Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

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ankit singh : Unlike other YouTube channel in which a host talk too much or give damm artificial music instead of giving content ,I like his silence with nature's music concentrating only over content

Deirdre Hande : In case u didn’t know if u turn on subtitles it explains what he is doing

rood bozz : I know it's just a hobby, but i feel sorry for him because he does such hard work! People make fun of him when I personally think the things he does are amazing. Wow!

Capp : Goes to jail for not having a builders permit and tax evasion.

Laide Pedro : Vim pelo T3ddy

Cees Duck : He's just a villager from Age of Empires

Kry Stal : this man builds a house while i cant even make a house in minecraft.

Rohit Venkata : After watching the video, is anyone questioning the purpose of life? Purpose of everything even.

The Late Boy Scout : Given enough time, I'm convinced this guy could make an iPhone out of sticks and mud.

Ana Clara Andrade : Faz um urso de madeira pro T3DDY

MotherOfDragonzz 123 : Did it stress anyone else out when he was putting the tiles up?

Haru : Todo mundo procurando o T3ddy no vídeo do arco e eu vejo ele aqui, que maravilha não?

김해솔 : it is korean traditional floor heating system, call ONDOL

StoneMountain64 : meanwhile, i made myself cereal for dinner xD

ディバラです : 日本人で見てるひといますか?

Noble Man : nice! but it would be better if you made a window to let the sunlight enter the house cause it has a lot of benefits

Moo Fue : *dies from starvation*

Kevin Wood : Ark survival evolved

Smalls : The most patient man in the world

Bruna karoline Silva : Faz um urso paro o t3ddy por favor

Steve Urkell : I love to build things, but a part of me also wanna try smashing some tiles for fun. And also would be cool to blow the hut up with lots of explosives, and use high-speed cameras, to see how the materials, etc. react. How strong it is

anthony romano : Im waiting for a creeper to sneak up behind him and go tssssss......boom!! And all of the stuff he built to be in floating blocks.

Nathan TubeUrlife : I'm here because Tfue won't keep playing it on stream... lol

Bobby Cigarillo : A Facebook page called Native Americans is using this video. Not sure if you gave them permission or not but its on their page.

Raday : Майнкрафт на максималках

Randomnick123 : THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is going to be first thing you do after you survive nuclear war (If you dont die radiation and all other causes which come in form of all animals and biosphere is gone). This is how we start tech again from the scrap again.

Just CoKo : *U play Minecraft bro?* 2018?

Xx KUZEN xX : Türk yokmu aq

Callux : Absolutely incredible.

pairaboots : if the shit ever hits the fan , this is the man I wanna stand next to . All you haters out there this man has skills you'll never know .

NicoBobbler The Apple Cobbler : I'm just imagining him building a rocket to go to space out of clay.

SCQUALO_JACK94 : It's incredible. our ancestors have made colossal efforts for things that today are done in a very short time. imagine yourself living like this, without medicines, with nothing that could help you. I am convinced that man would never have been able to survive without having "created" everything he needed, while the animals of the whole earth are genetically structured to survive. imagine even before they invented the mud houses, it would have been impossible to live. a like if you think that in the past our extraterrestrial friends helped us

チャンネルハンク : スゲェー日本人いる?

Todd Packer : Now slap a coat of Flex Seal on everything and you're done.


Чувак IV : Minecraft 2.0

円卓の加護 : 人間の頂点かよ😂

HannahWolfTiger Gaming : Guys this guy builds things with nothing and I know that the Microsoft makers might not like it but eleven thousand dislikes send me a video of you making this🤬

The_Pyromancer : Well, well, look who's all prepared for the apocalypse and whatnot

Crystal Walker : This shit is so calming

Mr.Jinbei : Thankyou for Japanese subs! Wah~ This video is very cool😊

rr group : Aze varsa like atsin

Choco : #vimpeloT3ddy te adoro quem veio pelo T3ddy curte/da like

Michael Bearden : I'm pretty sure if you give this guy some sticks and some time he could build you a mansion.

Abdessamad Uahabi : Have you not hungry ?

Alice Kaori Sugiyama : FAZ UM URSO DE MADEIRA PRA MIM palavras do T3ddy

ほしみな : かっこええ

IIXxJacksonLoganxXII :D Roblox Gamer : vim pelo T3ddy

DB : You are just simply genius. I love all your video and learning so much. Thanks for doing all the hard work.