The Hot Sauce incident: Macuga gets Jahns and Ellis sick!

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Jonathan Rosebush : God that was hilarious.

AnnMarie : So this is the one that almost killed Mark Ellis. Poor guy. 😅 Also: first? 😁

DrunkMonk : Oh boy they actually released the footage... I feel for you guys

Helgard Werner : I love that Macuga judges a hot sauce on the cuteness of a cartoon character on the label.

Rob Irvine : wow! I cant believe the producers didn't look at the Mad Dog 357 label and not realize how hot it is!!! Had been a staple on Hot Ones for a few years. Feel for Ellis!

Ryan Posadni : Throw back to when mark almost died and still made the schmoes know live show

Erich w/ an h : Jeremy Jahns for HOT ONES!

agustin orero : The famous “incident“!!!

Vince Orrico : So no one at collider watches Hot ones on YouTube?! Shame 😔

Eeshaan Bajpai : Jesus Christ, this used to be one of the hottest sauces on Hot Ones with Sean Evans! This is nuts! Glad to see they're both okay

Raghu Sharma : Macuga is a moron, officially confirmed

Nathaniel Strangman : Schmoes Know show #298 is where they talk about this event

Nutricula : 3:12 for everyone who wants to see mark almost die

WolfWood375 : The real question now is, how do Ellis and Jahns get back at Macuga?

Batman_94 : Who put macuga in charge of selecting the shots

Homer Duck : Well, Macuga got to see "It" because of this. Funny weird noises coming from Josh, watching that movie, according to Mark E. :-)

Theo Freier : Almost RIP Mark

ShireenPlays - Gaming, Tutorials & more! : How did the Producers not know what Mad Dog 357 was?! OMG!

Bassist1996 : I literally did this yesterday. My toilet hates me now.

monitomilan : Man, sometimes macuga can be really dumb

Howell's Hollywood Reviews : Too funny... very epic

StormDisciple : Mark Ellis so hilarious lmao, I love him and Jeremy Jahns

Corri Noel : I've been waiting for this vid since this happened months ago! I can't believe you left out Macuga's punishment!!! He had to go see IT in theaters!!

Salim Price : Thats what you get for brushing off people criticisms of the last jedi mark hahhahahahahhahah

Mark Camire : Fuckin Macuga LOL

eheck25 : Ashley is my favorite

Corley Johnson : Now we now why tv talk is gone 😂😂🤣

The Croaker : They should put these 2 on hot ones, would be hilarious

NezihBouali : That took a TURN

extraanarchy : What episode of schmoes do they talk about this on???

Jeff Davis : So this is what happens when the Wild Man produces a show.

E Mane : Do not die for our entertainment

anciiie : Name of sauce "mad dog". Macuga: "oh, cute puppy"

Director Hot Lips : Jahns & Ellis are awesome! Macuga is the epitome of moron. Hope he got his ass kicked by Mark & Jeremy! HA!


Nathan Freeman : I wanted to see More of there reaction

Akshit Bhatia : Lol.... According to Macuga, XHamster is a kids website, like Disney....

N1ghtwing Rebirth : So this is where they learn the lesson

movie trivia : Ellis has a kryptonite

Skeezy Mike : its not that hot...

Tony Rojas : Macuga should have been arrested for attempted murder 😂. What an idiot lol. On that note who’s bright idea was it to have Macuga choose the drinks that day? Thank God that animated dog wasn’t on anti freeze or something poisonous 😂.

Be Inteligant : 3:12: how I acted before I got my christmas presents. 3:23: how I acted after.

Be Inteligant : Mark must have real short term memory from what happened last time.

Rahul Mondal : Ashley is too annoying in this video.

Greg Anthony : THIS should go viral!!... 3:13 and on!! LMFAO!!

wholetruthy : I like solo Jahns......not with other youtubers

MrAndrew238 : When Jeremy Jahns said that the Sriracha and Vinegar was the worst one, I was like "just wait until you taste the next one".

Roddy Rod : Wooooow!!😂😂

JaiProdz : Aww I feel so bad for them. I bet the producers feel really bad, I hope everyone is ok!!!

richb313 : Let me clue you in it's not only the Emergency Room Staff that is laughing at you.