Inside Amber’s $16 Million Mansion That Has a Working Fridge | Amber Reynoldson

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Amber Reynoldson : Who won, Zedd’s skittle machine? Or my amazing fridge? 😂 love you guys! Leave me a funny comment to make my day ❤️ #Famberlyforlife

Cristobal Sanchez : Yes good yuo vídeos beautiful 😘💜💎

Cristobal Sanchez : wow thenks yuo for video beautiful I love ❤👍💜

Sherridyn Forrest : This cracked me up so much 😂 “& that’s a chair” 😂😂😂


Chantelle Scott Trumpet : #love your vids

Chantelle Scott Trumpet : #love your vids

Chantelle Scott Trumpet : i love your vids amber

Chantelle Scott Trumpet : #love your vids

Sienna Bienna : OMG amber thanks so much for liking one of my comments in your last vid. Pls do a meet and greet

Jennifer Nguyen : i can finally relate to someone because us aussie always are the funniest

Edan Gregory : I <3 your vids! Keep up the good work Amber! Love youuuu

Sienna Bienna : I love my neighbors 2 (not)

Jennifer Nguyen : i hope i am not spamming but i wish you could do a meet and greet because i have loved you since your songs in real life with cass

Ergile : "Never get tired of this view" at this moment i laughed so hard i fell off my chair, good vid

Jennifer Nguyen : first comment!!!!!! #Famberlyforlife

Random Channel : You made me laughed so hard ... Hahahaha

Zoe Roy : Love you so much can you do giveaways or do a collab

Tia Bear : 👌🏼😏 that’s one fine fridge

Jorja Seymour : you are hillarious, you made my day x

Big_Baller_Chance • : I mean are fridges supposed to be broken

ArcticFrostGamingHQ : How does this not have a trillion views?!?! Too good

Kookmin Jikook : Idk why i just finish watch zedd 16$ million masion and saw this and i cant stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂

Carson Lee : I’m actually dead 😂😂😂

DownGoes TV : 6 hours ago 300 views only ?

Bruce Lee : Your OK I guess

Rizvi Builders Ltd : this is not a mansiom