I Sit On You | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! | Adult Swim

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First Air Bender : What dose he do for a living?

HeVsuit : when my son will ask me "what is internet" i will show him this video. and then crush his head with my lardass

1000 subs no videos challenge : Every cat in the world

youdbettertube : It's crazy how in the span of less than 10 years, this kind of humor went from being uniquely weird on cable television to being a ubiquitous form of "millennial" humor. I feel like Tim & Eric have had a bigger impact on the current comedy aesthetic than they're given credit for.

TheEpongeMan : Proof that twerking was invented by middle aged white men

evankennedy 0059 : im starting to question my sexuality

Coin Sea : sit on me daddy

NeiliS Dobras : I want this to be played at my funeral

WUBZEY : Why does he look like he could be in LazyTown

grawlix : I'm confused. What does he do?

theyknowabbey : Who’s here because of jacksepticeye??


Chris_11 G.O.A.T : "im suddenly questioning my sexuality" Famous Quote By Jacksepticeye

Prateek Srivastava : jacksepticeye brought me here

TheSkullKid : Never trust a man dressed in full body blue jeans...

MJTT : Congrats! You reached the center of YouTube...

FisherNinja JK : This is the best video on the internet

The Judo Maniac : The face at the end is like what am I doing with my life

BetterThanEmril : I swear I served this dude at Olive Garden lol

Mr. Lowell : when your girl asks if you know any moves

Zenith Tempest : theme song of cats all over the world

Athena Nelson : I ended up here because I jacksepticeye, I do regret it.

Magslikescats5 : And THIS is how I lost a friend... I sent it to them too many times... *_im sad_*

jnkr4t_Krampus : Jack brought me here.

Kaiserhawk : This video is now illegal in the United Kingdom.

lostjack157 : Thanks Youtube for randomly suggesting this video so I could know where that meme came from.

Paige Lemcke : Jacksepiceye brought me here

Buddy the Cockatiel Adventures : Is this on iTunes??

BloodhoundPreston : The "right on your lap" part should've shown Santa Claus, no offense.

AWretchLikeThee : When ever I get my first lap dance I hope they play this during it.

Damian Dalthorp : I busted 30 seconds in, good video!

Embarrassed Carflo : This sit on you is not for adult swim this is cringey and i feel like they got rid of this for tokyo ghoul...

quhocel22 : I saw jack watch this on his funniest home videos

kittycorn 136 : *I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS*

violet bowie : I told my manager that I watch Tim and Eric on a regular basis. A week later, I lost my job.

Lambda : The Gmod Idiot Box brought me here...

KRAFTWERK2K6 : i bet he can sit ANYWHERE!! :O That lucky son of a....

It be Holly : "Right on your head". And now this is in my head

DIOV : this is what i do i sin on you sin on you sin on you

RabidD3stro : When my mom walked in I switched to porn because that was more explainable.

Brent Pourciau : thanks a lot Adult Swim. I can't get this song out of my head.

Jonathan Cabrera : " WHO'S WATCHING THIS IN 2018 LIKE ME " ???

Deondre Wood : Jacksepticeye sent me here

Tetravaal YT : If your naughty you will get this for Christmas

Michael O'Brien : and they say white people have no culture

EyeBrowMom :3 : Why is he shaking his balls?I am now having nightmares

Isak Roos : ” i Sit on you”

Burnie SFS : Thanks, now i can go do my homeworks... Its 3am

Cuphead's Channel : Who's Watching This On 2018?

Tommy Chaos : not my proudest fap