A 22-year-old has raised $30M to fund his idea behind cleaning up plastic in the ocean

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Taikamuna : *Let's put plastic into the ocean to clean plastic from the ocean*

frank1971ification : why not just empty the ocean and fill it up with new water? my local hardware store has a water pump half price this week

fuck off : Finally somebody using money wisely than just spending it for v bucks

Just Bodewes : All the donators received a plastic bag full of plastic goodies.

Trang Hoàng : i'm not a professional on ocean trash picking 101 but this guy gave up college and started working everyday for years at an age which many people just spends their days partying themselves to death. fine, you may find a hole in his solution just watching a video of it but he deserves all the money you guys make just because he's trying to do something about it.

Ofentse Mwase Films : This won't work, the main problem is human beings, so long as they are on Earth, the ocean will remain dirty.

LeoAngel67 : $25 million in his pocket and $5 million for the actual project.

Neyjina : The real question is how you get the micro plastic...

dbltrplx : I have a better idea, how about if WE STOP THROWING SHIT INTO THE OCEAN!!!!!

Savior .S : Is there an update to this? We're half way through 2018, and curious if this has been tested yet

Blake P. : The pipe is made out of plastic lol😂

Werner Bruin : Don't see the floating pipe idea being very effective in during tropical storms or when ships drive over it. A better idea will be to free all the dolphins held in captivity and train them to clean it up. I need 35 mil to free the dolphins and buy baskets. Anybody want to invest in my idea?

Larkspur : Doesn't cover the deep stuff and the micro-plastics though. I expect more plastic goes in the ocean each year than we are taking out of it anyway. We need a find a way to destroy plastic and stop using it completely. Then figure a way to filter the micro-plastics out. This method will only buy some time to be honest.

Daniel Pietnik : 30M raised to clean the planet. and yesterday an asian guy bought a painting for 110.5M ...... what a joke rich people are.

Kappital Mono : why dont we just empty the ocean and pure new water into it? wtf people just thinkkkk

Addyraddy9 : how many fish has that pipe swallowed yet

Nafutto : if you look closely, you can see that theres no evidence that the project working

Ambuk FX Fx : urmm its 2018 now.. soon 2019.. sooo? any update ?

akaJRob : Ok so where’s the plastic from the ocean gonna go now ? I say we just send trash to space

Mesozoic : Anyone know how this thing is doing now?

Vinod Kumar : He is one of them who are caring for our earth👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Da Fukq : Waste of money cus u will clean like 0,0001% of the ocean with that

butters 99 : scientists: *working for 30 years on how to clean up the ocean* 22y rold: "we get a big ol pipe" scientists: omg no way :O

TS TRYHARD : Can’t believe 1 thousand people disliked this vid

Azure Rathalos : When i was 22, i lost my 22 years

Grayling : 1:05 aaaaand im getting anxious

Nathan Porter : Plastic litter: You'll never catch me, traitor! Plastic cleanup tube: We'll see about that...

daddy mack : All this at 22? ....thanks for reminding me how much of a Looser i am #FML


LessRBX : just hire a maid to clean the ocean lol

KillJoy G : The 30M got from India and China's government team up

Zlatan Ibrahimovic : Let's eat the trash. World hunger AND pollution both solved.

Raghav Saptarsh : It's not easy like we think... Think about the micro plastic.. They in our food now... "salt" has micro plastic in it now.

katelynn s : A large majority of plastic is mainly packaging... try avoid buying packaged and single used items as much as possible... a great challenge is the no straw challenge! Try going a week without using one plastic straw.

Nicole Evans : I hate to disagree with people, but in the video it says a step closer to a cleaner planet which is only kinda true. The waste being taken out of the ocean is incredible but you have to remember the waste has to go somewhere. While the ocean clean up is going to sort through the waste and recycle it into new things, this shouldn’t be a safety net to allow people to just throw whatever they want away. If you want to help, think about what your buying and try to reduce your single use plastics!!! Recycling is good but eliminate waste such as disposable straws or utensils. Every little thing helps and remember we all live on this planet so this effects everyone in some way or another.

GokuvsVegeta111 : has it been deployed by now

Roland Camcena : So we won’t take the consideration of poor fishes and fuel emission?

GreenPhantom Gaming : What about fishers????? Can they get sucked in????

vinit hacks : Who thought PLASTIC pipe would be used to clean plastic. Amazing

Mr Hadeizz : So I’m in 2018 and I haven’t seen anything..... hmm

spencer brings terrible content : To get the plastic out of the ocean you have to get the pipe out of the ocean

Angel wick city : Did y'all know 95 percent of the world's oceans and 99 percent of the ocean floor are unexplored, who knows what's out there

Brian Totedem : then an asain ship carrying tons of plastic garbage runs through the hose destroying it and then proceeds to dump more garbage...

hey daddy : He look like Indian

Repubilek der Verenigde Nederlanden : Lets clean up an ocean full of trash so we can put it in a landfill instead.

Banki Moon : It's project started also in Mumbai (India) in Arabian-Indian ocean

Levii Ackermann : What about we move the ocean to other clean place?

Shavy Kashayp : Welcome to the future...

Ben Wood : He just looks like a Justin, lol.

Jesse Mulder : Am i just the only one who is gonna be generous when becoming rich?