The Call of the Sewer Elephant
The elusive Sewer Elephant

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Kerry : This added 4 more years to my life.

Ennaline Ingram : Please do more narration I love your voice!

Isaiah The Great : This is one of youtube’s best videos

S T I L L C A N T F I N D M Y S H O E H E L P : Wow where can I buy one?

caiden's vlog's : Who came to this video because of Lazerbeam

brebytheway : what a wonderful creature

The CodeBreaker : Why doesn't this guy have more subs? This video alone should have given him millions! Great video man!

Dethal : This is the quality content I expect keep up the great work

Cool gamer 24681 : Who else came here because of Lazarbeam

Ryan Fish : I came here from lazarbeam

Chancey Dicklord : Can you make a video where you say "It is Wednesday my dudes" and then flush the toilet?

Jay Owen : came from lazarbeam

Jayden The Golden Gamer : they exsist i caan prove it watch Baby Elephant Rescued From City Sewer

MR.XANDER /Let’s plays : Who made this video

JacP : Yo is that Kevin Murphy's Easy Rider Defining and Anti-Frizz Hair Cream on the toilet?

Silver Phoenix : Anyone here because of laser beam

diamond wolf69 : 😂😂😂😂

marcus rosenburg :

VoiD Envy : lol

frank fritz : Lol hahaha

Sir TJ III : Tenth