Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

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ChefGiovanni : Great video. Nothing but respect from the Chefs.

Korv Mojen : ...and i can’t build a sandcastle

Elijah Swift : Minecraft’s hardcore mode is ridiculous...

Oceania Times : This hut is better than my current place.

Taisija Perkevich : Браво! Оригинальная хижина!

Notprivate gt : Minecraft survival

Mercy : meanwhile im in bed watching youtube at 3:07 am

Hakim Hassan : who else feels like they are ready to be stranded on an island?

JeanMehmoud : 10:42 Like a boss

Gaming History Source : Have you considered popping a small hole through the lip of the tiles so that you can run cord through them & tie them down to the support beam ? Might be a little extra insurance to keep high winds from blowing the tiles up. Otherwise Awesome stuff. Love these videos !

Hiros ChannelTH : *Who is recorded .....?..*

ولد اليمن : مافي احد عربي في الكومنتات 🇾🇪✋✋✋❤🌷🌱

Bantoobock : This dude in 3018...

TheBananaEmpire : Lest we forget, our ancestors did this kind of stuff everyday, just to survive. The human race wasn't always at the top of the food chain. We must remember, we struggled for a spot at the bottom back then. Now look at us. People like this man used their bare hands, sweat, and blood to make us whet we are today. respect from this tortoise in the highest form. Bravo man, Bravo.

Bryce Kelley : I don't know why, but I love this dude's segways. Great editing

sj kim : 김병만이 이런 컨셉트로 방송하면 재미있겠다.

Emmillyy : I always imagine that he goes home and plays Minecraft after this LOL

ALEX : *why i wanna see the bloopers of this video?????* is something wrong with me????

담적 : 와 이분은 무인도에 갇혀도 평생 살 수 있을듯 뭐지...ㄷㄷ

Daequan Loco : Who came from Tfue's stream

Jezza : Africa BTFO'd.

Sara Q : 와 심했다 기왓장 만들거라곤 생각도 못했네

BRAVEBooce : Who else want to know how he built the camera🤔

Callux : Absolutely incredible.

피푸피프 : 온돌이다 온돌!♥

Prod. Hxrford : This man is a master builder

파진찬 : 이 분 점토로 미술 수행평가하면 만점받겠네

꾸꿈이 : ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Всё обо всём : Доступное жилье в России

TV사마열혈 : 구독 추천 누르고갑니다 한수 배우고갑니다 감사합니다 ^^

Kuznec Vakula : Очень интересно.. из ничего сделать такое жильё. Круто..

Roughandtough : Are these How to videos because I could NOT make this if I tried

열정P•S : Wow..

Exxotik_ lemon : Tfue was just watching this on his stream

luki 320 : kto od zio

Fimau : Respect but it seems like unnecessary work has been done in this video. A lot of the processes look inefficient. Like the furnace you made. You actually just should dig a little bit instead of wasting your time on that one. And digging the hole deeper would give you a way to make longer pieces.

Kiệt 26 : Perfect 👌

Bobby Cigarillo : A Facebook page called Native Americans is using this video. Not sure if you gave them permission or not but its on their page.

STING HD邱哥 : like a boss

D4nn3h : This guy can build a house outta nothing while Im too damn lazy to butter my bread...

eman sulaeman : 1m sub.amiin.goood😍🍃🤠

Jabung Terewes : Keren..... hehe,,,, bisa di tiru nih, ilmu primitif nya?

Todd Packer : Now slap a coat of Flex Seal on everything and you're done.

AvaPlaysMC : This is really good.

andi cakunu : telaco ye

Recep Tekin : Beyler iyi izleyin dolar biraz daha yükselirse lazım olcak

Lisa Rogers : Your super clever

Tsetsi : i love this guy!

뀨ㅇ : ...👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍