Minnie the Moocher - song only

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DJsaxby16 : Don't you just hate it when you go into a cave and a ghost walrus starts singing Cab Calloway?

Jonathan B : Love how that walrus shows up IMMEDIATELY. He's been fucking dying to sing that song to someone for ages.

Aidan Childers : 1. Skeletons drink liquids 2. Skeletons die from drinking liquids 3. Skeletons have ghosts

Ogami Ittou : This is a thousand times better than the CGI shit they make nowadays.

DeM : Damn ghost walrus , he has the moves

Amie Fortman : I love the footage of Calloway in the beginning-- he doesn't even seem to know the camera's watching him.  He's just having his own private jam session. :)

SATAN : Drugs are a hell of a drug

Pyronautica : The reason this scene was so uncanny was because an animation moved at a fluent rate, and looked like a real person as an animation. But the movement was so ghostly and smooth that it seems like movements no human can do. Thus, uncanny.

Kid Jess : I guess koko the clown's dancing was based on this

SneakyLittlePirate : I adore the history of animation.

Personmr : i just realized that minnie the moocher is about a guy taking a woman to a chinese area and getting her high on opium.

Lord Kristine : I feel as though those cats are symbolic of fat cats who leach off their mothers to become businessmen. Moochers, in short. Maybe I'm overthinking this . . .

Allison Weinberg : Don't do drugs kids... or the singing walrus will get you.

The ghost who took your fork : This and the koko the clown one are so entrancing.

Vlad T : If I saw a ghost walrus dancing, I would just go with it and enjoy

bat man : i remember my first time walking in to a cave being confronted by a singing ghost walrus. ahh, good times

Jossie Mime : I dont understand why some people find this disturbing ...

Kenan Tutsi : This a song about a *Thicc* belly dancer who's *pimp* smokey, gave her opium, she then *dreamt* of a better pimp

Nate The Boi : 3:33 I don't find this animation that disturbing but this part for some reason... A mother cat dying of starvation because her children are happily taking everything away from her. It got to me...

K-Blue : love how cool and sneakily music got away with drug references back then. Smokey was "cokey" because he was a coke addict, and showed Minnie how to "kick the gong around", meaning she smoked opium. The 50's and 60's seemed to really crack down on stuff like that (at least in mainstream music) but by the late 70's onward I guess people loosened up again. Weird how that happens.

Violinist 1 : Folks, now here's a story 'bout Minnie the Moocher She was a red-hot Hoochie-Coocher She was the roughest, toughest Frail Minnie had a heart as big as a Whale [Scat, ad lib] She messed around with a bloke named Smokey She loved him though was Cokey He took her down to Chinatown He showed her how to kick the Gong around [Scat, ad lib] She had a dream about the King of Sweden He gave her things that she was needin' He gave her a home built of gold and steel A diamond car with the platinum wheels [Scat, ad lib] He gave her his townhouse and his racing horses Each meal she ate was a dozen courses She had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes She sat around and counted them all a million times [Scat, ad lib] (Poor Min, poor Min, poor Min)

Just Blox : 3:28 first dab

stephen duffy : CAB CALLOWAY with brilliant, mind bending animation. A stunning combo.

Katie Shady : i would strip to this

wileyk209zback : The reason why Cab Calloway's character was a walrus ghost was probably to make it easier for the animators to rotoscope Cab's dance moves (rotoscoping is like the old-timey equivalent of motion capture, in case you don't know.)

Roberto Barela : Love the coke reference. "She loved him, but he was cokey."

Bold and Brash : 1:56 RIP headphone users

KosaiAvonej : Am I the only one who totally sees this as where Michael Jackson got his moves from?!

WytZox1 : Wow! Cab Calloway invented the moon walk long before Michael Jackson was born! ☺

"The Narrator" : This is my favorite cuphead level

sladikk : I'm the highwayman. I make ends meet. I work with my hands. If you cross my path,  I'll knock you out, drag you off the road, steal your shoes from off your feet, I'm the highwayman, and I make ends meet.

Filatuss : Is it Mr.Cab dancing in the start? :D

Wes Gallagher-Addams : i like the way ghost/walrus Calloway looks at the screen at 1:46. you can even is mouth form the R when he says moocher. such attention to detail like that is one of the reasons i love this cartoon.

TanookiPants : No, it's cool; not like I needed to sleep anyways.

The Skull Raider : HO DEE HOOOOOO-DE-Hooo!!!

Alianna Taylor : Im gonna sing this song in my talent show

Pseudo Wounds : Back then we had this, now we have things like Salad Fingers and Dog of Man. Creepiness in cartoons didn't die, people. You just don't know where to search for it.

SirClawedfrog : Highway man...

flowerandpeaceangel : watching this because in Looks Who"s Talking Too Mikey was watching this cartoon anyone else remember that or came here because of that.

Olivia Ludwig : My favorite thing about this is how hypnotic it is. I regularly loose interest midway through a video due to my lack of an attention span. But this song always puts me in a trance. I come back to it every few days or so.

Thir is : i want to mess with a guy name smokey

Troy Wright : 3:33 I didn't realise the kids are born, feed off the mother, take her last possession and stand fat and contented at the end while she is dead.

crazyalex iscrazy : 2:51- 3:12 is my favorite part

blackbokuto : Cab Calloways dance is to sick lol.

Livi fox : I love the fact that the walrus is doing cab calloways dance moves and uses his voice

Old School Pixel : "So guys, let's think of an animal with long legs to animate Calloway's dance" "A walrus" Of course.

Thunder Goku : Ok, what was with the obsession skeletons?

Hanyuu Hiiragi : I was just listening to The Highwayman's Song from OTGW, and it brought me to this.

Thunder Thruster : Personal opinion, but after seeing about half a dozen other versions, this ones the best.

Adam Ranieri : 2:10 did the the skeletons just die... and turn into ghosts?