evolution of comedy

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apollo Z : 2002: why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side 2018: *-W A T E R-*

Jaayy : I've seen this already

Malhakai Reyes-Mariano : * the evolution of berd videos *

KamiOfBarrels : The ending “Yeah I saw that already” could not have been more real.

My life is a lie but also a meme : 2012: *rage comics* 2017: When u 🅱️ 2018: *sans default dance* 2019: *I n h a l e s*

VINOS : Anything purple: exists Thanos jokes: it's free real estate

Jean Louise Scout Finch : 2011:THIS IS SPARTA!!!!! 2014:U WOT M8?!!?! 2018: *E*

DrakRiku1994 : 0:14 I'm living for that laugh now

Stormy : 2004: I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER??!? 2007: One does not simply (fill-in-the-blank) 2009: Rawr xD 2013: Isn’t it odd how completely barbaric us internet dwellers used to be? I’m so glad we’re more refined now. 2015: SUCC 2017: HERE’S A LITTLE LESSON IN TRICKERY 2018: E

Check My Playlist : Is it sad I laughed at the last one?

RilesDoesWhatever : This is kinda scary since it’s too accurate😂

O Rei do Iêiêiê : this says a lot about our society

touchNazty : Why did I laugh at the big titty, bongo playing, gun wielding, sans powered, dog petting, donkey kong thanos hybrid whose also a princess??????

J. Anthony Ashley : How did we go from these cute wholesome memes to the crazy mishmash that we have now? 😂

GG Channel : Painful Illustrations That Reveal The Harsh Reality Of Our World

Squeezy : *in the future comedy will be automatically generated* *its funny because it’s unexpected* *what ever happen to it’s funny because it’s true*

Lizard Wizard : 2015-2017: Shrek and Bee Movie. 2018-2019: E, Big Chungus, Lemon Car.

Spycrab : It's bad when you lUgh at the last clip I think i meant to put "laugh" but i fucked up so it's different. I'm leaving it

Lucy Gladiator : 2011: Let get high Grades this semester! 2019: *_LEMON_*

Jacob Martinez : This is so relatable can we hit a kid This is funny like the comment to get some gamer juice

TSG Frank : I feel like the reason we have the memes we have now is due to the infinite ever growing high speed generation of content on the internet which has caused culture on it to evolve and gravitate towards entertainment that was quick, recognizable and easily replicable, to the point where every new meme becomes overused extremely rapidly until a new one pops up.

Hexical : *Yeah I saw that already.*

HaloReachSniper25 : I haven’t laughed this hard in a really long time

Arcade Assassin : *2018* -They did surgery on a grape-

My name is Joey : Is it bad, that I'm laughing?

yuka rui : Doctor: You have 37 secs to live Me: eVoLutIoN oF cOmEdY!!!!

Lotheawen : Is this actually worrying

Brody : *default dance intensifies*

•[]LPS Diamond studios[]• : *My headphones were turned up instant regret*

Shadow Orochi : 2020 “d” It’ll make sense in 2 years.

scottyCZ : I was excpecting it would be something like this. Good job, man.

Barrelr1d3r571 : 0:14 That's My Laugh Lol

Space Piracy : bruh sound effect #0

LikedMyOwnComment : If I'm being honest tho memes in 2019 is really just everyone agreeing something is funny when it really isn't funny but because everyone else agrees it's funny you just agree it's funny too.(not me personally)

Berd : epic style

Plasma Pro : Holy crap that was freaking epic like for free thanos car

HELLO THERE : Somebody: Why did the chicken cross the road? Me: Cause chickens are stupid. Somebody Else: What's up? Me: Depending on what you mean, either the ceiling or depression. Someone Really Loud: THANOS CAR!!! THANOS CAR!!! THANOS CAR!!!! Me: *Really wants to put ten layers of duct tape around his mouth* Someone Else: Knock Knock Me: The sign says no trespassing.

Ruchindra Vibodh : Add deepfry and ur set👌🏽

Name not found : That really defaults my dance.

Kim’s Fluxiest Fan : Me, watching this video when my iPad is at 2%: haha I hope this video doesn’t cause my iPad to die Berd: orange you glad I didn’t iPad: dies

Lucedoke : Is it bad I died laughing at the last one?

Decaticon : The worst part is that I actually laughed only on the last one

Cringy Crew : Dis channel is stupid but I love it so fricken much

Jonathan Flores : is it bad that I laughed more at the first two laughs rather than the video itself?

Дмитрий Фролов : *Oohoohoo you got me! Ooh you got me good!*

EddsWordGeek :3 : * G A M E R J U I C E *

Hömppi : This is the one if u wanna get water out from u speakers


alex 85120 : Comedy in 3019: *Ŝ*

Lolencio Faze : 2018 *E* HAHAHAHAHAHAJA