I Sit On You | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! | Adult Swim

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First Air Bender : What dose he do for a living?

violet bowie : I told my manager that I watch Tim and Eric on a regular basis. A week later, I lost my job.

TheEpongeMan : Proof that twerking was invented by middle aged white men

TheSkullKid : Never trust a man dressed in full body blue jeans...

Mr. Lowell : when your girl asks if you know any moves

Gengis Khan : COD: Infinite Warfare ( LEAKED GAMEPLAY )

Spencer Gilchrest : This deserves a Grammy

becca : pls dont sit on me im underage

nimrodimus : I'm confused. What does he do?

Radolini : What am I doing with my life...

Michael O'Brien : and they say white people have no culture

theinsectzombie456 : if he were to sit on me, it would be an honor.

kshckdshkcjh sdlkvjflkvj : this scares me

majinhiei7 : When ever I get my first lap dance I hope they play this during it.

Pika Jew : Just when i thought my dick couldn't get any harder.

Mr. Squig : And the grammy goes to

Saul Hdz : Es de las peores decisiones que e tomado despues de comprar acciones


Egikam kamemura : SMG4 brought me here.

pika plays : this is normal for me I'm questioning life

chittaphrrr : This man changed my life.

Kaiserhawk : This video is now illegal in the United Kingdom.

younglink309 : 30 second ad for a 45 second video...

Sethwoolf2 : oh god the music was made with garageband

kevin haynes : zoey: aaahh! oh, god! he's crushing me!

RODRIX e iVáŃ : ∩――――∩ || ∧ ヘ  || ||(* ´ ー`) I sit you do... |ノ^\ \づ` ̄\ ( ノ ⌒ ヽ \ \  || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||   \,ノ||―――――||

Cloe : Hold On I gotta Get Some Toast Cause This Is My...... JAM

Amethyst Demon : who else recognize this guy from Bart Bakers Starships Parody

Jhon Leonardo : Catchy, but disturbing

Kaylila : Found the song for my future wedding lol


Livereater00 : ...better than Kanye

JL Humor : So simple, yet so perfect.

zeekosrutherford : I need a 10 hour version of this

Flying Eagle TV : lol 0:04

LilyLollyxD : My jam

ПичвајзПикчерс : I listen to this when I play WWF Arcade with Yokozuna.

youssef Baaziz : this is so damn catchy

theyknowabbey : Who’s here because of jacksepticeye??

Prateek Srivastava : jacksepticeye brought me here

Sheila Dawson : I came cause of SMG4 :3

Professor Genki : oh god he's crushing me!

Damian Dalthorp : Who's watching in 2017? 😂

Kaitlyn Rose : my mom texted me the link for this and I saw it and I was like wtf

Antti Marjapuu : Anybody here cuz of andro?

Zackthetimelord Productions : I laughed so hard at this. A friend was singing this.

Play&Talk : привет, россия

Generic Lifeform And Disk Operatin System : Half Life 3 Leaked Footage :

BNT : When my mom walked in I switched back to porn because that was more explainable.

Rixxion : smg4 and my cosin brought me here