Gordon Takes Nervous Owner Ken Out to the Bar to Meet Women! | Hotel Hell

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PowahSlap Entertainmint : Gordon Ramsay cooks, takes down crime syndicates, and helps people get laid. He is the ultimate lifeform.

Dearra Prop : Gordon Ramsay showing us his new dish: the (chicken)wing-man..

thegreatcalvinio : *Gordon makes nervous hotel owner Ken try cocaine*

VerticDesigns : Professional cook, great parent and a part time wing man... is there anything Gordon isn't good at?

it's Manley : Gordon take me out to meet women. I'm horrible for meeting women.

Flame of Udûn : Scottish drug kingpin and part time celebrity chef pays a visit to local brewery to obtain protection money (1957, colorized)

Wolfie God : Let’s find you a milf Hahahaha


LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : “ You look like you just lost your arm”.

Nino : So how's the colombian cocaine?

KiriTUBE : Only early Gordon Ramsians can like this comment

Infinite Athletics : That was hilarious! Haha

Roopu Lordh : Ramesh is Indian. And he just broke a stereotype of Indian accent and looks .

PayJ : 5:20 He was like "He just gon' leave me here?"

Undead Trooper : I need a mini Gordon Ramsey in my pocket. He's better than that Angel on the right side of my shoulder.

TUBESTEAKNIG : Dam Gordon's confidence is insane... You can just tell this guy was/is good with the ladies in real life. Super witty too.

E-D-E : "Oh we better find him a MILF" lol

john kusher : Bring this show back!

The Average Artists : Seems like the cocaine videos are taking effect on Ramsay boy

Donar : 3:40 Did he fly in someone named "Barbie" just to make that joke?

Loop'n'Mix : *I made Gordon sing check it out! It turned out pretty funny!*

NINOO : Just hire me god damnit, I'll go to all the customers and say HELLOOO MY NAMES NINOO!

Joep Bosdijk : 4:45 OOhh we gotta find him a Milf!

Christian D'Amore : Gordon Ramsey destroys coccaine dealer undercover at a hotel

The Scrooge McDuck : Imagine how easy getting girls is with Gordon Ramsay, that should be his next show. "Dating Nightmares"

Kalii Sk : Am I the only one who thinks its funny that the stylist was called Barbie and the owner was called Ken 😂

Zach Robertson : Were they trying to hook up Kenny with a milf or did I hear that wrong? 😂


Maiklas Elderis : Man's not hot

josh77577 : at 5:22 you can see the terror in his face when Gordon Ramsay leaves and he is left on his own

Colonel Mustard : The comment section needs a new Gordon Ramsay meme: the Lamb Sauce memes aren't hidden and Nino memes need cleaning. New Kitchen Nightmares seasons are required becayse these comments are stale, people!

Benjbenjbenjj : You should’ve sprinkled some of that bomb cocaine on his meal before going out

Brandon James P. : At 1:33, that was the first thing that went wrong; you must have clean and white teeth to greet a customer with a big smile. Lol

Victor Ruiz : After gordon and cameras left the girls ran like roaches

Wolpertinger : Barbie meets Ken! How lovely. ^_^

Penguincamp : My social interaction skills are so bad I was embarrassed and blushing just from watching this video even though I'm not Ken.

k36599 : Later that night kenny enjoyed some raw fish

DragonSkillz XD : Old Kenny:”Don’t take my pens buy your own.” New Kenny:”Take my pens I’ll buy more”

Clorox Bleach : I love Gordon Ramsey

ShawzyRFC1 : Shagger Ramsay.

NINOO : But where's the cocaine?

Cylais : The legend says that he banged all of them that night.

Dan Le : Annnnnnnd he was late for breakfast.

Photo Negative Mickey : Gordon: Respect+

Peter : Nino would have happily met with the women!

Steven Gavaghan : Gordon should have taken him to meet NINOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Jacob Cherrington : Does anyone else like their own comments to get the ball rolling?

Hasnaen Nahian : Dear Mr. Gordon I want to work with you if you have no problem.I am from Bangladesh.Have a good day.May Allah bless you and May you live long.

Christopher Menz : First haha

AyyItz_vMetrIiC : Hi everyone!