Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

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Andreas Kalt : My kids an I really enjoy watching your videos. They too like to build things in the woods and they are fervent fans of your work!

ማህደር ግርማ from Adis Abeba : 👍👍👍

Becca K : 오r.....존경심생기는 사람같으니..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

TheKawaiian : You may not know but the camera with he records and the computer were made out of palm trees and clay too.

Game Rex : This will confuse archaeologists in 100 years wont it!

DB : You are just simply genius. I love all your video and learning so much. Thanks for doing all the hard work.

jokoru jook : I wonder how strong this guys immune system is

AlexWayne1 : When your Minecraft obsession get too real

B Hughes : Who else thinks this guy is hot?

山田太郎 : Real Minecraft

Bobby Cigarillo : A Facebook page called Native Americans is using this video. Not sure if you gave them permission or not but its on their page.

GAMERS_ HÜSEYİN : Oyun konsolundan gelenler @oyunkonsolu like atın sayımızı Beli edelim

EmilyPorterOfficial : it even has underfloor heating. this is ART.

Rustam86rw Hakimov : Приспособляемость уровня "бог". Ловко у тебя все получается! Интересен быт и питание для такой работы. Я сам с севера, лесной,но таких чудес не видел) Здоровья тебе!

Andrew Beard : 3:55 it's the tile cult, worshipping their ceramic gods

Xycron : This dude playing RUST IRL.

oyuncu reyiz : Oyun konsolundan gelenler

ピカチュウの耳 : 泥遊びLv.100じゃねーかよ!

Crawl Volkan : 🇹🇷❤️

LanDi3000 : This is in Australia right? Think of that, not only doing this, but doing it in a place where the wild is full of all kinds of animals you want to stay away from. Respect!

ill shoot ya : this guy is a genius i don't know but he motivates me to do the same thing he does.

Soojin Koo : 넘나 온돌방 스러운 것~♡♡♡

Ngọc Lâm : Quá hay, học để s này nghèo vào rừg sốg. 👍👍👍 140418

MG-OYUN KRAL : Oyun konsolundan gelenler

Chucky XD : Esto me hizo amar la naturaleza :v

Smalls : The most patient man in the world

umong jhonrey : nice

Doruk Salmanoğlu : YUTUP BENİM İŞİM

Minh Minh : Condom

Альберт Эйнштейн : Нихуя себе

Trollsquad57 : Dang, this kind of work and dedication is impressive. Good job!

Harley Quiin : Türkler Burdadır Hadi BASALIM BURAYI :D

Slime Time : At 0:28 look at his hair it isn’t that long , then look at 7:56 his hair is long so this didn’t take him one day or it did it’s just that his hair grows super quick p.s no hate plz

SABERTOOTH Productions : Since he is like born in the wild I'm surprised he's not wearing a loincloth LOL!

ÇILGIN OYUNCU tr : Vay hamına

ChefGiovanni : Great video. Nothing but respect from the Chefs.

Hasan Kök : la dedem in evinin damında aynısı var

Toversnol EU : I watched the water tank with filter that was amazing, but this guy is a master in his craft! floor heated home from scratch! this is just magic to me!

Derelict : 1:35 Tripophobia warning.

Ömer Vatansever : 1000 YEARS LATER

George Cahill : this is so cool

Seth Lawendowski : Give this guy Legos and some time and I sware he'd build you a mansion

vlog tv : I want to live here

FORZAINTER257 : A man who lost all his money by investing in bitcoin

Metin2 xCILLIx : <3 <3 <3 Türkiye Turkia Turkey <3 <3 <3

StoneMountain64 : meanwhile, i made myself cereal for dinner xD

Bryce Corbin : Still better than most African houses....

Zach Sims : damn i bet you makes alot of mud to make these projects

Mysterion 《 》 : Minecraft real life

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