Eminem - Gucci gang (Lil Pump Remix) (Real artist "Zero")

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Rap. : Turn the Notification On 🔔 if u like the video

Moxas : My gucci gang remix my most viewed video

It's Me : this is the future 👌🔥

Leandro Undertake : Better Than Original 🔥

The Sea goat : No he did not just erase lil pump like that 😂😂😂

Dubdubdub : Better than original

Alefe Cardoso : Agora sim ouço "gucci gang" kkkk muito melhor

Mdimo Videos : It’s better than the original

The Abilities : The 101,000 like

Christian D : Love Em, but joyner killed little pump first...

PEDRO JUAN : Cade os BR?

Naneek98 : This is better than the original

Ronaldo Cyrus : Either way Zero is a Em soundalike so don't correct niggas in the comments when they call him Em. Jus saying.

Ricardo Rolão : views are in the wrong video... beat so good

Xia Xans : Damn...


Gang Gang : Ohhhh myyy godddd he got destroyed

Zuzana Vetorova : Top song 🔝🔝👌❤😂

Riki_HD : Kaze o Bože

Luetisha Thomas : Zerooo

Yrlan Lima : PRUUU

xSinsx : Dat thumbnail tho 🔥

Ebaddu03 _ : Bye bye lil pump

Intriguing Name : Dabbie Mathers had twins?

Francesco Iacobazzi : Better than the original.

its Thakur : Not eminem tho

Elektro Dominant : Respect

HexaFire 18 : DOPE!!!

LC Gamer : Gooooood

Giamma 00 : Pssst kid ,take this cringe

Long Ngo : Is this real Eminem ?

Sophia H : this is not eminem

Gung MayunZen : this not trash🔥

Elyes Frost : he is called zero :p

Luetisha Thomas : Kinghollo25 supports

2nd. MoodBooster : 🔥

Raul Fari : Eminem Rap so LIT

Steve Gurto : 1 million times better than original .

PETER Phạm : Perfect

Dario Torres : Better than lil pump

Murtaza Shahyar : The King 👑

battle bee : Its better that real gucci gang

SShowings : I know its not Eminem but it feels right

Rowena Mercado : UGH !! SO GOOD

Alex Willis : Definitely not Em

Bruno Andre : sou viado

Jovani Wallner : This is so DOPE doesn't matter if it isn't real

ϟ ๖ۣۜDopeBoy ϟ : Lil Eminem RapGod

messi mo : He just used another mans beat, killed it even better than the original and then told the man " fuck your sister ", if this isn't legendary Idk what is.

Drake Burke : "And there's a million of us just like meWho cuss like me, who just don't give a fuck like me, who dress like meWalk, talk and act like me, it just might be the next best thing,But not quite me" -The Real Slim Shady