Вся правда о совах, приносящих письма

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Александр Котенко : ...Когда сова не очень хочет видеть тебя в Хогвартсе...

Chupola Pichulatra : No Hogwarts for you

Kratos The God of War : The owl is like *YOU ARE NOT HARRY*

AL.exe : When you have been admitted to Howgwarts but the owl thinks you don't deserve it

Sea Celery : it's not for you it's for Harry stop trying to steal other people's mail

HunterOnDemons : Первое испытание юного волшебника на пути обучения магии - забрать письмо у совы

GreenGrounds : That moment when you're accepted to Hogwarts but your owl won't hand you your acceptance letter

Maniac Magge : This is why they don't have owls in the Russian Hogwarts

Angelika Skoroszyn : Russian wizarding society doesn't accept random magical children that somehow are able to get lost in sewers of school The first trial for new, potential student is to fight with school owl Then one has to fight with teachers and maybe one will be accepted

Lets Paint : So that owl flew aaalll the way from Hogwarts to Russia, just to tease you with the letter in its mouth and not give it to you? That owl has a weird and time-wasting sense of humour!

Count Lazuli : When you have been accepted into hogwarts but the owl knows better.

Karou Seraphim : This owl really doesn't want you to go to Hogwarts.

Chicken Turtle : Ah yes, Hogwarts.

HIGH-yena : When I see a video titled in Russian, and in the thumbnail an owl holding an envelope *I immediately click*

Rakhman Zeinelgabi : А теперь представьте, что совы в Гарри Поттере, делают так же)))

Jayce O'Rourke : Russian owl will not give letter? Consult Russian cat for advice.

Moving Parts Gaming : Hogwartski School of Magic and Re-education.

Soultaker 24 - 2 : Your Hogwarts Letter has arrived.... If you can get it...

Apolinar López : When the letter of acceptance to Hogwarts arrives but you are not Harry Potter.

Василий Зимин : Вам письмо! Только я вам его не отдам! В крайнем случае можно поменять на мышку. Есть у вас мыши в доме?

Heim ins Reich : In Russia the hogwarts invitation owls you

LeuxSeveN : "You have been accepted to Hogwarts, but I don't want you there..."

DavinStalkz : Congrats you got accepted to Hogwarts

Dare 2dream : I brought you a letter but you cannot have it

Илья Андреевич : Теперь Ёль стала ещё популярнее) Мне кажется, или у Ёлки жизнь насыщеннее, чем у меня? :D

Colress : She probably forgot to pay the shipping.

Comet Pjfa : *when you thought it's a letter from hogwarts but the owl knows it's Putin's assassination order for harry*

Enver Cizrelioğulları : All these comments about Hogwarts... I can't believe how ignorant you people are, Russians go to Koldovstoretz not Hogwarts you buffoons.

Alvex Gaming : Your Hedwig doesn't work...

Ну тут ведь как : Это был спам-фильтр.

Oneil Leslie : We have updated our privacy policy

Hilary LeCou-Deckner : I think someone wants payment before he delivers the letter

swiftwind501 : When your email spam filter is too strong

Real samurais drink strawberry milk : That judgemental look the owl gave in the end, as if to say, "you don't deserve to go to Hogwarts." XD

Effye Pryce87 : 😂вот так я на почте посылки свои "отбираю"

WittyPractitioner : Silly, you have to pay him his delivery fee

Rawr_Kitten : And you got invited to hoqwarts and we didnt...

Acarone Steam : I'm sorry... you can not go to Hogwarts

Høñėy Møøñ : when the owl dosent want you to come to hogwarts

Ruslan Temirov : Это я, почтальон Печкин. Принёс посылку, только я вам её не отдам, потому что у вас докУментов нету.

The Lion Mlem : This is a bootleg russian harry potter remake

Learn2Draw CuteAnimals : Letter: Dear ???, You have been accepted to go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry you shall need your owl, wand and some spells

Wicked Amoeba : You need to pay him in head scratches!

Денис Огнев : Я принёс вам письмо, только я вам его не отдам)))))

Nel : Если бы к Гарри Потеру такая жадная сова прилетела, мы бы не знали-кто такой Гарри Потер)

Split Was Taken : He was waiting for you to pay him!

Elias Veijalainen : The owl doesn't want you to Hogwarts but he has to deliver the letter anyways

ameen mirza : The translation of the video title:- I got a mail from Hogwarts *gone wrong*

Gavin YoungMann : It doesn't think you should go to Hogwarts

Евгения Единственная : Ой не могу, с Почтой России))) У нас так было, посылка пришла, но мы вам не дадим, приходите через 2 дня))) Ёлочка шикарно отобразила работу всей Почты России))) "Оскара" прекрасной совушке которая филин)))