DefunctTV: The History of the Muppet Show
DefunctTV The History of the Muppet Show

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Start your Squarespace free trial today at and use code DEFUNCTLAND to get 10% off your first purchase. Buy Defunctland T-Shirts: Donate on Patreon: In the third episode of DefunctTV: Jim Henson, Jim and his team head to the UK to make the Muppet Show. What they don't know, is that they are about to make the most popular show in the world. Facebook Group: Defunctland Twitter: Defunctland Subreddit: Contact: For more great content, visit



-Rocketkids4- : Jim Henson: *Exists* Defunctland: It's free real-estate.

Anon E. Mousse : It’s time to get things started On the most sensational Inspirational Celebrational Cancellational This is what we call DefunctTV!

jor223 : Please tell me you're going to cover Dark Crystal/Labyrinth as well as the later shows like Storyteller, Jim henson Hour, and muppets tonight. These have been fantastic

mike walsh-thorpe : Bear left, RIGHT FROG! In all seriousness Kevin, this may be my favorite series you've ever produced. As a life long Muppets fan, the amount of effort put into these videos is astounding.

Disney Dan : The Muppets are such an essential part of my comedy soul, it's great to see this fully broken down and really deep dived into. Seeing all these behind the scenes clips of Jim laughing and having a great time makes me incredibly happy.

Ankford : Still no DVD release of Season 4 and 5... COME ON DISNEY

Rose Weldon : *It’s DEFUNCT TV, with our very special guest THE MUPPET SHOW! YAAAAY!* 🎶It’s time to say the intro, It’s time to edit right! How the hell is Michael Eisner On DefunctTV tonight!🎶

Ruilmon sez hi : "That had originally been written for an Italian sex documentary" Excuse me, what

herbalizer1978 : Legit one of the best documentary series on the web.

Jb0ss Rocks : I don’t know if I’m more excited to learn about the history of the muppet show, or see clips of the muppet show.

Colton C : I wouldn't be surprised if Defunctland was turned into a proper show. This is some of the best content on youtube and it's been incredible seeing the improvements being made over the months. Keep it up, what you're doing is something special.

Jacob Schweitzer : When you automatically give a thumbs up to a video before you've even began watching it because you already know it's going to be amazing.

Kaylin 3121 : The Muppet Show, the most famous show of the 80s, 90s and some of the mid 2000s, brought to you by Jim Henson! Also the intro is still cool.

Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987 : Kermit : *IT'S AN ORANGEE!! AN ORANGE!!! OF COURE IT'S AN ORANEGE!!!!!*

Seesthaday : This could’ve been 2 hours and it still wouldn’t be long enough! Great video bro love your work

THE JOEBRO ZONE : I gotta give props to Jim, ending the most popular show on tv in its prime. I think the Simpsons could take a page outta Jim's book

Rachel S : “It’s not the End of the World” “If just one person believes in you...” “Life is a movie, write your own ending...” Man, I needed the tender and funny moments of this video to lift me up. I got the news yesterday that I’m being let go from my job this week and having the Muppets and the Optimism of Jim Henson is just perfect to keep me going. FYI, the Star Wars episode was and still is my favorite of the Muppet Show and I cannot wait for the Fraggle Rock episode!

Tales to Showcase : No, I haven’t watched the video yet. Yes, it is my new favorite video already, it’s Defunctland talking about The Muppets for 40 minutes... HOW COULD IT NOT BE?!?!

THE JOEBRO ZONE : Boys, it's time to get things started on defunct TV tonight

CJdude22 : When are the mainstream studio execs finally going to get word of your freakin' AMAZING various series here!? Top notch quality, research, and writing as always. I will admit, it IS nice to see you getting away from Michael Eisner.....but only a teeny bit. Best 40 minutes I've spent on Youtube in weeks...I always look forward to watching a new Defunctland episode when you turn up at the top of my subscriptions. Defunctland is the epitome of what Youtube can give us. Thank you for the hours upon hours of great videos and entertainment!

Andromeda : thank you kevin defunctland you always have the knowledge i never knew i wanted

MonkeeJuice : You should do a DefunctTV videoon One Saturday Morning from ABC.

Kendrick Harris- Kenfinity : Finally, I've seen some of the original show, so it was wonderful to see how it fully became the unforgettable variety show we know. Another informative and entertaining video. Keep it up!

Cheeki Breeki : Me: (Relaxing) ^Defunctland uploads^ Me: * "Oh Shoot, here we go again" * ^It's the next part of the Jim Henson docuseries^ Me: ^Throws all revision notes for the test next week^

Mrs. Unsociable : My mother loves to regale people with the story that as a toddler, I would be in my walker and when the intro “drum roll” would begin, I immediately began to bob up and down and squeal excitedly. I knew it was the Muppet Show and I loved it. They’ve always been part of my life, even if it’s a small part.

Emily Ritcheson : That whole segment on The Muppet Movie had me in TEARS.

Mark Hughes : Kevin you are such a YouTube relic, quality video as always!

HaydenX : I hope this gets picked up by like Amazon or deserves a broader reach than only Youtube.

Scott Sandler : Oh sure I can delay lunch for 40 minutes

DJAvren : And not a single dislike was found on this video* *Statement accurate at the time of writing

Dan Fagan : Man, that ending number of the Star Wars episode really is hilarious in hindsight. Great work on the episode, Kevin!

Dank Sinatra : This is part I've waited for. And 40 minutes too!! Kevin you spoil us!!

Megan Ferleman : Fraggle rock was my absolute jam, I can't wait!

Poetic Abomination : This series is so well made. It's in-depth and emotional, perfectly rolled into one. I'm a pretty big fan of Jim Henson and co's work, but I never knew a lot of the things you talk about in these episodes. I love this series and am eagerly looking forward to the next part!

Conor Blake : Literally seconds in and I can tell I'm gonna enjoy this next 40 minutes

Nor : This miniseries is an absolute work of art and talent, and I am always looking forward to the next one. Thank you!

Suzy Kies : I love this series of videos. It's amazing to learn about the man behind the Muppets

poilaaliop : Thanks Kevin, these videos have been incredible! Absolutely top-notch quality. I've recommended them to a lot of my friends. Modern TV channels WISH they could make things this well! 💕

Crew Sader : Please tell me one of these episodes will talk about The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

♥Ninja~Nami♥ : I pretty much never post comments, but I have to say I enjoy these Jim Henson videos so freakin much.

Mattiator : Man, 47 seconds from posting! Awesome!

S D : Another beautifully done installment in the Jim Henson series! It's awesome seeing you grow as a creator, from covering defunct attractions to a full blown 4 hour documentary. Well done!

Kittysoup : This Henson series is by and above my favorite ongoing Youtube series. Kudos to you guys.

TCM Darth Lord : Just watched offhand Disney’s version of this video a week ago and I’m glad to watch your interpretation

Benjamin Martinez : I loved the Muppet Show when I was a kid. Glad to learn the history behind such a great comedy show. Also, Fozzie may or may not be the reason why I love puns.

mike brown : Muppet Show was one of best part of life as kid

Justin Haddock : I'm constantly amazed your videos are free. This is great content 👍

Kat S. : Honestly I can't believe I'm crying over the Muppets movie's ending