【ENG SUB】【创造101】Produce 101 黄子韬发火哽咽离场是什么原因? EXO TAO Reminisce Trainee Days

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Squad2SoiFon : I'm glad he told them upfront exactly what they need to make it in the industry. Humanity, humility, honest compassion and sympathy for your teammates. You can work hard all on your own but if one person makes a mistake and the whole group is targeted, there's no way you're going to make it back to the top without building strong relationships and compromising. It pisses me off that they look so unfazed, though. I guess they have the luxury of experiencing such a glamourous trainee life.

what is BIAS? : So much respect for TAO. When he left exo I was kinda upset but I understand that he wants to do something different but SM just wasted a talented Artist like TAO

Tahmina Rahman : This makes me happy to see that he has these feeling for his ex members. That he loved them , hopefully still does because they truly did create a brother like relationship . All of OT12 loved each other they all went through the same hardships and only had each other who really understood each other . When you are able not to feel any envy or jealousy for someone but only the best, you know you really love them because envy and jealousy are very hard to come over . So it shows how close they all were. It makes me so happy to see Lay have interactions with Luhan st award shows and Chanyeol stopping to look at Kris's new movie poster at the airport and taking a picture of it . It shows the love they still have for each other and the way they support what each of them are doing .

Brandon Murphy : This is the best thing I've seen from this show

Brand G : I understand where he is coming from with this outburst. Holding in all that aggression from his SM trainee days and EXO days. Yeah,​ he left, but think of what he learned from that.

TaemyYong : He called them OUT. Major respect. You can tell he's sincere and not just saying this shit for the show. He's MAD. Shame on the girls who just watched someone get hurt without caring at all.

KIM min min : 'learn to be a person ' tha hit me hard waaw

Jungkook's wink at the end of GO GO : I got goosebumps Tao SM didn't deserve you

Neï Tha : They should stop call him EXO TAO he live by his own name.

J Jade : Hearing him talk about his pre-debut, debut, and idol days, you can tell that he is truly hard working. But hearing him talk about his team, about EXO, I can tell you this; He didn't want to leave EXO, he wanted to leave SM. It's bittersweet, but hopefully he's happier now☺️. **(additional edit:: And hearing talk about how disappointed/ mad he was about the girl that no one helped, it shows that he is truly a kind hearted person. And that gives him the right to talk about it, and reprimand the attitudes of these girls. He's successful, humble, overall a good person. He's no hypocrite to speak about this.)** And am I the only one who's kind of pissed and annoyed about the girls reaction? Like, I know they can applaud, but to cheer and have those sarcastic-ish and stoic faces? It annoyed me. Just my opinion. P.S. damn he looks hot, when he's mad

Black Velvet : not fan of him or anything but i really respect what he said and yeah i agree

MONSTA X CAN STEP ON ME : Tao really just did that, and shame on everybody who tries to come for him in the comments, "but you're being a hypocrite you left EXO-" Tao's situation was a question of his health and his happiness. He was a humble and compassionate team member but when things come down to it, some of you forget that these idols are people. His father literally went out of his way to make statements about how badly he was being treated and his health in SM. Don't ever mistake his lessons on being grateful and humble for your 2 cents and 3-second thoughts in a comment section.

Neï Tha : And damn.. Back in those days trainee couldn't even afford food now they live in pretty dorm etc and dare complain in front of the camera... Like yeah it must be hard but the one that we look up to know been through worst...

Kell H : So much respect

BlackAngel 09 : Okay i think tao need around of applause👏👏

den-yim moli : Experience is a great teacher, and from his words his experience as a trainee with EXO group members taught him a lot. He was not crying just frustrated and angry - it is true that they had to skimp on food while EXO didn't make money yet. Kimbaps (1 tuna and the rest cheese) roulette - where it is lucky for that one member who picked the one with tuna filling. Each EXO sub-unit having to share 1 can of soda. Being paid with rice...which is why every alumnus of EXO and EXO are all successful because they are always a team player who have daebak talent.

Yixing's Yeobo : Im so proud that he was able to speak his mind. Honestly he is right. Im glad he is able to teach these girls a valuable lesson that will help them in life. OT12 forever

Sin4Rose : No offense SM but you stuffed up. You can hear it in Tao's voice and see it in his eyes how much he cherished those memories. Even tho he had hardships, he had the members. You can tell he misses them. I wish they were never put in a position to feel the need to escape SM. It feels so good to see how well he has grown up as a person. The feeling of leaving SM must have felt so good but the feeling of leaving the members, his brothers, must have killed him. I really hope they all secretly catch up ^_^

Ayu natsume : I want Tao back in Exo 😭

Iam Rosé's Bitch : i cried. i remember when he is still in exo

Yunji Kim : He finally let out.....

Army/Exo-L : This makes me sad.He had it so hard.too bad SM didnt cherish talented idols like him.He is such a preach.I love him ❤️

Rendezvous : This is why I love Tao 😢 they say he have no debt of gratitude for SM? No! SM made a big mistake here now and then they treat their trainees / Idols like some kind of robots not as a human being and the fact that they favor the koreans than them they should have treat them equally and take care of them like their own son's 😢 EXO only promotes CBX, how about Lay SM? I swear if Lay leaves EXO I don't know anymore 😢😢 P. S back in those days I prefer EXO-M but I love and support them all. We EXO-L's may have Bias? But still we support ALL OF THEM! If not all of us? then none of us!

fluffymermaid tutu : i have been an EXO-L for 6 years and i have never seen tao so mad like this .. it's my first time seeing him like this .. he is not the tao i know that so childish and a crybaby panda .. he is so manly here ..

Henning Gu : I always thought that the trainees were arrogant af. 😅

Ninisooyour ass : This isn't even targeted at me but, damn. That hit me real hard.

Alison Bermejo : When I'm yelled like that, it's because those people care. They don't insult me or disrespect me. Tao yelled at them because he cares. He cares about this industry and wants people to be more human. He cares about the type of people that are in the industry. I have much more respect for him. He wanted to leave SM, not EXO. But he has the right to be treat like a person not like a slave.

GOT7 MyLife : After this. We can really see how much he cherish EXO. After all this years he still remember everything. Even their friendship.... i wish he could unite with them. Even just for the last stage. Please. Cause he really deserve it

Faith Blair : I have respect for Tao, I understand why he is upset. I would do the same as well...This just made my day😊

Everyday Life : He become more mature, im satisfied with him💔

once u chogi in you will never chogi out : 2:22 he was saying he couldn't order because of language barrier

Yunji Kim : Miss OT12....😭😭😭

Rui : Good for him, let these fake privileged hoes know what's what before they disgrace themselves and the show further.

Namjoons Dimples : He went off, like his words really hit me, you can’t tell he’s more mature and cares for the girls by calling them out

J I N S H I G H N O T E Is My Everything : I fvckig Cried when he talked about his group members (EXO) how they suffered when they were still trainee ... those girls is aiming for win but the other one fell down they didn't care becoz they only care about the competition... let's be true to ourselves sometimes we're being selfish but we need to look after the one who is hurting becoz of our selfishness... Hope you guys understand me 🌸♥️

Nicole Cabaobao : Why did I end up crying?😢

iiMikuStar Blue : He mentioned Exo!


KPOP MY LIFE SINCE 2008 : Wow tao i am so proud of you ❤♥

saga2828 : In general I hate yelling teachers and I am not a fan o EXO, but here it's clear he teaches them good values. Sometimes people need some scolding to learn something.

mochis_ jams : You can tell he’s passionate about what he’s talking about.He speaks from experience. SM was shit to him so he dropped their ass. He gone through so much. The girls were taking it for granted so he hit them with the truth. Not physically but verbally. Words last forever while scars fade. I lowkey got goosebumps from his speech.

kimberly pable : This is not the right time but the way he walk is so hot

Chentastic : Maybe this is not the right place to say this but... he looks so damn good! As handsome as ever!

iam ness : Okay but why are so many people saying that he matured? Was he not mature enough before just cuz he cried too much? Or what? Idols are human too. Idk how y'all expect them to be so mature especially at the age they were before. They started out in their teen years. Of course they matured as they grew older. I'm in college with some 20 year olds who still make dick jokes and stuff

Tertia Musidora : Based on his speech, you can see that he learned a lot from being a trainee in SM. SM maybe shit when it comes to take care of his health but they definitely train their trainees to be a "person"

Kibum Is Savage 101 : Tao is such a role model.

Calin : Respect! they needed it! made me think about how sm idols said, that they had a class for manners xD but you can see that it is clearly needed. Especially since idols always have to be nice and stuff. Wouldn´t hurt to have it be tought in schools too. some people really need it ... anyways nice job tao! can´t wait to see more of you

Abby Ravelo : I never complain when i heard tao will be the mentor because he has alot of experience training in a country where he doesn't know the culture and the language itself and what did tao told them is the reality of being a trainee but most important part is being a human never forget to be grateful. Tao you really are all grown up 😊❤

Eya Ver : why do a lotof SM idols talk like this> Boa, Taemin, Lay and now Tao...SM might disciplined and thought them well

He He : Tao gege, from his word, is fervently apprehensive. It was and still is pleasant, nevertheless it had so much drama, to have had listened to him implying right conduct with his trainee years. He was furious for a sense. Hopefully the girls will (they can) take it to deed and heart. (Hays I love this man to the sky.)