Responding to h3h3

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The gang does damage control. We're The Valleyfolk, a start-up Internet comedy production company. If you enjoyed this and want more, head on over to Here's the original video: Our goal is to create a plethora of delightful videos ranging from current events, to sketch comedy, to improv, to anything else we can dream up. Thank you to all our patrons and subscribers, and be sure to hit that bell like an angry, inebriated Quasimodo! Bloopers and other exclusive content can be found over at We have merchandise that's actually great: Music/SFX: If you like our sounds, sign up for ONE FREE MONTH on us at Epidemic Sound! Over 30,000 songs: Follow The Valleyfolk across the digital globe: Follow the quartet on their personal socials: Joe Bereta: Elliott Morgan: Lee Newton: Steve Zaragoza: Sketch Shooter/Edit: Kevin Plachy Sketch Writer: Elliott Morgan This sketch is an example of the defense mechanism “sublimation.”


Nate420 : Best h3h3 response video ever. No cap.

David Mackay : This is fantastic. I write this from my gazebo waiting to meet my 14 year old girlfriend.

Small Town Knife Fight : 9 gazebos out of 10. Could have used a drone shot of the gazebo maybe.

wildwilie : Wait a second, an actual response video where people can accept jokes and not sue? What is this? 2009?

Duvy Moose : This is probably the best response video ever

Max : 0:48 Says “Dear Google”, has Bing open 👀

Sexually Active Narwhal : I had no idea you guys were still doing shit together after sourcefed, glad to see you are still around.

Donald Trump : Great response. Truly terrific response, believe me I would know. I embrace the meme better than anyone, really ask anyone.

luc bridwell : This is how you respond to internet criticism. Crisp and subtle humor that everyone will enjoy. Subbed

Sooshee : This is how you handle being a meme. Go on H3 podcast!!!

SlicRicFlair WOOO : You know your old when the majority of h3h3's fan base doesn't know the original Sourcefed crew

Alexis Adler : i had NO CLUE the sourcefed gang was back togerher omfg glad to see your faces again! but damn sorry elliot had to catfish a teen to make you appear in my feed lol

Ted Spacey : Embracing the meme - 10 internet credits

hi : "Dyyyying in a gazeeeeebo" Jam of the year.

Dan Ward : Weirdly if I was Ethan I think I'd feel a little guilty and apologetic cos that response was that good.

C R : “I’m actually legally an amphibian.” I can forgive the zipper pockets under a gazebo after that chuckle

1000 subscribers with no videos L : I did t expect this but it’s fucking amazing

Impossabear : Legand says he's still waiting in that gazebo

Amokraw : I didn't expect an entire skit about it, just a podcast story! This was so much better than I could have asked for. Also, the start with Elliot googling "Do actions have consequences?" Was just so fucking good.

Kawaii Stefan : Funnier than your average H3H3 skit.

Meditation with Holly : Best response ever. I love it. Subbing

PieNinjaProductions : Actually funny? Reminds me of the good days.

1000 subscribers with no videos L : Came to the comments to see if h3 comments.

Lumpy Mushroom : Jesus, this was probably the best and only good response video on the internet. not only taking the joke, but also showing off your comedy prowess at the same time. Beautiful!

xndr : *G A Z E B O*

Ace Dragon : this is how you do. Really enjoyed the video 10/10 the self awareness makes it better. Only one guy had such a response before, it was a cringy commercial guy anyway, bravo man

boogeyman : Sourcefed lives oh my god

s a m p l e t e x t : This is the quality content i signed up for.

Kronos : This reminds me of classic 2011 style youtube videos. Love this

Matt Fisher : This better than the h3h3 vid 👀

Kurt Carpenter : Saw h3h3. Seen this, subscribed and liked. Reven ge

Member Berry : I never knew where the old sourcefed crew went. This makes me happy.

leonardo boran : best responce video ever, well done this vid wil get you a bunch of subs from h3 fans like myself.

Taking Leave : This is what YouTube comedy used to be about. No sponsors, no merch, no intro/outro talking to a camera. Just genuine creators making genuine content for the love of the craft.

RealityCheck Gaming : You embraced it, mad respect

j mack : This was literally one of the funniest responses I have ever seen in my life

jhonny bhed : I thought this guy was a weirdo but he accually seems chill lol

Döla Freundlich : So that’s what happened to Joe Baretta

Jeremiah Pruett : Nobody has ever handled being roasted by h3h3 with such grace

Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2 : Disliked. No zipper on the sleeve.

And then I fired And I missed : 2/10 not enough gazebo.

Kevbotomy : That is one messy park, did you really find the worst possible background for your "gazebo" greenscreen overlay? That's right, I know gazebos are just old legends. Ancient stories with no bearing on reality. The conspiracy that gazebos exist will be stopped! Such an incredible monument could never have been created by our simple minds, nonetheless used for every possible TLC show ever. It is simply an intellectual property that TLC makes heavy use of, because if the powers of the gazebo got into the wrong hands, well... total destruction and global misery would be at hand. Have you ever seen a gazebo? Well, you are obviously part of a convoluted scheme, weather you know it or not, that for some reason needs to create the illusion of gazebos being real.

Lanooski : I'm here from the meme but I'm subbing. It's not often you get a hidden gem by digging deeper into an H3 video! Great channel.

Meabll : Never seen this channel so I thought this was going to be a shit content cop like response. I was wrong great video, great channel 8/10

how to properly clean your plastic computer : mind if we take this conversation over to the G A Z E B O

TekaiGuy : Is Elliot a gazeaboo?

Pancakes 1337 : Hi all, was wondering if anyone is selling a gazebo. Looking for something cheap, not bothered if used just needs to be in good condition.

Chad Heatherly : Very classy and funny response.

Morgan B. : I was so hoping for this video after H3 posted his, also was Elliot asking Bing "Hey Google, do actions have consequences?"