Lip Sync: Creature Comforts (Original Short)

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Angus Lamont : Such an ingenious idea if you are running out of story ideas; record the general public and build characters/environments from what they are saying.

Cole Wright : The Brazilian Jaguar pretty much stole the show. The Polar bears are very funny.

American Zero : First saw this on Nickelodeon.

DayInDaLife : it is as good as the day it was made.

Klamath 2046 : I showed the mountain lion part to a Brazilian friend years ago and she loved it, agreeing with everything he said

GameCargo : The polar bears remind me of Wallace. I think it's the eyes

DRUNKARD : I remember being blown away by this as a kid. Thanks for the memories!

ShadowWhelp : I'm in awe of how well the animator paid attention to how a mouth moves when the voice is accented or has an impediment.

Connor McLernon : I think the cougar or whatever he was brings up a good point about enclosures.

Marc Weerts : Nick Park's a genius.

ARC the Clarinet Master : I must say, I really like how this is put together, and how they interviewed people for real to animate animals speaking the unscripted lines. I can definitely see why this beat _A Grand Day Out_ for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film - and hey, at least they have the same creator! :)

Tony Stark : one of the most incredible things for me in this was how they animated the muscles slightly moving for the ape at around 4:00


SamWallace Artisan : The animation on this is more nuanced and naturalistic than I was expecting.

Mr. N : That Jaguar speaks the damn truth. He isn't as conservative as like most of the other animals.

James Sabbagh : Loved it! Which group of the public was it that they were interviewing for this one? I remember them saying in an Aardman documentary.

itscrawbruz : come to brazil

Konnor Johnson : This is surprisingly very intelligent in several ways.

BetterJoe : I don't know why I like these so much.... send help plz

Rafahil : You have the space.

Stikbot Animations : It's so sad 😭

Leshka147 : Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I've loved this film for almost 20 years, and the show it spawned :)

yungb254 : I remember seeing this on Nickelodeon a long time ago.

Feloni : At first I thought this was all scripted and when I realised these were real people I just loved it even more.

Becky Todd : I guess this has Polar bear family Mountain lion Baby hippos Turtles Some kind of rodents Armadillos Gorilla Peguins

Trident Man Productions : The birds remind me of chicken run

Burn Stress : A few years back i did acid with a couple of friends and we ended up watching this on Netflix.... Perfect fucking trip.

vincent marandola : Brilliant

jamie andrews : I love the lion on a tree "... i needa space..."

ELAINE : I used to watch this with my son when he was little.......He is 27 now and incarcerated. I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

olddogg eleventy2 : This is the same animator that did the movie about the escaping chickens from a chicken ranch...I can't remember the name of the movie, sorry, but I do remember watching these series on t.v. for a short time years ago... GENIUS is all I can say.

BlackSwan912 : Saw this when it first hit the animation festivals. First time to see it since then. LOVE it and it is pure genius. I’m still amazed!

Sir Mecha G. : 1. Polar bears 2. Armadillos 3. Puma 4. Hippopotamus 5. Turtles 6. What is that rodent? 7. Gorilla 8. Tarsier 9. What kind of bird is that at 3:06–3:23?

Felicity Nightingale : Sheer genius. Thank you so much, Nick Park

Elizabeth Long : ◔◔

Joe Ritchie : 3:07 Cute little voice

Kristin Fry : The turtlesssssssssssssssssssssss

DevoidBear : A grand night in lead me here!

Sara Conner : 4C?

Kevin Persichilli : I haven’t seen a short film when it aired on Nickelodeon Back in the 80s and early 90s.

Fiona Messenger : The polar bear family are now in therapy

GroovyGirl1990 : Name it, and I go

Alien Invasion!!!!! : Who is here from arcade fire

MrFLEWE : Timeless

Owen Meschter : Love it! When was it made?

enajeannette : I can't believe I just discovered this! I love it!!

Toledo Tourbillion : Watchmojo sent me here guys. :D

VirtualVisitor999 : Truly brilliant.

Flying Snake : i love the jaguar

Elysha Hugill : I LOVE THIS :'D