These Idiots Invent Their Own Fighting Style

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Recommend : @1:15 No hooman should be afraid of paper :-) After learning this fighting style, I am *not afraid of paper anymore.* I battle the books and newspapers with victory after victory :-) Thx. friendly Russian people for developing this martial art to the max !

Atypical : Is this for serious ?

Steve Kimble S. : Bruce Lee would be proud.

bob carter : These guys will be deadly if they ever have to fight a piece of paper.

TheShittyAnimator : 00:15 when brothers fight

Ron Pierce : When the player you're fighting against randomly presses all the buttons.

encycooper : Still better than Steven Seagal ...

Johnny Warman : This is a disgrace to all real martial artists

James Pelletier : Ive heard of this. Tae kwon no

JubeProductions : The part where they destroyed the piece of paper is what really did it for me. I mean that was no ordinary paper, it looked like it was glossy....that glossy shit is tough.

Brainles5 : Slap-fu

Austin Grubb : This looks absolutely dumb, given that the flailing about might actually provide some confusion and distraction, it still won't be effective against any other martial art

Chad Lawrence : I am ready to train, master.

Marcella Rastaban : This looks like Wing Chun...through the eyes of a sheltered suburban boy who decided to try weed for the first time.

Minirock : Is this actually a joke? Or do they really mean it?!

Leo : What if my opponent iSnt A pApEr

Angela : It seems like they hit themselves more than the opponent.

brucelee12 : I love how terribly out of shape everyone is and how bad the editing is. Really makes the video.

WookieJinx : Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne...

Ted Style : This is called Krav Ohmagad

ibkillah : Its like they're fighting upside down

Clint Beastwood : When you walk through a spider web

Smooth Operator : Johnny english mastered this technique

Mr. Pandabites : Looks like a good way to break your wrist. All the impacts to the opponent come from the palm of the non-dominant hand in a patting motion and the back of the dominant hand in a flicking motion. The traditional sissy-fight (windmilling your arms from the elbow to bring your open palms down on your opponent's face, neck and shoulders) is both safer and probably more effective at taking someone down than this hilariousness.

Steven Welch : AUTISM ENGAGED!

Kevin Aguado : They're hamboning.

farhadinho9 : 0:14 epic slap fight.

MrTokedo : filmed on a 1995 VHS camcorder.

Arni : this is a mental condition..

Billy Corners : Looks like what girls do when they have never been in a fist fight

James Donnelly : Slapoeria is an incomplete martial art. Boris Leevich perfected it by combining Slapoeria and Slavkwondo, creating his own system - Squat-Jitsu.

ali samin : 0:09 when you're being attacked my mosquitoes

Tommaso Canziani : It was developed after a guy got papercut

Ferdinand Binayat : This is called slapoera

Wigwam : this kind of tactic can actually get you some cheap success, even in fencing, and a lot of people become slavishly devoted to the idea of attacking over and over again. But youre taking the mind and creativity out of it and becoming totally predictable

TGM Productions : This is painful to watch.

Johnny Kitchen Of The Hidden Claw Village : I mean it may look stupid, but at the same time it looks very effective. Lmao

Lorenco Milosevic : They should make a Kung Fu movie

Beau Merrin : Rumour has it that they can even slap holes into 3ply toilet paper!

gnarwarrior : It's wing chun but with even less power.

Mors Sequitur : Oh I've heard of this I think... it's called "Fag-Fu."

Zaid Al Abassi : CQC at it's finest

christel bone : It's like gangsters style how they fight

pantera29palms : Bored drunk Russians...

Nismo GTST : I will fight these guys xD

Mathew Hastings : Everytime I'm having a bad day, I watch this video and smile, because I'm thankful I was never taught such a useless and ridiculous way to fight.

CJ Futch : oh no but dood he ripped paper. I'm scared. cuz like did you see how clean the rip was tho? #2op4me

tylerx2f01 : this has been on 4chan for a long ass time before 2016. give credit to who ever you stole this from

Kanardy C. : when you play fighting game without knowing anything and starts mashing all the buttons

armin arlert : Ther's similarity between wing chun and this