EVOLUTION - Not As Controversial As You May Think

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John Ferrari : Only thing that doesn't make sense is that you arent at over 1m subs lol

That guy : Evolution, explained with a pile of snakes... just how it should be

Rose Fenna : Teaching a class on genetics at the moment and your videos are what my students are begging me to watch every lesson! Can't wait to show them this one!

John Grabowski : This episode is so well made!! This must have taken a lot of time. We appreciate it.

MegaAppleshit : Finally, I have something to send to religious friends that have no idea what evolution actually is, but still have no intention of letting their kids learn about it. Please continue to produce, refine, and "evolve" your videos on evolution. No one is more capable of explaining controversial subjects than Clint. I mean, who could get mad at him? He is just too likeable.

ixudel : 🔥🔥 OPERATION WILDFIRE HAS STARTED!!!!🔥🔥 I'm literally sharing your YouTube channel with everyone I know (Was doing this even before Operation Wildfire tbh) I just think that there's no one better than you for learning something new in a fun way!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in this way!!

Tayler L : You are a great spokesperson, especially for reptiles. With sincerity, watching these videos with you brings me back to my childhood watching Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin. Your love and passion for these animals is so pure.

Finnegan Raines : I know that the video editing stuff is higher quality and I greatly admire and respect the work that went into this video, but I personally prefer the homey feel of the style of your previous videos. That's just my preference and I don't mean to talk negatively at all. I think this is a great topic to continue discussing, as I grew up being told not to believe in evolution... >.> I do not understand why it as seen as inherently anti-religious and I hope that this video or potential series will help make it not so controversial

Morgan Gobin : Woah! Flashy new intro, new setup, new camera angles and techniques! Not sure how I feel about all this newness, but I’m glad to see you’re channel is “evolving” to the next level.


John Ferrari : I have this video repeating on 4 devices right now lol let's help Clint get the exposure we all know he deserves

The Real Hawkeye II : Please talk more about evolution .

Melissa Mosher : This one'll make Operation Wildfire eeeeeasy.

Joel Riley : THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE! Loving the new intro and style!!!!

Bert's pets : Heresy. 😂 Great video, content and production. The downside of ball pythons is they are too well behaved so no outtakes.

Tyler Cornwall : This operation is gonna be so stinkin rad let's do it. Such a great video

Megad00mer : WOW!!!! Love the new intro and style. So well done. Great topic too.

Patshhi4 : Hi Clint, I’m a perfect example of someone who is clueless about genetics (I’m more of an economics person). I’m going to check out your other genetics videos. I’ve been wanting to understand about different morphs, etc. of snakes and I think your videos will help (I have been referencing Scott Felzer’s garter snake genetics page because, so far, that’s the only concise genetics page I’ve found). Any info you want to provide us is welcomed by me. Thanks. Pat

unusualnoob209 : The Bill Nye of reptiles! I like

ItsGummiBands : GUYS I LOVE IT! It's like watching Clint in the classroom. But fun and engaging. Y'all hit the nail on the head!

Kate’s Animals : Hey Clint I love your videos and watch them all the time I was woundering if you could do another snake video about care

Slithering Crow : Wow I love the new intro! And by the way, evolution is awesome :)

Katie Elaine : In my science class we've been studying genetics.. it's much more interesting when it's about reptiles

TheWalkingBaff : This video is very well made, I love to listen to you and you're explaining perfectly! The cuts are awesome too! I'm glad I've found your channel some time ago :D

Joey Della Penna : Is a religious person I personally don't agree with macroevolution but I still find it a fascinating topic to learn about. Great video!

Gojirafreak 567 : This Video is great. Kinda sad this is better than what my bio teacher tried to teach us in one month.

Slimeball 444 : Light the flame 🔥 As a team we will light up YouTube with project wildfire

Gayouf : Hi Clint, I see that you put a lot of effort in this new video. Don't be mad, but I prefer the old format. The topic is really interesting here, but the previous videos felt more natural. It felt like we were closer to you, as if we were sitting at the table with you and we were discussing about reptiles. But the worst thing is all the sounds effects that sound a bit cheap. For the next video, just remove them, please. =) Anyway, I love what you do and I learn a lot with your videos! So, keep up with the good work!

RolyPoly : I'm gonna rewatch this 5,000 times! WILDFIRE TIME!

Chloe Mae : Well..... i'm gonna put this vid on replay!! Imma listen to it all day!! Yeah all day! (I'm sorry ok! I had to!... and now to break the replay button ^^ ) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

JTD19881369 : Arent python legs used for sex? They like tickle each other. There is a theory that T Rex's tiny arms that could lift upwards of 400 lbs... may have been primarily there for some sort of mating ritual.. sensual shoulder tickles maybe

Lee Coffey : Absolute facts! Loved it!! 🔥🔥🔥

Abi Barclay : I think that all of the other video ideas are good as well as this one

Danielle E. : Great video, I do prefer your normal background more though.

Blood Dracolich : What's so controversial about it? All it is is an explanation of how life diversifyied down through the generations in response to changing incidental environmental pressures. That's it. Nothing more nothing less. If there's any controversy, it is because cultist and creationist want to make it out to be more than it actually is and says it makes statements on things that it doesn't, like on the human condition or existence as a whole itself.

Saitama : Clint the editing and visuals omg! This might be your best video yet

Kendall Peyton : Time to FIRE IT UP!!!!

Reptile King : Awesome video I am getting a ball python and crested gecko keep up the great work

Carrot Cube : Why is there Furvilla Snakes there? I hope you paid to get them included in the video. Altho I dont think Furvilla would had let you use those images. There arent even credits on your description! Shame on you!!!!

hypeDbros : Clint i hope to see you at the wasatch reptile expo

Melizabeth B : Love the new format! (Hope the bloopers are staying) if I were to make one suggestion, the text graphics that appear as Clint talks are great, but the sound effect drowns him out a little. Great job, love y’all and I look forward to every new video!

Tropical Deer : ah yes, another video that has used furvilla art at least this one has a use

chai : Wow!! This video is honestly amazing, very informative and easy to understand, outstanding job! Only complaint I have is that some of the sound effects were a little bit too loud, but besides that it was stinkin' rad :))

Angela MeeM : Please make a video about dwarf bearded dragons ( Pogona Henrylawsoni )

RadioactiveAcid : 2:37 ..... furvilla snake

J T : Definitely check out Clint’s genetics videos! They are awesome!

TJ’S FISH & REPTILES : Awesome intro video and man these ball pythons looks so beautiful

thesoupofthebrain : I am not a huge fan of the music. maybe its my headphones but it seemed to take away my attention from what you were actually saying. but that may be a me problem. (also i liked your studio) but if you and your team likes the swap i can and should be ignored :D

Ghosteeez The Guardian : the snake are you used at around 2:30 belongs to furvilla.com you cant use it without perms!