Steve Carell Returns to SNL Monologue - SNL

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414rl : oh man john krasinki lives in ny he should have been there

Chilliams : Let's get that money, Steve!

Eric Champlin : This was one of the best SNL openers I've seen in a while :)

Chelsea & Franz : We don’t need a reboot. Leave it as it is.

Maliha Intikhab : They should have brought Asian Jim out instead!

Taylor Craig Newbold : An Office reboot would either be amazing or absolutely terrible. I can understand Carell's hesitation.

josh flores : All we needed was Toby to appear 😂

Elyse Aiono : Rainn Wilson be like: "Am i mad i wasnt invited to act in Steves monolgue?" *instantly covers face with his hand and silently sobs*

Joey Healy : We need a Creed spinoff.

curlyqs100 : Every time I see Steve Carell, he IS Michael G. Scott. 😄😄😄😄

Kissed By Firewyrms : Wait... Carol the Real Estate Agent from “The Office” is Carrell’s IRL wife??

JD4 : Did anyone else notice Jenna said "what Pam said to Michael when she left for Denver"? Michael was the one leaving lol

AVENGERS 246 : Guys we can’t have the Office reboot, it’ll be with different actors and new characters, what we really need is a REUNION episode/movie where all the old characters we know and love meet up to do something crazy. But one thing is for sure, it needs Michael Scott. Make it happen though Steve! That’s what she said

bakerXderek : I only expect an Office reboot after watching this.


hyacinthos : Ricky gervais should have been in the audience

Jackson Clark : Should have bought in Toby

Emily Guevara : Pam and a more iconic duo ♡🤞💯

Daniel Romero : Oh, man. This was a Joy. Jim would of really nailed it but... he doesn't really look like Jim anymore xD

Saresha TV : I was honestly waiting for John Krasinski to show up out of nowhere lol

Kalem Babar : They should leave The Office alone. A Christmas special perhaps. But no to a reboot.

GabeB0415 : Reboots don’t work that’s a bad idea but I think a reunion would be good

methlematic : The Office reboot sadly wouldn't work in this comedic climate. To many people get offended these days

Jesse Concepcion : Steve.. STOP PLAYING WITH MY HEART

Biggmakk Sounds : I want a movie...The Office Reunion Movie!!

Sanam Ketabi : Did anyone else heart skip a little beat when Steve said Jim and Pam? Little deja vu feeling got me really happy.

Laura OBrien : Steve Carells daughter was totally the best here. 😂😂😂

Surfy_ McSalty : His kids weren't digging being part of the monologue haha

ba55letmysoulfly : Steve once said something like “people wouldn’t like it if we did an office reunion because they don’t want an Office reunion... they want the old office back.” He’s right.

Truth : Just one episode not a full reboot would make my dreams come true then I could die happily.

Raina TL5Y : I'm not crying, you're crying. Shut up.

Brooke Grellhesl : steve carrel is literally Michael G scott

ace Hutchinson : ANDY ANDY ANDY

Ali Ruckstadter : I feel like one of Scott’s Tots after watching that

Christmas Snow : Do the reboot!!!!!!!!

W1LDC4RD 8 : Maybe not a full on reboot, but maybe just a movie that shows their lives years later

Hydrasaur : I love how they play the Office theme song at the end!

Keith Wilkins : Need more Creed

gelp : The band playing the Office theme is just... yes

Chris Compositions : If there weren't so many "politically correct" people in this country, and people who take the moral high ground and get offended by everything, we could. Those people are holding us back.

LeahGrace Walker : GIVE US PAM AND JEFF

TheOnly 0506 : Lads and Gents the great Michael Scott!!

Henry Hite : instead of an office reboot they should troll people in other peoples office.

Deven Damji : "Let's get that money STEVE!" Ellie's delivery on that was gold

Ryan Blything : Kenan & Kel 2018 please !!!!!!!!

Carvor Davenport : I feel like the office is at its all time high right now and a reboot would be really popular

Mrs. Pitt : Office reboot no. Office movie (franchise) yes

Josh Hilfer : Ladies and gentlemen, he got us

Deven Damji : The harsh truth of this is that this is probably the closest thing we'll ever get to an Office reunion. Sad!

NewWaveFreak 1988 : 2:59 Steve starting to show a little bit of Micheal