Defending my Tree Swallows

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Somali pirate who's actually somali : _The true american sniper_

Lord Royce : Sparrow down sparrow down... I repeat sparrow down.... Require immediate extraction.... That place has a fooking sniper.....

Volkier Neigh : For rent: Swallow house. Comes with private military security.

Caleb Dawson : Fat, hard, thick, and powerful

Steven Fung : 9.6k people don't understand house sparrows are meant to be hunted, as they will destroy ecosystems if left alone

Daniel Smith : it was pretty good though. usually hitmen are expensive and swallows cant afford em. Good thing they found a house for free where one was included in the service :)

Tydus Tarien : "Murder" is unjustified killing. This wasn't murder.

Demonetized : 10k people wanted the Sparrow family to die

0x1A3C3E7 : I appreciate how well you explained the context of the situation and the moral justification for taking action. Nice air gun too btw.

B.H : "Fat, hard, thick, and powerful"

Hans Yolo : The Swallows got a free house, and free service from John Wick. That's a pretty good deal

Nicholas Hong : Animal Rights Activists who get triggered without knowing that certain animals are invasive and needs to be culled to not ruin the ecosystem are just NPCs

Kevin Ip : The salute was so goddamn American

Michael Yamamoto : i'm actually confused why so many people are against pest control, please explain to me

Tobias Forge : I'd feel kinda bad killing any birds but... I see your point. And that is one sweet-ass air rifle.

MetalPcAngel : invasive species is a invasive species. That is what it boils down. Keep up with the work, friend.

impactajuvenile : Those sparrows constantly harass me at McDonald’s and sometimes even steal my fries when I leave my seat for a second or two!

marchofwolves : They live in my post office and Walmart occasionally, they can be annoying, but we have a red tail hawk, who has decided he likes the taste of house sparrow. Its fun to watch a red tail swoop in snatch one and swoop out. Though we do have a few mutant sparrows he leaves alone, and thus we've nick named them, they seem to have a small colony that roost in my post office. The females of this group are really small, and the males are supper fat, and thus they never seem to actually have more then two babies a year. I Don't think Mr Hawk likes fatty food. and the smaller females are probably too fast and small for him. But everyone out side the colony good by little birdy. Mr hawk takes about 3 a day, honestly good easy meal but hawks and other birds of pray generally can't take them down, as well small birds are fast. However the hawk we have is rather small, and would normally have a hard time taking down things like rabbits, and such. I've seen him take rats and mice in the winter.

morgan wages : Walks up and pulls out a Tree Swallow.... oops

evan markle : YOU HEARD HIM HE WANTS 100 GODDAMN HOUSE SPARROWS SCALPS AND HE WANTS HIS SCALPS!!!! That’s a Inglorious Basterds joke

Pixel : As cute as I think these things are, and as much as I don't like killing birds, I agree with you on this one.

kiki- drawer26 : This birds are living in heaven

Justin Babcock : I kill 100s of them on farms in MI every year. I sleep good every night haha

MessengerOfTruth : Who remembers when they used to make homes with SPACIOUS YARDS like that? smh. America has become so greedy … and overpopulated.

Zomi iTunes : At least fix your bed dude no one to see a mess up bed on internet

The Wooded Beardsman : You did a fantastic job setting up the pretext to this video and why I wholeheartedly support this. This is how we need to approach hunting, fishing, trapping and other endeavors that involve seemingly unpalatable results. Excellent job.

joojoojuice : Sparrow violated the 'NAP'. send the bill for the bb to its family. Case dismissed!


Andrew Ortiz : He goes to check the results then finds out he shot the wrong bird lol

riyan15979 : Responsible guy

Ronald K. Drum : Good job man, you defended your support class. They can keep supporting you by killing those insects.

Wyatt Harrison : Neighbors look over to him aiming a big rifle out his window on top floor

SpyerSecol 001 : I was asked by my manager when I was working as an airplane and power plant technician (airplane mechanic) to keep birds out of our hangar. That was usually a 3 or 4 hour job every weekend for 2 of us. I was a former soldier who qualified as expert gunman and the other guy was a kid from Kentucky. We would kill 30 to 40 little brown birds every Saturday. Pigeons were to be shot anytime.

keeblerhunts : Love it. Sometimes the snowflakes fail to realize that help can be passed along, but the thought of something dying for that to happen, hurts their brains. Nice shot!

olof : f a t h a r d t h i c c a n d p o w e r f u l

John W : Damn, nice rifle, nice shot. Where were you when JFK was shot?... near Dallas by chance?

Adam : Thats how I feel about black people lmao

Bitwise Magick : You did a good thing in killing it . Invasive species are usualy pests for the environment where they don't belong in. You shouldn't stop protecting it especialy because you have a good rifle and it's so easy to shoot them down during the weekend .

Trelev : Assasination was the mission. House sparrow was the target. Target neutralized.

Wes Honkomp : I'm so glad there is a community of people who also annihilate house sparrows in favor of bluebirds and tree swallows! Awesome! I wish I knew you all.

Ted's HoldOver : School is out. But, that doesn't mean you don't have homework. Everyone kill 100 house sparrows by the end of the summer. :)

marioelbros : You ahould do documentaries. You have the skills.

TURTLE 2010 : Dam I want one of them rifles

Zenmasterme : You Monster!!! How Dare You Wait So Long To Take The Shot!! @5:25


Mike V : As a bird lover, I will say you did it exactly right. The swallows are far more important than the invasive house sparrows.

Ventura the Ace : Can't wait to get a good laugh from the comments

Lemi Watts : much different than my swallow story

UrAverageNigga : Helll yeahhh love ya ted

Sam : 1:55 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)