Lip Sync: Creature Comforts (Original Short)

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DRUNKARD : I remember being blown away by this as a kid. Thanks for the memories!

DayInDaLife : it is as good as the day it was made.

Cole Wright : The Brazilian Jaguar pretty much stole the show. The Polar bears are very funny.

Marc Weerts : Nick Park's a genius.

Stikbot Animations : It's so sad 😭

GameCargo : The polar bears remind me of Wallace. I think it's the eyes


James Sabbagh : Loved it! Which group of the public was it that they were interviewing for this one? I remember them saying in an Aardman documentary.

RetardShow : I don't know why I like these so much.... send help plz

Tony Stark : one of the most incredible things for me in this was how they animated the muscles slightly moving for the ape at around 4:00

Ahenobarbus Henocied : i remember watching this as a kid still good now as it was back in the day

yungb254 : I remember seeing this on Nickelodeon a long time ago.

Becky Todd : I guess this has Polar bear family Mountain lion Baby hippos Turtles Some kind of rodents Armadillos Gorilla Peguins

pihsratS arboK : What animal is that at 3:06? Is it even real?

Angus Lamont : Such an ingenious idea if you are running out of story ideas; record the general public and build characters/environments from what they are saying.

enajeannette : I can't believe I just discovered this! I love it!!

Elysha Hugill : I LOVE THIS :'D

itscrawbruz : come to brazil

Toledo Tourbillion : Watchmojo sent me here guys. :D

Leshka147 : Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I've loved this film for almost 20 years, and the show it spawned :)

mekilla323 : A few years back i did acid with a couple of friends and we ended up watching this on Netflix.... Perfect fucking trip.

Klamath 2046 : I showed the mountain lion part to a Brazilian friend years ago and she loved it, agreeing with everything he said

Leandro : hahahahahahahah

jamie andrews : I love the lion on a tree "... i needa space..."

Szogunowsky : xD

The Jenkins Family : love it !

giselle cazares : haha the lion

Becky Todd : What kind of small primate is that in 2:36?

Connor McLernon : I think the cougar or whatever he was brings up a good point about enclosures.

Duz111 : I'm in awe of how well the animator paid attention to how a mouth moves when the voice is accented or has an impediment.

Owen Meschter : Love it! When was it made?

J Swizzle : Will there be more Creature Comforts in the future?

Isusko Larrinaga : Is it possible to see with english subtitles(optional)?

ARC the Clarinet Master : I must say, I really like how this is put together, and how they interviewed people for real to animate animals speaking the unscripted lines. I can definitely see why this beat _A Grand Day Out_ for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film - and hey, at least they have the same creator! :)

Bob Bobson : Reddit?

SoCalSportsFan 27 : I dont get this

Elizabeth Long : ◔◔

Clement BlackMonkey : I'm always impressed by the quality of this.

NoseBleed Koujaku : If wallace was a polar bear

MrFLEWE : Timeless

Sheila Lowe : My favorite animation.

Zaid : This is so cute. Now in my favorites.

Stickman Sham : my left ear enjoyed that

Rafahil : You have the space.

Whitethock : KEEP PRESSING 2

ubadahoop : Please, please, please do clips of these with sound bites from Trump. Would be too perfect

VirtualVisitor999 : Truly brilliant.

American Zero : First saw this on Nickelodeon.

Masey : I went to the Aardman exhibition today. Was incredible and gave me so much nostalgia. Love their stuff its truly one of a kind.

Nairo Camilo : Props to these animals for speaking their minds