Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

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Cheezus Crust : ive watched this 10 times, and its still not enough times

열정 YouTube : Wow..

Cody Hilmery : Steve from minecraft now has a youtube channel keep them likes coming

Legend Harambe : Man keep doing what your doing, 7 mil without saying a word? No one else can do that, they don't know how to. Your commitment to your channel is astounding! Keep up the amazing work!

Andrey Alvarico : when you play too much minecraft

Profesor Dunia : amazingggg

СОЗВЕЗДИЕ : Ты в поисках русского Комента?)

Ollent Ad Paul : the most beautiful thing is people are still watching this until now[2018] even it is an old video :) there is still love in this video that attract people to watch it!love you bro!keep it up always!

Skankhunt 42 : When will you have the resort and casino built? All kidding aside, I love what you do man. Great channel!

GE PS : 2018 😊😊

Dhani 198 : CREATIF

Archer Gambell : When ur someone challenges u to a nerf battle so u build a base

karthik kari : Throw one or two windows in there.. Good to go..

big boss : his videos have become a lullaby for me...I mean no soundtrack no talking..only one man working and nature.

Phantom Montage : He makes these expecting us to go outside and fucking build these but id rather stay in my house watching this guy do it

Andreas Kalt : My kids an I really enjoy watching your videos. They too like to build things in the woods and they are fervent fans of your work!

muhammad farhan : minecraft in real life:v

Lucas Velez : U$S 5 per night Airbnb be like

Mayte : Esto si es supervivencia

Roman Lvoff : Майнкрафт на максималках

Pitch350 : *Wow, I did not know that Minecraft updated to 4K.* *Good detail.*

Василий Стецов : Привет с 2018 гда, и я один тут русский?)

Marie Juana : My question is, Where does he get the food and nutrition to feed his body after all this hard work? Im being serious, Idk if my comment will ever be seen but I'd really like a reply :) Edit: Your replies are golden 😂😂😂😂

Metal Storm460 : I think he should have added some windows.

Fredaunaturel - Frédéric Cotrone : Bravo. C'est un plaisir de visionner vos vidéos. Beau passe-temps ! Merci de nous en faire profiter.

Maja Matej : He's like a person u want to get lost with in a forest 😂😂

Hasbi Hafani : 1:36 Trypophobia

Ramal Eylencede : Super

Pajkim Thao : Put a window!!

moh_78_IsM 9 : عرب يا لحبيب

Zedzy : "How to afford a house in college"

*chanz : wow you so cool 👍👍👍😉

Alma Gutiérrez : Mundo minecraft

KazaKTaR Tv : time molodets

honorTV_ braun : Бывало ли так что плитки падоли с крыши?

Mr. Mars Experience : i find myself never wanting your videos to end!!

박성준 : 와...

Sergiu Duma : This is minecraft survival în real life

Crosschu : Youtube channel name "Primitive technology" oh ok, challenge accepted....builds every thing out of mud,but records with a modern phone

Leo Mirkovski : You need a window

charzar loot : I don't know why this is in my recommended, or why I watched the whole thing, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and will be subscribing.

Данил Кочкин : Крут

Rene Sedlar : wow thi is so cool

Esmia Thomas : I would really like to meet you it's so cool to make mud huts

Max Buglet : Когда гасишься от военкома.

Scrub Soccer : This guy took minecraft very seriously 😂

Евгений Вев : Это настоящий Робинзон Крузо!

Hank Grifon : Some guy: I’m going to get some water *gets water* 2 min later Primitive Technology Guy: dude where have you been. I made a hole village while you where gone.

Game Locker : Minecraft supervisial

Yiqin Wang : dude if you were homeless then how did you get a camera and edited this video?