A 22-year-old has raised $30M to fund his idea behind cleaning up plastic in the ocean

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Just Bodewes : All the donators received a plastic bag full of plastic goodies.

JOHN DAVIS : If we stopped making our plastics from crude oil and used vegetable oil, we could produce biodegradable plastic.

butters 99 : scientists: *working for 30 years on how to clean up the ocean* 22y rold: "we get a big ol pipe" scientists: omg no way :O

akaJRob : Ok so where’s the plastic from the ocean gonna go now ? I say we just send trash to space

Blake P. : The pipe is made out of plastic lol😂

Deadly Thang : So what happens if a boat runs over it?

LeoAngel67 : $25 million in his pocket and $5 million for the actual project.

James Crud : I peed in the ocean... :-(

Werner Bruin : Don't see the floating pipe idea being very effective in during tropical storms or when ships drive over it. A better idea will be to free all the dolphins held in captivity and train them to clean it up. I need 35 mil to free the dolphins and buy baskets. Anybody want to invest in my idea?

Addyraddy9 : how many fish has that pipe swallowed yet

tony singh : All of a sudden the world is full of wunderkinds, they're building satellites, corporations, programming from the womb. Either there has been some coincidental genetic mutation in our time or the internet now acts as the worlds best PR guy. I suspect it's the latter, many of these guys and gals are not as smart as you think. But hey, everybody loves a fairy tale. 92% of plastic in the ocean is microplastic and cannot be caught by the system he describes. Repainting a wall will NOT stop the guy with spray can. Why not stop dumping it into the sea in the first place, this ocean cleanup could lead to a moral hazard.

Cobaltbuddy89 : Those were some tiny waves they tested on. Wait until a storm hits and the waves toss the trash right over that little tube. also what does a ship do? drive over it?

Hyena Studios : Just build a wall

Grayling : 1:05 aaaaand im getting anxious

blakemerc sith : I have a better way to keep the oceans clean and it free don't pollute

Matjaž Bajt : I don't see this making much of a difference in sea pollution but I guess some difference is better than none.

GokuvsVegeta111 : has it been deployed by now

Andreas : fact: We have only found 1% of the plastic that is in the ocean.

Vinod Kumar : He is one of them who are caring for our earth👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Trang Hoàng : i'm not a professional on ocean trash picking 101 but this guy gave up college and started working everyday for years at an age which many people just spends their days partying themselves to death. fine, you may find a hole in his solution just watching a video of it but he deserves all the money you guys make just because he's trying to do something about it.

daddy mack : All this at 22? ....thanks for reminding me how much of a Looser i am #FML

BleedOutBlender - : Lets clean up an ocean full of trash so we can put it in a landfill instead.

Joseph Murphy : It won't work, over 90% of the garbage in the patch is deep underwater not at the surface. He won't be making even a dent. A bunch of people who don't understand how the patch works just wasted their money because they heard "Green".

Daniel99oslo : But what about micro plast?

Japop Happy : That was so awesome

E.J. S.M. : That's what im talking bout: millennials rock! 😎

CatPulp23 : Well.... was it successful?

Jack Smith : Thank you Plastic garbage kills a lot of marine animals who try to ingest it or become trapped in it Kudos Forever grateful animals > mankind

Random Videos and Music : amazing

Lord Debrick : There is a cheaper option to this; Sterilising every male in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America! No need for these "people" anyway!

Autoscoot Gmail/Youtube : Works as long the plastic floats.

Shavy Kashayp : Welcome to the future...

Sylvia torres : wow but maybe ?

JackDaBos_Gaming 8 : Nice. Getting rid of plastic in the ocean by using plastic

Sonu Sharma : We'lldone

Sylvia torres : no peace to all individuals duh and every one in it no Nagativity plz 💯✌

Sylvia torres : i just love my earth ✌

Sylvia torres : i would adopted. a child any sec no problem 😂

vinit hacks : Who thought PLASTIC pipe would be used to clean plastic. Amazing

END OF THI S : Noooo he stole my idea..... Almost rich but nope.. I hsve better idea 2 ships and fish trap stuff and all the trash will get out of the ocean

little smoke : 30 million dollars wasted, that thing will not work; BC IT'S A BIG ASS OCEAN . you can't fix what humans have done to earth, but you can reduce human waste by recycling it.

JBI JBI : Genius

Larkspur : Doesn't cover the deep stuff and the micro-plastics though. I expect more plastic goes in the ocean each year than we are taking out of it anyway. We need a find a way to destroy plastic and stop using it completely. Then figure a way to filter the micro-plastics out. This method will only buy some time to be honest.

vaalejo1's archive : And then we give all the plastic to that French guy that eats plastic for a living.

harp per : what a "useful" idea

Felox : His dream came true 🙂

GamingPotato : Watched this vid last year and now I’m back at 2018 April 28

NaaffaX : during a hurricane or a storm... it will definitely release all these junks to the ocean again!... and im sure more of this funding will go to the pockets of investors and other greedy people who will make this cheap tube and charge millions for it!...

Worthless Videos : wait donald trump lives down there though...

oz818valley _ : U think he didnt pocket at least a couple millón