome and terminal explosive autism are closely linked.

Omar Vasquez : Damn you, Mr. Obvious, now im hungry for apples

j swag psn : I used to visualize Bionicle and Aku Aku masks over people's faces when I was a youngin' In middle school I challenged myself to see people's skulls instead of focusing on their faces and only see skull shapes The brain does some strange things to entertain itself

Ed Gein : The NPC meme caused the NPCs to short circuit and now we have clown world.

Ebola Jones : This is the true origin of the NPC meme before it was politicized. At least someone is describing a case where they were able to break out of it.

PyreGnome Ay : I get that this is just a joke, but not being able to visualise things well doesn't necessarily make you an NPC. I can't manipulate images in my head, and the images I remember are vague and only make sense because of attached descriptions and emotions.


Jerry Fitzgerald Hieronymus McPoopenheimer Von Tiddlywinks The Third : >makes video about reddit >uses stale reddit bald man memes >links back to /pol/ W E W L A D

Raven Ravenous : Imagine not being able to create your own waifus.

A Potato : Holy shit the second post guy legit just got his conscience installed right there

Internet Alpha : "hmm that's weird I don't remember if can, let's try" 2 seconds later " Oh yea NVM"

thegreatdictator : I see NPC's as the husks from mass effect 1-2. The husk like the npc has no independent thought, they cant visualise, cant have inner monologue and believe and do whatever a high power tells them. Npc == indoctrination == husk

Love AndPeace : Wow, Mr. Obvious, this explains a LOT! Great post! You have really great topics that nobody else covers. I love your channel.

Sew Me : probly 99.8% of those who thought they understood the NPC meme are real people and if you thought you understood it then youre probly a real person and not an NPC, its sad, but awesome to understand this issue and be able to start to move past it