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This isnt how I want to remember Toy Story

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Anony Stupid : 1:47 *WE GONNA PLAY TOMORROW?* -You bet pal- _omg_

Sam the Angel Fox : Quick, change the title to Toy Story 5 before anyone notices

Connor Patrick : Andy must be having some hardcore sex to not notice his toys running around and freaking out about him making out

Sly Cooper : How in the hell did he made a bong out of an action figure and how can he smoke the weed in his body?

Naiya F : Toy Story 4 looking real depressing

Bum Bum : I swear to God if they predict Buzz's death in TS4...

Irreversible Remix : You got a friend in me (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

R3n3gad3 : 1:11 "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?"

TheDannyMan : The ending sure was a buzzkill

Loli4lyf : Disney just gettin better and better

b a d v i b e s o n l y : To infinity and your mom Lol

Mr.fluffy : {\_/} (0_0) (-🍿-) One like on bunny saved!

junior : reply me if you want cancer

Kitodylan Babich : This video would’ve ruined my childhood, but then I remembered in Toy Story 3, Andy gave the toys away. In a way... he saved them.

Teddy Videos : The ending lowkey reminds me of "Of Mice and Men."

Daniel Guzman : Did you hear the news? Tom Hanks and Tim Allen said that they couldn't get past recording of the climax of the real Toy Story 4 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Mat7920 H : No wonder Tim Allen couldn't handle watching the final scene of Toy Story 4

Da Spicy Birb : Me watching normal video: Headphones off Me watching Adult Swim: Headphones on

Chara Dreemurr : I think Woody killed Buzz because he wanted to be da favourite toy PSHHHT WHAT A JERK

JigglyGonardo : *video taken down by Disney for showing clip of unreleased move*

Adhemar Monroy : Aaaaaand now Toy Story 4 is a reality.

Erik Heini : I'm not surprised by Andy's actions with his lady friend. He probably got tired of playing with his woody.

Chronicle CosmicG : 1:22 1:19

The Kings2758 : YOU MEAN OBAMA? ...*he's not MY president* 😭😭😭

Peruvian Mapping : 0:34 Everybody's reaction to watching this video the first time

Abelg3 Sunset79 : 1:37 ..... so sad we goin to play tomorrow

Douglas Levin : Robot Chicken: ruining childhoods one skit at a time.

The Last Thing You See Before You Die : To infinity, and your mom!

TheGreatGeekDetective : We gonna play tomorrow? Is it weird I laughed hard after that?

Mike : 1:37-43 tears from laughing every time

dkg with james ! : 1:28 XDD and im not watching this i just came here for that

Robsonski96 : What has been seen... Cannot be un-seen...

B J : 0:48

Ozone0nZero : "Hello, Woody! Do you know what my daddy did? Poop! He pooped! Poop-de-doop-doop-poop! Ah, somebody left some poop in his pants." Buzz should consider himself lucky Emperor Zurg wasn't around to hear him say that.

AsylumFreak19 : Why does the ending remind me Of Mice and Men?

aye its julisa : 1:47 buzz: We GoNnA pLaY tOmOrRoW? woody: you bet pal, you bet. me: awee🥺🥺 woody: *grabs pillow* me: oh hes juss gonna put it under his head buzz: *quietly speaking* tO iNfInItY woody: *suffocates buzz* me:😳😭😭 woody: *cries* and beyond 😭

Lemehdo : Annddddd there goes my childhood...

Mr.brutality : who's here after toy story 4 trailer??

J R Animation Studios : 2018 anyone? This is becoming a reality

Jess Moniz : Rip my childhood Andy has found someone else to play with other than woodie

hernan meza : "It took 2:07 minutes for this to ruine my childhood wow that's insane"

ImaginedFoil 335 : Gives a new meaning to "You've gotta friend in me"

CROSSOVER ANIMATION STUDIOS : 0:34 Cartoonlover98 favorite scene

Pity Popsicle : Please, wait until you see the official trailer of toy story 4

Josh Barreras : 1:27 He’s sounded like Genie from Disney’s Aladdin

Josh Browne : "you mean Obama?" "He's not my president...."

Fortnermations : Just wait until the real Toy Story 4 comes out next year...

JD Logo : This should be renamed to "Toy Story 4: The REAL Trailer!"

homer simpson : 0:37😂😂😂😂 the sargent bro killed