Defending my Tree Swallows

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Daniel Smith : it was pretty good though. usually hitmen are expensive and swallows cant afford em. Good thing they found a house for free where one was included in the service :)

oinkyplayz oinkyplayz : a wait wah? 2019???

whanowa : Survival of the fittest, as always in nature. Until you get hit in the face.

Sam : 1:55 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

beach side : So let me get this straight. You construct a beautiful house for the tree swallows and someone else...(house sparrow) moves in. After all the expense of building the home and showing it to a nice tree sparrow couple, you dont even give them a way to lock their door? No alarm sys? Didnt even tell them what the crime rate was for the area? Sounds like a bad investment for the tree sparrows. Hope they get their money back and make sure you let the new tenants know about the murder that happened in their house.....hehe

Hans Yolo : The Swallows got a free house, and free service from John Wick. That's a pretty good deal

sdcr : So well narrated, plotwise captivating, outright shocking, informative and approachable. The true art of YouTube. Thank you.

userlol456 : The dislikes are from Peta

Red Beard Paintball : I live on a farm and we love the swallows but the sparrows are a huge problem they poop in our grain bin and get the horses sick. So to protect one animals from another I shoot the little bastards went ever I can

Benzyfi : Nice shot

Matsimus : Holy crap this was an amazing video!! VERY informative and very professional. Thanks for this, sharing.

ThirtyOne Fifty : Announcer: Ted is nearing his retirement and moved into a beautiful suburban neighborhood just outside the city, until one day his early retirement ends with a nasty Sparrow. *Sparrow terrorizes birds and kills Ted's birds* *Ted clenches his birds, calls the swallow* Ted: I dont know you but I know your kind, I possess great skill, I will find you, I will hurt you, and I will kill you. Sparrow: kaw... *hangs up* *Ted gears up, cocks the lever, screw compress canister, and loads the bb* Announcer: This Summer! 2018! Great ready for the new action packed film... Half Pass Spring. Coming to theater near you. KAW!

Wolfe Cubing : Some men just want to watch the world's birds.

Misam Deathblood : I came here for a video of someone killing a bird, ended up leaving with knowledge.

Marchelle Topping : The irony of European settlers shooting European birds.

Pixel : As cute as I think these things are, and as much as I don't like killing birds, I agree with you on this one.

Santa Claus : Lesson learned: Bullying earns you the death penalty.

rangemasterken : When I was a kid we lived out in the country in an old farm house with a heavy tin roof. There were a lot of starlings that would use gaps in the eaves of the house to build their nests. Dad gave me an old iron sighted Benjamin 22 caliber pellet rifle and told me that he would buy all the pellets that I could shoot if I would take care of all the starlings. It was a young mans dream come true! I got very good with that rifle and shot hundreds of those nasty birds. They became so afraid of me that I could walk out of the house with a broomstick and they would scatter. Eventually they would not come with in 500 yards of our home. All the other birds, cardinals, blue jays, swallows, finches, grackles, humming birds, ect seemed to know that I wasn't shooting at them. I had a great time growing up out there in the country.

FOR THE DHOLE : im must inform my local militia

A. D. : Actually thats racist , you saying house sparrows are bad and fat and menace ,there could be good house sparrows i know one he was once helped a injured swollow.

Ronald K. Drum : Good job man, you defended your support class. They can keep supporting you by killing those insects.

Captain Buggy : Lmao this man acts like a swallow cucked his wife, he absolutely hates them.

FlotachGaming : 7:42 O.o spring 2019 my man a time traveler

Michael Espeland : I dont support killing animals. But, in cases like these, I have no problem with it

Ab Normal : That's a lot of damage!

Alex DIneen : The 5.1k dislikes are from other house sparrows

TheSugus38 : Way too dangerous to shoot in your area, especially considering the houses and the road.

Sparrow Exteriors : We're trying not to take this video too personal. Is it wrong we're rooting for the Sparrows?

The Gaming Nazi : Life goal= MURDER BIRD

Efe Yılmaz : wish my life was like these birds you find a free house settle in then a random guy comes in and says this is my n now and you cant do anything then a hitman comes in kills the guy with a sniper rifle then takes the corpse then you just live

Somali pirate who's actually somali : _The true american sniper_

Richard the Goatfucker : This is bordering on a Goebbel's level of anti-House Sparrow propaganda.

dragosus : Invasive species should be kept in their natural environment and removed from where they shouldn't be. like those grey squirrel bastards pushing red squirrels out of the UK.

Mitchel Martens : People are also invasive species, we need to kill them as much as we can

420in757 : amazing video!!! great editing, great story!

Life is a joke : 1:56 *Thats what she said* Edit : If you want to get cancer really quickly,just look at the replies

ProGame LV : Legend about john wick was true

Drew J : Should have left the sparrow corpse on top of the house.

Piccikikku : Spring 2019?

Al G : I used to kill hundreds of sparrows and starlings to keep them out of the Purple Martin bird boxes we put up. These housed about 18 to 24 spaces and the trash birds tried to move in every week. I used a red ryder BB Gun and also a pump Daisy rifle. I became a VERY good shot doing this every day. I have no problem killing sparrows and starlings they are TRASH birds that carry lice and disease.

MetalPcAngel : invasive species is a invasive species. That is what it boils down. Keep up with the work, friend.

Quite Indeed : So why didn't you put a metal plate behind the entrance hole? wouldn't that stop the pellets and not have to fix the nest every time?

Stieger_fx 1 : the tree sparrow is so cute >w<

Ricky Spanish : I can take this shot and it will go into the wetlands.. did u not see that person with the dog when u put the house back?

Ibro 47 : This guy is living in the future '2019'😂😂😂

Gengar X : The amount of backstory & emphasis you put on safety is admirable. Great video 👍👍👍

Mohd parvez nasir khan : ISIS CONFRIMED JK😄😄😄

Open Me : Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Bix Ouille : "it's 8am, there's nobody"... guy walking his dog in the background, lol

xavier valdez : even those PETA supporters would have a hard time defending these bastards after seeing how they mutilated those swallows