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Jacbob : buze liteyeer rip in peace sweet prinse...

Super James YT : This video scared me as a kid.

Fortnermations : Just wait until the real Toy Story 4 comes out next year...

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle : My childhood is ruined!! 😰

TheRaz911 : "You mean Obama?" "He's not my president"

ROXY X GAMER : You know what my daddy did He pooped

paw patrol mighty Everest was kion lion guard : Soo drunk toys

TJ 13702 : HALLO WOODY -Retarded Buzz

sidex15 : *Toy story 4 leaked ending scene*

Country boy Carlini : "And da farmer, he hauls, another load away, BYE LOAD, BYE LOAD" -buzz

Anony Stupid : 1:47 *WE GONNA PLAY TOMORROW?* -You bet pal- _omg_

Ichor1201 dragonball : 0:55 poor Woody, must have felt betrayed

Bernie The cat : Andy:damn it! I left my favorite toy back at the dorm! Woody:His FAVORITE toy!?!? Me:Don’t start!

cartoonlover98 : didn't andy give away his toys at the end of toy story 3?


Sly Cooper : How in the hell did he made a bong out of an action figure and how can he smoke the weed in his body?

Sam the Angel Fox : Quick, change the title to Toy Story 5 before anyone notices

ComicWriter 2020 : Most of the skits I saw that bothered me I got over. This one is the exception. It just bothers me a little still to this day

Matthew Henry : I can imagine all of the kids clicking on this video...

Naiya F : Toy Story 4 looking real depressing

Theusernameless : 1:00 what did Andy do to buzz

Country boy Carlini : "Hello woot, do you know what my daddy did, poop, he poop, poop a doop doop poo bu duu poop in deez pants" -buzz

Irreversible Remix : You got a friend in me (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Kiriga-me : Annddddd there goes my childhood...

Daniel Guzman : Did you hear the news? Tom Hanks and Tim Allen said that they couldn't get past recording of the climax of the real Toy Story 4 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

J R Animation Studios : 2018 anyone? This is becoming a reality

b a d v i b e s o n l y : To infinity and your mom Lol

The Great Guitar Man 2003 O_o : Toy Story 4 animation reel in progress

TheDannyMan : The ending sure was a buzzkill

Master Of Wisdom : Even Sid couldn’t do as much damage as what Andy did

thehoopa 12 : Anybody here because of Toy Story 4?

Loli4lyf : Disney just gettin better and better

Adhemar Monroy : Aaaaaand now Toy Story 4 is a reality.

Erik Heini : I'm not surprised by Andy's actions with his lady friend. He probably got tired of playing with his woody.

alex p : And then Mr potato head says the n word

BrodPhoenix : Secretly he's making out with Molly

Kitodylan Babich : This video would’ve ruined my childhood, but then I remembered in Toy Story 3, Andy gave the toys away. In a way... he saved them.

The Last Thing You See Before You Die : To infinity, and your mom!

Kyle Matos : there goes the little part of my childhood I had left...

Bifocal Autumn : I hated my childhood anyway

junior : reply me if you want cancer

The Monster 2.0 : cant wait to see this in the summer

BJ JR : 0:48

Douglas Levin : Robot Chicken: ruining childhoods one skit at a time.

This Account is Dead : Where are Andy's Mom and sister during this whole video?...

Josh Barreras : 1:27 He’s sounded like Genie from Disney’s Aladdin

homer simpson : 0:48 why is that wet

Anay Patel : Robot chicken predicted the future woooow

Lena TheHyena : I mean it's not like I needed my childhood *(childhood goes through window)*

Aimanmix : After playing kingdom hearts 3 this shows up on my recommendations..wth