Adam Savage Visits Third Man Records!

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Support videos like this -- and get a free gift -- by becoming a Tested Premium Member: In Detroit, Adam stops by Jack White's Third Man Records, the first new record-pressing plant in the United States in three decades! In a truly immersive tour, Adam records his Brain Candy song and then follows his record's eventual process from lathe to cellophane. Bonus: Adam also chats with Jack White about how recording this way impacts the creative process! For more on Third Man Records, visit their site: Produced by Kristen Lomasney Shot by Burke Doeren and Tyson Call Edited by Mark Petro Audio by Aaron Eschenburg Subscribe for more videos! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook: Tested is: Adam Savage Norman Chan Simone Giertz Joey Fameli Kishore Hari Frank Ippolito Sean Charlesworth Jeremy Williams Gunther Kirsch Ryan Kiser Thanks for watching!


Sage Craigen Music : Willy Wonkas Vinyl factory

alan king's randomness : i have to say i feel jack white is SOOOOO underrated. I know hes won awards etc etc, but the things he does to help preserve and maintain the history of music and how its made is amazing. He's literally making sure history doesnt get forgotten by the new and high tech.

Joely Tacos : I'd love to work at Third Man. What a badass little factory.

ferris5150 : that factory is jaw droppingly beautiful. i hope it makes enough money to keep it up.

millford : I love how Jack has been asked the same questions for years, and he's still engaged and passionate, when answering them.

Leonardo Pacheco Borges : What's up with the job descriptions? Romantic Comedian, Pantologist? I sense Jack White's doing on that.

Codey Cross : I'm so happy this is a thing. happy

Make Something : Two of my favorite creators in one video!! I'm losing it over here! AHHH!

Benjámin Mihály : Anyone noticed the record that got stuck at the back 26:51

Jacob Cacho : 21:07 LOL She was waiting for him to move to continue working

Hampus Ettehag : That was the shortest 27:44 in my life. I blinked and it was over. This is some great content! Thanks Tested, and Adam, for making it. Loved every second!

Jimmy Thump : I could listen to Jack talk about the psychology, theory and mechanics of music and recording all day

aaron versionwo : Jack White is like a really respectable Johnny Depp that actually did something great with his life.

Qsaws : May vinyl never die

Unit27 : For those wondering about the amount of yellow, check out "How Jack White Uses Color" on Polyphonic's channel.

James Ash : 22:18 - that's got to be one of Jack's brothers.

CORRDiesel : btw that guy Eddie Gillis at the end, is Jack's brother, who played in band Tin Knocker i found only one video with their gig, at they were good

Crimskey : he should change his name to jack yellow im here all week guys

PC Henderson : Sweet! I've got to stop by Third Man Records in the next week or two but it's such a dangerous place because of my vinyl record addiction. LOL Beautiful store and building.

David : You do collabs with some of my favorite people. Jack is a legend.

hedlund88 : Wait was that a conan album tho? Did he finally record something?

Critical Eats Japan : That recording was very Eric Idle... ;)

GuildOfCalamity : I'm excited to see how much more insane Jack White will become over the years, let have a ball and a biscuit!

skippygirl959 : Got so happy when jack white appeared

fixedgerald : "Beautiful city of Detroit" Ok Adam

Brad Griffin : 22:45 So please reply and tell me. This guy with the headphones listens to the album while staring at where the needle is on the album. Then, when he hears an anomaly, he makes a note of it. Then, when he's finished, he takes his notes and translates them to locations on the albums on the wall? RESPECT is all I have. That's extreme geek talent.

Who B'stank : If Heisenberg made records instead of meth

AJ Rajan : Asmr for audiophiles

fuck google+ : All that yellow would be awful to look at after awhile of working there

Michael Freechild : The schnozberries taste like schnozberries...

es basura : top 10 anime crossovers

djjazzyjeff123 : You know what's really incredibly but also intensely ironic? The internet has brought so much information to people that there are now are so many people that are into analogue music and how great and cool it is that would have never realized that without the internet, which is basically the most digital platform physically possible. How crazy (and ironic) is that?

Pickles : Does anyone else feel Adam is a man of many hats?

Christian Houde : Totally thought that riff before he played the uke was adam😂

Mortachai Epstein : I love the workers trying to work around Adam and the manager, and you can see them thinking for a split second "do I try to step into shot so I can actually get my job done?"

Sir Grizzly : I worked at United Record Pressing in Nashville for a while and it was surprising how slow that whole process seems at that particular plant. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Records are fickle things and it's sometimes worth it to take your time on them. It looks like they get a new record every few minutes after putting the label on the plates manually, adding the biscuit, allowing it to preheat and press, cooling, and then cutting away the flash. Obviously, it was probably slowed down a bit for the filming. At United Record Pressing we worked with machines that were over 60 years old, and even with them, the labeling process, heating, pressing, and flash removal were all automated. I was a machine operator, so I was really only there to ensure they kept running and fix them when they broke (which they did often, to be fair, being 60 years old.) If we got less than 800 records in an 8 hour shift from one machine, that was considered a bad day. I'd be surprised if they got more than a few hundred a shift. That's a very limited sample size, though. I could be completely wrong. It does seem more laid back there and the equipment is far more modern, so I bet it would be much more fun to work at that plant. I definitely miss pressing records sometimes.

RoqueHead : Two of my favourite people come together. Amazing, thank you for this

Frank Olson Twins : 04:13, Blumlein pair was developed by Alan Blumlein in the 1930s. It's still a popular way to record acoustic instruments!

Dat Boi : "This is like looking at The Matrix in code..." Adam Savage is the best person ever.

Richard Brookes : Blumlein. Named for Alan Blumlein, a British electronic engineer. He developed the mic configuration used in this studio. Believe it or not, this technology was invented over 75 years ago.

Adam Smith : Wow! One of the better videos that have some out in the past few months! Love the increased production value! Edit: I wonder if these videos could have credits on them. I wonder if Joey did the editing on this one or if it was someone else.

Jim Heeren : These guys still do real factory work in Detroit, men and woman in overalls making real products all made in the good ol' USA. Never thought I would say that

rustybuttpate : Jack is officially the coolest dude ever.  He really has a record company, tre groovy.

Gaming Puma : I've been there and live near there. 😊

Aaron h : "beautiful city of Detroit" (-_-)

Helen White : The name of the mic (blümlein) means "little flower" :)

That Crazy Vault-Tec Guy : Wait I hope your doing some sort of meet up I'm like 20 minutes away!

tincanspaceman : I love every part of this! Bucket list destination for sure!

2sacks1 : That song was hot meteor trash