Declassified dogfight footage: F-14 Tomcat vs. Libyan MiG-23

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kannibalZZ : Well done boys.

Radiohead432 : I'll hit the brakes, he'll fly right by to me Goose

TheSoloAsylum : Can we send a few F14's to deal with the Indian tech support scammers?

Apocolex : Get fucked Libs

MrBadBricks : *Checkmate Roundtards!*

BossKing : You fly at US fighters and they give you FIVE chances to avoid contact you better believe you’ve just confirmed your death wish. Doesn’t matter what part of the world that’s in!!!! Great video!!

Julius Morgan : i remember this

28 STAB WOUNDS : I don't care what you say or believe in, neither pilots of the f-14's should be at fault. They were only doing their job. The Libyan MIG's had shown aggression to the tomcats. (At around 7:21 you can hear one of the F-14 pilots or RIO's say, "he got a missile off".) And that goes to the user @MiG23 Flogger

Me Gook : USA! USA! USA!!

Rentless f : Mig23 1967 f14d tomcat 1970 just so people stop saying migs are from the 50's. These are from the same era.

Gary Rodrigue : I remember seeing this on the news. Love a dog fighter pilot. Fox 🦊 1. Fox 2 🦊🦊

SmartAss Kickass : Good Kill Good Kill, love it haha

Nik Fox : There should be a new episode of this every Thursday night! No parachutes and with more "skilled" nation's😉 Eat plant based!

HOWARD B. : Regarding the fight. They are heroes. Regards the regime.. They must have been confused. The USA armed and got them into power. Then nothing to do with human rights the war/industrial complex needed a war to make money. Same thing happened with South America. Those MIGS are no toys. Good kills

Waldo P. Schmeer : I was miffed by the smoggy video until I saw that MIG get its ass busted.

Guyinpajamapants : Don’t touch the stove it’s hot! Don’t touch the stove it’s hot! Don’t touch the stove it’s hot! Don’t touch the stove it’s hot!Don’t touch the stove it’s hot! Ouuuuuccchhhh!!!!

Haunted Midnite : USA>

RCaIabraro : My heart was in my throat watching this... American heroes, the real Top Guns

BabyBoomerChannel : I like how the calm, controlled language goes out the window. This is real stress of combat. F-14 “Anytime Baby”.

Fred C : suicide mission

Blac Boi : USA USA USA 🇺🇸

Jordan Hiensberg : Why they always compare old junk Soviet migs with 4th gen and make US fighters winners. Clubbing the cubs and saying you fought the bear?

andy bosik : Why anybody would be stupid enough to challenge US fighters to a DogFight is beyond me! They got the obvious outcome.

laokram : Why is US in the Mediterenian?????

Fred Dickinson : Mig man was trying the old Kamikaze technique, 70years ago the Japanese had a taste for it. But hey if they wanna write off an old 500grand 2nd hand Mig from a Russian former used car dealer, who's complaining!?! Haha

Mervyn Jones : Rock on !

justin tornadopumkins : Rekt

justin tornadopumkins : Git gud

winner wolf : Amazing progression of adrenaline .... No joke being a fighter pilot serious stuff ain't no video game

Ryan Thompson : Way better than top gun

Anthony Enos : Some of Us are veterans were invested in the military service.We don't believe all that propaganda.Quite making over simplified comments.

The Fuzzy Vulpine : Answer this: If the Americans were being the aggressors in this situation, then why did they hold their fire for so long and make multiple attempts to disengage?

Dr.Muhammad Nadeem : Flying over the Mediterranean and they are challenged why the hell they were flying over the Mediterranean A big Lol

Dr.Muhammad Nadeem : Lol US are always innocent and they are always challenged Just like they are challenged in afgh iraq etc etc

Dean Johnson : These fighter pilots make me proud!

Mark Brown : here come the butt hurt Russian inbreds

Manko Kennewick : Damn! Those migs didn't stand a chance

frantisek petrasek : I didn't know lybians migs are flying around usa

albert19ful : Brilliant shooting

Kris P. Bacon : Thats Maverick and the Iceman kicking ass.

Jeff Silverberg : Perfect example of why Muslims should be kept from technology. They want it but they can’t be trusted with it.

Wrealization Reality : It feels good to be on the high side of the military food chain 💪🖒✊. God bless America

Sam Bonham : My favorite was when guy was like "fox one fox one" and you hear a "oh Jesus" haha

His Words In Red : Tom Cruise likes this video. Top Gun Approved.

J P : Some of these comments are ridiculous. These men aren't playing games they are the bravest of the brave and I salute them. Good job fellas

SAND MAN : There is a section missing at the end of this recording when Commander Joseph Bernard Connelly tells Commander Leo F. Enwright after a brief pause... "...KAY Leo let's go grab a beer!" and Leo responds, "I' that!"

Ray Lumbard : Lol those migs had no chance. They should of know they were JV messing with the Varsity. Those Migs we're on a suicide mission. House cats messing with lions.

10,000 subscribers with no videos : Lmao they didn’t even know what hit them

Hayseed Howie : Amazing

David Houghton : There’s a couple of muzzies that got the message! I wonder how that allah thing work out for them?