Collusion Was The Case
Collusion was the case

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Hereticked : He's still got it! (☞゚∀゚)☞

H P Alpha : this juice is bangin yo

Paleologic : brilliant, but too short :D

BG Resjek : 6th time repeating this video while trying to figure out what this channel is and how did I get subscribed. Maybe 2 more replays.

CTK246 : You gotta make another Bernie Sanders remix for 2020

Ḏøℊƴ99子8 : This is amazingly edited!

Zmady13 : Please do another remix for the nfl draft it needs an update I’m begging !!

Hasleno : Hell yeah he still got it

dustin hughes : Great mashup of Trump. Very catchy.

Cheapo : Smollett called, he too wants to be immortalized in a remix

Christopher Sicuranza : Another instant classic - kudos @djsteveporter and been loving your hits for years now!

Batabii : Why would you censor the text but not the audio?

Aaron Kay : citation desperately needed

CowsR4me : You rhymed matters with matters. Nice one mate

Tastelikepizzacom : awesome.. made well done!

JejkobbB : Please make this into a full song.

SilentEvil2 : It's official. No Collusion

Michael Lonadier : Well done muhahaha

Chris : Lol

Chip Miller : Ha this should be the new hit of the white house now!

Retro Hero : No collusion.

Shep Sheppard : 😂😂😂😂😂😂 dang man. You need to be making more mash ups!!! It get its alot of work....but like always your on point my dude!!!! Keep it up!!!

Giant Booger : So you are saying the Snoop Dog did commit murder? I don't get it.

Chip Miller : And no still no collusion

C H I L L O U T : Thank you you made my day

Craig Ray : This is why the internet exists

KesorodaBlk : This track right here is pretty hot stuff! I love your work, Steve, ever since the Vince covers!

banderson5676 : I love your stuff, but this one was no good.

Jason : Another banger. Keep it up

C4ND1L1F3 : Nice

synth505 : It was the case they gave him but after 2 years of this circus... still no proof.