John Wick - 9 to 5

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Mr. Krepshus : Hey this is great

TNovix : 0:38 That was a really nice transition

James Atkins : 1:22 Moral of the story

MotherChucker : John Wick - Directed by Edgar Wright

Phan Boy : Aurelio: Aurelio speaking. Viggo: ... I heard you struck my son. Aurelio: Yes sir I did. Viggo: And may I ask why? Aurelio: Yeah well... because he stole John Wick's car and uh... killed his dog. Viggo: Oh. o_o

GreenGrounds : I love how the gunshots/hit sounds also goes with the song's rhythm lol

AgentKE : Holy hell this FANTASTIC!! It works so well and the transitions are so smooth! One of Your best videos yet. Cheers!

Cameron Phang Sang : This is very Edgar Wright and its fantastic, dont stop. If dont know Edgar Wright he directed baby driver, Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to name a few and his style is blend and match the music playing to the actions being portrayed. Its pretty hard to do well. So what im trying to say is, excellent job on the editing.

00ARYA00 : I feel Keanu and the JW team would enjoy this bit of fan art.

Doctor Immunity : This is too perfect!

Charlie Cruz : 10/10 If I was a Hollywood producer looking for an editor for a new action movie I would have want to hire you

Harrison Carlyle : Can’t believe they made a movie based on that Fortnite character 😱

Benjamin Mendez : He threw his gun at someone XD 0:34

Phan Boy : You got a gift. This was magnificent.

its Just Me : ✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️

PhantumMagnus : I’m listen to this for forty minutes now and it still never gets old

PointBreak Editing : Absolute brilliant 😂 this is was better than my John Wick Vid. Good job love it 👍

John Wick : I’ve watched this about ten times now and I’ve shown it to all of my family members. I LOVE IT!

8 bit boi : How much do you reckon a job like that pays?

mont murillo : Gun shots and other sound effects is in sync with the music, brilliant!!

Wapix : daaang that was incredible man :O

Michael Phan : This is just too fun, genius :D

Apathy293 : How do I trick youtube into letting me like a video twice? This may be the greatest editing i've ever seen.

Luis Enrique Mata : Baba yaga!!! This IS GOLD Great one

its Just Me : This is amazing!!!✏️

Coke Francis : Amazing all your vids are like trailers they’re so good

Billy Maslanka : I love it when ppl mix happy songs with action and violence! 😂😂

Jarom Strong : The editing on this is absolutely perfect

WP ME Franiuuu : Maybe next something with Hobbit?

TheTarkonator : John Wick is the perfect embodiment of: "You know who you're stealing from?"

Noah Keith : I have literally watched this 20 times, each time it's just as good. Keep that amazing work up man.

Epic Trailers Paradox : please Make Transformers movie epic mashup

L.K Fanmade : 48 Dislikes? One question... WHY? This video is a masterpiece. Ok i know ... 180 thousand views, there is someone who does not like it but WHY?

Cordude : Here before a million views

Mitch O : How can you dislike this?!

Nikedsona l : Wow this has been the best one since the Logan-suffer, keep on doing them you are great.

Decorum : I just imagine a SUPER under appreciated secret super agent and it's hilarious

John Robichaud : Matches amazingly

Kermit The Turtle : Watched 10 times and still not old

Radio of Rwanda : Life Lesson: Don't kill a man's Doggo

Why are we still here? : If John Wick was an action-comedy.

Crosshair : daredevil next? like if u agree

Fatman Assassin : Ya know John is pissed when he throws a pistol at you.

MCstabby : *spy main upgraded*

Wapix : what program are you using to edit videos???

Bob from Virginia : He's cheating

NeonBybits : This deserve to be the official trailer movie hahaha I like it :d

Flo Parsons : This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen

RMudder : WWDPD Thanks Deadpool

Alexandra Gheorghita : getting a VPN just to watch this again (yt blocked it in romania due to copyrighted material) was an amazing choice