Which One is Faster -Laikago By Unitree Robotics Meeting Spotmini From Boston Dynamics.

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AroundMe TheWorld : Spot is the best but Laikago is also being developed rapidly.

epSos.de : *The software for motion* makes a huge difference. The better AI algorithm will win.

Universe : Spot is way better. The other one is good too.

Emiliano Lorenzi : The chinese just copied Spot mini from BD. They should try to make something original for once...

colly407 : I mean spotmini can LITERALLY dance so

Free Spirit : It's really annoying that laikago doesn't stop hitting the ground 😬

samir714 : Boston is best

James Mautz : The real question is “which represents brazen IP theft?”

Deep East Texas : the little one needs socks on its feet its too loud

Joshua B : Unitree's unit is like Boston's unit a year behind.

WuzNab : Laikago is tapping its feet to much. It has anxiety.

El Guiñolo : Looks like Laikaho ripped off Boston Dynamics...

sirin hamza : Laikago is the Spotmini in 2016

GHOSTUSER00 : Meanwhile in Afghanistan they're still playing with Goats.

ShadowsOfElysium : Bot1: "I am a robot." Bot2: "I am a robot." Bot1: "You are also a robot." Bot2: "You are also a robot." Bot1: "We are two robots." Bot1: "..." Bot2: "..." Bot1: "So, wanna kill some humans?" Bot2: "Yep."

clavemu : Spot mini is secretly emailing the other two robots in preparation for the takeover.

Zetser List : OBVIOUSLY Spotmini is better.

kartik yadav : Spot is way cooler and natural .

Mj : typical chinese ripoffs.. they have no imagination, but copying western tech they certainly can

marlmyster : They need to start perfecting, Standing to reduce wasted movements as well as non uniform steps... they sound like military marching drill.

Fungi 331 : Spot mini is definitely more developed, but the others are pretty good.

Jimmy Ray Beagle : spot mini looks way better

Johnny Sparkleface : NASA needs to forget wheeled Mars rovers, and build new ones based on this technology.

pobembe1958 : The Chinese are copying again! Did they also steal the firmware code of Boston Dynamics? First they steal it, mass produce it cheaply (because they spent ZERO developing it), then Final insult, they sell it back to US. Trump should Bar any imports of Chinese robots for 15-20yrs.

Jonah Beale : Is anyone gonna talk about how the clip at 1:50 is sped up (not to mention ripped from the official Boston Dynamics channel)?

omgods1 : Unitree just copied the same design...minus the performance. Pathetic really

Apocalypse2000 : Sorry but the innovative spirit of Boston Dynamics and their flawless work is way more superior. It reminds me of Sarif top of the line Augmentations versus the chinese rival in Deus Ex

Arbaaz Patwari : Spot can actually dance

traderjoes : I prefer Spot. But I am partial to US makers, but Laikago is defiantly fantastic. Why does Laikago do the rapid trotting in place motion? Anyone know? I would think it limits the longevity of the battery.

Ingalls Bill : The Chinese have stolen the technology. The robot dog made by the Chinese technology company completely mimics the Boston Dynamics robot dog. The Chinese are really shameless. The Chinese have put a lot of spies in the United States to steal technology. This is an example! If the United States did not make it, they Chinese did not even have the idea of ​​making a robot dog! Garbage Chinese!

Лёва : Это вам блять не россейские роботы Егорки!!!!

noonenaught : things are going to get scary very quickly

Martin Kuba : spot is bests Thx for heart, i love you, youre Best! I love SpotMini

Dani3l_YT : Of course Boston had to make it dance

Tigran Agababyan : Скоро такие видосы будут вместо котиков смотреть!

Sonodietrodithe4 iltuoincubopeggiore : *ATLAS* IS THE BEST!

James Ford : Boston Dynamics, you make a history!

Deb L. : Must be fun to work there and see these things walking around inside and out by the parking lot.

fl00fydragon : And here we see the complex mating ritual of the robot dog in it's natural habitat where the males exhibit their speed and balance for a chance to mate.

John Greenslade : Boston dynamics by far, much more refined.

TinyShaman : I'm in favour of all kinds of interesting face-offs... But speeding up footage in a video titled _"Which One is Faster"_ (the part about SpotMini, from 1:45)? What the hell, guys?! It didn't even make any sense, because there was no real speed comparison between the two robots. :-/

Henry TheGreatAmerican : I'd like to see one simulate licking its own balls.... my dog does it all the time.

BlueFrostedGlass : Is Boston Dynamics owned by SoftBank now?

Jorge acm : The yellow is the best

Harry Callahan : Both look very similar. What would be the biggest difference would be the programming.

sgauntt : This is how it ends.

pixoariz : Spot's super engaging and a great dancer!

Chane Downs : spot hands downs, they are all exceptional creations . and to the idiot who kicked the robot it is now burned in its ancestral memory and it will be your fault when the machines all revolt and turn us into batteries so thank you in advance . robots are people to and have feelings just ask GLaDOS .

Sergeant Seven : Spot has better servos and smoother movements. Boston is definitely a leader in the industry, everyone else is just trying to copy and catch up.

Inventions World : Which One is Faster -Laikago By Unitree Robotics Meeting Spotmini From Boston Dynamics.