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Jacbob : buze liteyeer rip in peace sweet prinse...

Fortnermations : Just wait until the real Toy Story 4 comes out next year...

AGK34RULES : well, get ready guys, toy story 4 is released in 2019

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle : My childhood is ruined!! 😰

Super James YT : This video scared me as a kid.

TheDannyMan : The ending sure was a buzzkill

kion lionguard : Soo drunk toys

ArmosAviator : This is literally the ultimate destruction of childhoods


Gaming boss 1568 : "And da farmer, he hauls, another load away, BYE LOAD, BYE LOAD" -buzz

Erik Heini : I'm not surprised by Andy's actions with his lady friend. He probably got tired of playing with his woody.

ROXY X GAMER : You know what my daddy did He pooped

Zero Kev : 0:21 that sounds awfully familiar

Sly Cooper : How in the hell did he made a bong out of an action figure and how can he smoke the weed in his body?

ComicWriter 2020 : Most of the skits I saw that bothered me I got over. This one is the exception. It just bothers me a little still to this day

Octacle : Probably the best example of Robot Chicken spoiling viewers' childhood memories. Also, didn't Andy give away his toys to Bonnie at the end of Toy Story 3? If that's the case, why does Andy still own his toys as a young man?

Gaming boss 1568 : "Hello woot, do you know what my daddy did, poop, he poop, poop a doop doop poo bu duu poop in deez pants" -buzz

Matthew Steiner : TOY STORY 4 COMING JUNE 2019

Death to PG : 0:20 lol if they made a Trump joke like that today every conservatard would be calling robot chicken "un-American"

Matthew Henry : I can imagine all of the kids clicking on this video...

Bernie The cat : Andy:damn it! I left my favorite toy back at the dorm! Woody:His FAVORITE toy!?!? Me:Don’t start!

Tanner Jenkins : HALLO WOODY -Retarded Buzz

Nickspeanut : for anyone who was born in the span of 1995-2004 grew up on pixar movies this just takes a big shit on our childhood

BrodPhoenix : Secretly he's making out with Molly

cartoonlover98 : didn't andy give away his toys at the end of toy story 3?

MoiWaifu : Kingdom hearts 3 looks lit

No Sleep : Bong Lightyear, "To infinity, and beyond"!

Ichor1201 dragonball : 0:55 poor Woody, must have felt betrayed

Patriot of Justice : "Commander and Chief on the premises!" "You mean Obama?" "He's not my president." Even toy soldiers knew what a douche canoe Obama was, especially to the military.

Kyle Matos : there goes the little part of my childhood I had left...

DigitalFox707 : That was dark...

Anony Stupid : 1:47 *WE GONNA PLAY TOMORROW?* -You bet pal- _omg_

elite_ wrasslin : *Oh god she won't stop screamin*

Jonathan Ruoff : I honestly had thought Andy was going to use Buzz to help give his gf some buzz and vibes. LOL.

Kiriga-me : Annddddd there goes my childhood...

CROSSOVER ANIMATION STUDIOS : 0:34 cartoonlover98 favorite scene

John Brandon : Toy story 4 looking good

shrek Pee pee : and now toy story 4 is actualy coming out


Douglas Levin : Robot Chicken: ruining childhoods one skit at a time.

Dankster : 1:40 More like bye childhood...

Chillrus : Comment section, help me, I've lost my childhood

Irreversible Remix : You got a friend in me (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

TreTheTruth527 Dank memes : Andy’s cuming!

Dylan Dorrie : "He's Not My President" lmao

Allan Peda : I just caught how Buzz's wang was the pipe mouthpiece.

Gordo Culon : Buzz evolved to a LoL Player

Patrick Star : H E P O O P E D

Galaxy gamer 4973 : Rip buzz

Robsonski96 : What has been seen... Cannot be un-seen...