2018 NXS Tyler Reddick Elliott Sadler Photo Finish Daytona PowerShares QQQ 300

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CodyHGaming : Holy shit, this was a bad race to have to work during.

Lucas Marques/Nego Branklin : 0.0001!!!! UNBELIEVABLE

MorisUIC : They blew the call, bunch of amateur commentators. An exciting finish but didn’t sound like it

Stacy Welch : what a joke the one car finishing second yea right did u see him after he spun out he was passed half the field when they come back to green but I guess u get away with that driving for jr

RainbowDashLover LOL : im just as poor and stupid as you and im gunna drive and im gunna go fast and im gunna turn to the left sometimes

Asteroid Strike 9 : Closest finish at daytona and tied for the closest of all time at 0.01

Barry Holmes : WOW! #9 car is the GREATEST RACE EVER SEEN!!!

Sam Ivey : This was epic!

BenDaKill - : Would've been an well deserved win for Sadler, both deserved it, but Sadler was the fighter for me.

Carl Grimes's Eyepatch : Less than half a millisecond difference for the win. Unbelievable.

7natcho : Reddick has gotten so much better since the truck series WTG Congrats !!!

Edgy The Shadow : I was at that race

Rusty Ralston : Have you Ever?

Motorsports Nation : Amazing

StFidjnr : we need timing to a Ten-Thousandth of a second

Calin Masca : Let's go racing , boys !!! Awesome video

Aric10AlmirolaFan \Chase9ElliottFan : Have you ever.

Milton Valen : #returnofthe9

credit one Bonnie : Good god 0000.1

Mason SkullVault : .0001