Responding to h3h3

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CheapAssReviews : This video was edited in a gazebo.

Nate420 : Best h3h3 response video ever. No cap.

Kawaii Stefan : Funnier than your average H3H3 skit.

Max : 0:48 Says “Dear Google”, has Bing open 👀

David Mackay : This is fantastic. I write this from my gazebo waiting to meet my 14 year old girlfriend.

William H : Honestly really glad h3h3 roasted elliot's ass bc I was a huge sourcefed fan and I didn't know this channel existed until today. Sub'd!

Small Town Knife Fight : 9 gazebos out of 10. Could have used a drone shot of the gazebo maybe.

wildwilie : Wait a second, an actual response video where people can accept jokes and sue? What is this? 2009?

Donald Trump : Great response. Truly terrific response, believe me I would know. I embrace the meme better than anyone, really ask anyone.

Kronos : This reminds me of classic 2011 style youtube videos. Love this

luc bridwell : This is how you respond to internet criticism. Crisp and subtle humor that everyone will enjoy. Subbed

Dakota Neyhart : When your H3 response is better than any H3 vid the last 2 years

Sexually Active Narwhal : I had no idea you guys were still doing shit together after sourcefed, glad to see you are still around.

Dan Ward : Weirdly if I was Ethan I think I'd feel a little guilty and apologetic cos that response was that good.

Morgan B. : I was so hoping for this video after H3 posted his, also was Elliot asking Bing "Hey Google, do actions have consequences?"

SlicRicFlair WOOO : You know your old when the majority of h3h3's fan base doesn't know the original Sourcefed crew

Ted Spacey : Embracing the meme - 10 internet credits

Axel A. : This shit was funnier than the actual h3h3 video.

jhonny bhed : I thought this guy was a weirdo but he accually seems chill lol

Dale Decker : This has got to be Casey's best video yet. What a great film maker.

Potatoe Johnson : Legand says he's still waiting in that gazebo

1000 subscribers with no videos L : Came to the comments to see if h3 comments.

1000 subscribers with no videos L : I did t expect this but it’s fucking amazing

James M : Go on the h3 podcast

PieNinjaProductions : Actually funny? Reminds me of the good days.

xndr : *G A Z E B O*

RealityCheck Gaming : You embraced it, mad respect

Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2 : Disliked. No zipper on the sleeve.

Collin Abroadcast : This guys actually a YouTuber haha nice

Meditation with Holly : Best response ever. I love it. Subbing

GORE12 : Lol as soon as h3h3 goes back to making his age old fan favorite traditional style of videos, ethan’s victim completely outplays him this video was wayyyyy cooler than h3h3 are ethans youtube days truely over?

KarmaApples : this response is just as good if not better than the h3 vid lol

Matt Fisher : This better than the h3h3 vid 👀

Smosh Pit : Holy crap, this video is everything! YOUR MOVE H3! 😜

Ace Dragon : this is how you do. Really enjoyed the video 10/10 the self awareness makes it better. Only one guy had such a response before, it was a cringy commercial guy anyway, bravo man

MetroZkope : haha funny but wait still the girl is mentally damaged

xtreme : Sourcefed lives oh my god

Pancakes 1337 : Hi all, was wondering if anyone is selling a gazebo. Looking for something cheap, not bothered if used just needs to be in good condition.

Griffyn Margetts : Huge h3 fan. This was funny. Subbed.

Döla Freundlich : So that’s what happened to Joe Baretta

Florida Man : Is this the new season of "always sunny" or are these people poaching for the sake of poaching?? What is happening?

s a m p l e t e x t : This is the quality content i signed up for.

SPPSports : The only funny part of this video was: “Dear Google, do actions have consequences?”

Coalition of Friends : Wow. Lee totally dumped a huge amount of pills in her drink at the beginning. You learn something new every rewatch

Member Berry : I never knew where the old sourcefed crew went. This makes me happy.

Ovais Anwar : Where have I seen these people

hi : "Dyyyying in a gazeeeeebo" Jam of the year.

leonardo boran : best responce video ever, well done this vid wil get you a bunch of subs from h3 fans like myself.

Sooshee : This is how you handle being a meme. Go on H3 podcast!!!

Maelseom : This was absolutely fantastic. Throwback to when YouTube used to be about doing shit like this. This entire vid is pure excellence.