How to use the raw joint rolling machine

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Exzesion Official : Oh my god dude you're on fucking mars

SUPRA : Bro you look so baked in this video 😂

Connor Clarke : you look hella high lol

Raoul laskin : dude's high AF but that's credibility right there!

NicCal Hill : Thanks this was the most detailed video that went at a pace I could clearly understand.

Jon Fletcher : lol he said evenly disputed hahaha

CIVICHE CIVICHE : your high asf but thx

Louis Ayensu-Mensah : He's not as think as you high he is 😂😂😂😂

guitarrocka88 : Best instructional video ever for this handy contraption haha

Emil Schultz : lmfaooooo this dude is smackedddd

shad roe : Bro you are so stoned what you smoking on g

Sheena : <3 damnnnn

Harry Trivett : Actually really chilled watching u vids stoned, keep it up lad

Erick Arcia : I got it for 5 bucks

MrsDoubtfire042 : Thank you so much! The camera angle on the roller was perfect.

AyeDeeHD : are u from Newfoundland

Blue Bandit : 4:10 "now its wet"

Las Vegas Nights : Nice, chill vibes from this guy, I just purchased my raw king size roller machine, in the car🚗 to the house🏡 full speed to roll up😩🌲😁✌

Ryan McGrory : You could tell how baked he was when he was scooping up the weed

RaidPvPMan : I just got one today it costs 5$ at this shop 😂

Itz Lucky : This looks like a guy that is always high as hell

monroe vercetti : good video bro

Sue van Techno : why with the raw machine ??

Mrdead Inmypocket : Just last week I was laying in bed and I had forgotten what nationality I was. If only I had a large banner hanging above my bed that reminded me. That's a fooking brilliant idea mate.

JHartnett123 : 420 likes lmao

Bruno : good video bro quick question where did you get your ring?

landon larocque : He's American

Jordan Harris : why is your joint assembly so soothing?

xDream : nice man subscribed greetings from germany

Gabriel Maroto : Thanks for the video I always wanted to learn how to use one good looking out. Stay high my friends stay high Lol

Reggie Leger : Lmao you high as hell looking like Jimmy from South Park, good vid tho.

Alison Webb : ok thank God I thought mine was broken and I was so confused !

Harry Trivett : Subscribed

Jacob Dalling : I got mine for 5 bucks. Just bought it so I am glad you got a video for it.

Lewis Pearce : Yoo dude is this a 1 1/4 machine?

Engel Jasser Padilla : Lmfao u too high 😹😹😹

BlackVenom : How much did you put in there?

Griffin Lilly : Takes waaaayyy tooooooo loooonnnggg

Morganisthefire : Eyyyye a Newfie!

Fryhter : will this work with cigar wraps

Alec Hernandez : Just a little too high to be recording this bro lol

_Shooter : Damn Bro How's The Weather Up There⚡⚡ ? u look high af 🌲🛫

Learnmore : I swear I thought he was going to say "my name is jeff" in the beggining of the video, lol. Nice video though.

DaOne ForEver : he's definitely dead inside

PNW Stoner : you look Lit!! lol Love it!!! Stay lifted!! #Oregonbudtender #Coaststoner #Crossfadedcrew

Steve Flow : Damn. Perfect tip

BangbangBby : This shit was a huge help don't stop helping the community !!

Kevin Rodriguez : The first 6 seconds... idk wtf he said 😂😂😂

Kona's Channel : The enthusiasm is contagious

Jeffrey Ricketts : Where can u get these because my hands shake to much to roll