Chicken Mexican Tacos Recipe | Tacos With Chicken Filling | The Bombay Chef – Varun Inamdar

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Mundi Odium : I came here just to read comments form mad mexican people claiming that's not mexican... XD

bill rayburn : I have never...EVER seen a cook add garlic skin into the dish to be eaten....

random dodgy cunt : Watching an Indian guy make Mexican Food.I've reached the peak of my life.

ikal toeng : 1:56 "some roasted human powder"

aptwo : Wow first time seeing a round avocado.

Cherry Garcia : Food is subjective people, chill out please

Huynh MINH TRI : That's not Mexican Taco , it's Indian Kamasutra Taco , dude  !

GagaOopsy : Please don't call it "Mexican" taco if it's on hard shell...

Drako[XIII] : Que mierda es eso?!?! Pinches gringos la cagan y encima ni es tortilla si no una pinche tostada, a parte de que no se usa carne molida para los tacos >:V

Justin Janecka : Varun Inamdar is a top chef in India and it's clear to me that he's trying to introduce Tex-Mex elements to his Indian audience. This video may come off a bit unorthodox for some but we must recognize the significance and economic potential that is available within India. The regional cuisines of the Indian subcontinent offer common flavors that pair well with both Tex-Mex and Traditional Mexican food. Garlic, cumin, turmeric, chile powder and many other spices are common elements in both Mexican and Indian cuisines and it would be neat to see more of these videos perhaps with a more Indian-Mexican Fusion spin. I think if done properly, Mexican food has the potential to become very popular in the meat eating portions of India's mega-populace. Very well done.

mabeliita : pico de gallo is made with cilantro, not parsley, cilantro gives it a flavor parsley doesn't have

Amir Bourini : They look good but I have to agree with many in the comment section, these are not Mexican tacos they are American tacos. Mexican tacos don't have a hard shell, instead its a soft corn tortillas. And they traditionally don't put any toppings on it besides onion, cilantro and lime juice.

Maggie M : Im subscribing this is really easy im only 12 ans i think ima do this cuz my familys mexica and i wanna start 2 impress my m9ther that i can cook thanks

Staaan Atmisiki : Thank you so much for this Genius Taco recipe, i tried it today and it tastes wonderful!! 🌮❤💕


AVendg258 : Garlic skin, parsley. and a round avocado.

Oo_M_oO : Why was the avocado round😂😂😂

OG : lol this is about as real as taco bell tacos !

Diogo Silva : Hmmmmm, I Love Tacos!! ❤❤🌮🌮

Mina Kabiri : thanks mr varum i did it twice at home its delicious and a real success

Hans Knutson : you have the best instructional presentation of any YouTube video I have seen

Soulja Boy's 9mm Hi Point : this looks like a Healthy California style taco or something

Manju Vuggina : Varun, authentic salsa has cilantro/ coriander leaves not Parsley... and also cilantro brings in the true flavor.

Blackthorn : Are you Indian ?

Saint Kingkong : Oh....lots of dramas here. I think the recipes and the ingredients can vary. I have tacos many times in many places, and they are different. Anyway, I enjoy watching this clip. Thank you for sharing.

gianalessandro martin : not quite but not bad...def your own take and i can understand that

Sharon Mitchell : Mexican or not it looks so good

Haru chan : call your amigoo-hoo-hooss dude

PuRe_Fade 1 : WTF! When I first saw the tacos in the intro, I thought these are gonna be gross as f@#k. Nope! I cooked it and was so suprised at the taste of it, I would definitely call it a success! Thank you Bombay Chef for this wonderful invention!

Esin Murat : This was surprisingly entertaining!

Kolay Doğal Yemek Tarifleri : Super

Bob Tophat : That advocado looks weird

anil chandra : hi varun you know your smile and your voice and cooking of delicious items is yummy yar, thanks a lot for these kind of variety foods,I like your way of cookings God bless you my brother you know I like cooking that's why I am responding to this video thank you

Penguin : Who else watches this kind of stuff when they're hungry?

Mohamad El-kemary : All the dislikes are from vegan people.

Piru Golfa : He is very soothing.

MissUnique786 : How in the right mind is that guacamole 🤔

GINA KYRIAKOPOULOS : This is American Sir.. I am not Mexican, but my husband of 11 years is.. Mexicans do not use hard shell, they don't use yellow lemon, they use lime, and this is not how Mexicans make tacos. And they don't use parsley, They use cilantro- soft cooked tortillas on the comal, not hard shell. Wow, on behalf of my Mexican husband, this makes me so possed off, and I don't know why, because I'm Greek, Italian and Irish... This shouldn't bother me. lol.. It does look good though, so I'm going to make it. Thank you.

Charles Bukowski : love this chef

jmatt4life : This looks good but by no means authentic!

Fatima Sofía : Well I'm mexican and this not mexican taco but looks yum I'm 😂😂😂🌮🌮🌮

Nurus Sabs : Thanks, Varun looks yummy will give a try for sure...

KHAN WINK : This is not even 50% Mexican 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 especially with the hard taco shells lol.

exe GODMODE : Whos up for some garlic peels?

Steven Murga : It looks delicious

Isis Díaz : Se ven ricos 🌮👋🏻🇲🇽

jeena djo : human roasted powder?????!!!!!!!!

zomgseriosuly : watching him cut up that avocado was SO SATISFYING

Kaysha P : Nice guy

Marike Pungtai : wooow amazing