Defending my Tree Swallows

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Hans Yolo : The Swallows got a free house, and free service from John Wick. That's a pretty good deal

Tripp Cailean : there was a suspicious amount of planning going into that one shot. like retired hit man level planning.

Epic 123 : Plan A: Try to intimidate the bird. Plan B: Pull out a sniper and shoot it. 👌

Jeremy Ryan : 1:54 ... *Fat, Hard, Thick, and Powerful*

DynamicalGenius : 1:55 sounds familiar

Somali pirate who's actually somali : _The true american sniper_

CountJuggles : I learned 2 things: 1 - House Swallows are assholes 2 - Birds can time travel

Actaeon : Speaking as a biologist and as someone who’s worked with conservation groups, I wouldn’t recommend most people to go out and do this kind of thing, but given the care you seem to have taken to ID the birds and to protect your neighbors, I’d like to commend you on doing the right thing and killing an invasive species to protect a native one.

AshMac : Quest added- *One for my baby*

Spartan3881 : The Chris Kyle of bird watchers.

Daniel Smith : it was pretty good though. usually hitmen are expensive and swallows cant afford em. Good thing they found a house for free where one was included in the service :)

Carl Ford : The 8.6K dislikes did NOT make it to the 2:21 mark in the video. Those "Environmentalists" do NOT understand what happens when an invasive species starts taking over.

Myrmidon san : Invasional species are like global elite player joining a silver 2 server

CRAZY VIPER6 : 7:39 Spring 2019 anyone??

KingStix : defender of bird, taker of bird

Ted's HoldOver : School is out. But, that doesn't mean you don't have homework. Everyone kill 100 house sparrows by the end of the summer. :)

-N- Tertain : 8k people dislike, but they didn't know that the sparrow is an invasive species. They would rather not have 1 sparrow die than allow 2 swallows to die which were ready to breed so the world wouldn't have had about 8 swallows more.

Gary Ritter : sometimes a sniper just has to snipe.

Olgjard : - Aims for a Sparow - Shoots a random Person - "@%№#" P.S. "Go out there and shoot sparows" part was just amazing! :D

Justin Reyez : too bad you don't have pokeball with pidgeotto it's effective.

MetalPcAngel : invasive species is a invasive species. That is what it boils down. Keep up with the work, friend.

Seed Applton : Guys 👌

The One Undead : I hear the PETA SUPPORTERS it sounds something like this... REEEEEE

Thomas Taylor : Regardless of your views, and I'm sure there is many. This was a very good, thought out video, that was well executed-- No pun intended.. LOL. It beats the hell of biased MSM, or non-funny sitcoms.

Clint Young : The little bastards are here in New Zealand but they (as far as I know) are harmless to our native species... I’m pretty sure they originated from England?

Pixel : As cute as I think these things are, and as much as I don't like killing birds, I agree with you on this one.

Very good : TANGO DOWN

Claudiu Oroian : One thing you don't understand my friend is that with your kill you basically try to block evolution. I laughed. It looks like you are too narrow minded to understand you don't even make a dent in the sparrow population with your kills but anyway I like that you are trying to block and stop stronger meat defeating weaker meat (basically evolution in the animal kingdom) I know it sound idyllic but if a specie is weak it will get obliterated by the other because that's how evolution goes and always has. It's how nature makes sure is has only the strongest , smartest organism for the future. It seems a guy and his gun begs to differ :) (and if you think sparrows don't eat insects maybe you should learn a bit more about them because you are lacking ) Maaan , there sure are a lot of justice league hunters on youtube fixing nature and shit , it's hilarious :D

Clorox Bleach : Fat, hard, thicc and powerful

Morgan Byers : Personally, That air rifle looks very expensive. Definitely a hobbie. Great excuse to use your toy dude!

Ronald K. Drum : Good job man, you defended your support class. They can keep supporting you by killing those insects.

jgeorgeyegmail : that was a little hard to swallow...thanks for sharing

Joe Hostile : You could have put up a sign warning the house sparrow that they are shot on sight. Should have at least ate him after you shot him.

Dan Morin : I killed over a hundred of those house sparrows to save the swallows near my house. One day I killed over 10 with my BB gun.

fred latorre : Cool video buddy👍🏽

Alex DIneen : The 5.1k dislikes are from other house sparrows

The steam kid : Sniping's a good job mate!

Frederico Soriano : Pest control done right

Burst Clips バーストクリップ : I got you in my sight

X Critic : I would love to just set up a sniping nest in my bed and wait for the squirrels to come down, I think we would get along.

The Wooded Beardsman : You did a fantastic job setting up the pretext to this video and why I wholeheartedly support this. This is how we need to approach hunting, fishing, trapping and other endeavors that involve seemingly unpalatable results. Excellent job.

RSLewis : Just laugh the candy asses off, dude. They wouldn't have enough guts to stand up to anyone bc they're all scared.

iCantPickaName : I joined in support of this guy when he said the nice birds keep the mosquito population down. I'm. So down for that. Kill all the other ones I say! Hoorah!

Qwerty : Counter Terroist win

Nick Delisio : 8.8k sparrows disliked this video

John W : Damn, nice rifle, nice shot. Where were you when JFK was shot?... near Dallas by chance?

Sage Kibitzer : Started shooting when I was 7 years old... Grew up in farm country near a Chicken Ranch... Had Benjamin, Sheridan air rifles and a Winchester single shot .22... The old girl that owned the Chicken Ranch hired me every summer to drive the Sparrows off of her Chickens feed and their Chicks... They are viscous, very aggressive, little monsters... Even starlings, who are aggressive monsters themselves, have trouble with Sparrows... Using the smooth bore Benjamin and Crosman perfect round gold BB's, I have "cheaply" killed untold numbers of them, numbers beyond belief I would guess... (Yes, the Benjamin was incredibly accurate for a smooth bore .177 cal...) I have hunted game much of my life, big, medium, and small, I am 70 years old, and it is true about the killing, "with reservations/caveats", regrets due to the incredible numbers involving the Sparrows, and that it was not for meat consumption...

Mike-Daddy : FOR THE BIRDS

troll gawd : The dislikes are from people who are mad that he didn't tell them how to time travel

kookie4nookie : But he was a good kid!! He dindu nuffin!