How It's Made Ice Cream

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Abdul Hafiz : Tomorrow is my exam and i m watching this ..

LaneFTW : 0:08 "to make ice cream, you first need to make ice cream" OK am confused already

OverstarAnthony_YT : I got a suggestion for a new episode! *How It's Made: A Baby*

Red Velvet And other Kpop random vidy : I was expecting the thumbnail......I just got fooled......

DARK YODA : *I watched this...* and I immediately wanted an ice cream after.

Kitten` Cloudy : I want a ice cream sandwich right now

Mr. Minnesoulja : Who the hell designed these machines??

Tayshaun Maierhofer : To make Ice cream you first have to make Ice cream! Me: OOF!!!

JILLIAN ANDREWS : The ingenuity of the people who came up with these machines WOW

VR V : The title should have been *how it's made **_diabetes_*

Api : When will we start using ice cream sandwiches per minute as an official speed measurement? Like imagion an officer pulls you over for speeding and is like "Sir, do you know how fast you were going?" "You were going 237 icecream sandwiches per minute when the limit is 200." "The fine will be 20 ice creams."

DSRReacts : Instructions not clear... Penis stuck in pumping station

Vivian IsDaBest : Wait... How many times do they clean the machines per week? I hope they clean the machines, if not then... i am eating dirty ice creams?

Aleksandr : Я уверен что здесь есть РУССКИЕ! Лайк! Посмотрим сколько Нас!))

lex _____ : “to make ice cream treats, you first need to make the ice cream...” Me: **surprised**

Rad 149 : Can we get an f in the chat for all the lactose intolerant people watching this RIP 💀

Xeno / Brawl Stars : Guys, this is R18+ = 3:40

Sour Kush : I make ice cream at home way too many chemicals in this stuff but still cool to see *how it's made* 😁

Nyan Paul : After this video im like... When Will I use This In Life?

GuyEJT : Now that I watched this, YouTube will recomend How It's Made videos for the rest of eternity...

Richard W : If I was told I only had 6 months left I would eat a gallon a day.

putri ilya : Ice cream reminds me of V

Black Andy : Vanilla ice cream is my life🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

Jahnavi Jeelugula : I've my final exams and here I am...

a google user : 5 words - MACHINES ARE TAKING OVER HUMANS!!!

Ryannah Flett : I love how it's made

Tanya Khan : " It feels like I wanna eat ice cream well watching it "

Random Person : I’m legit procrastinating by watching this video instead of doing homework 😂

Sharon : I was working in ice cream factory for few month. At coffee and lunch breaks you could eat ice cream as much as you wanted for free.

Bill A : To make a car, you first have to make a car. baaahaaaa!! that's what this video's intro sounds like.

ThatCheeseDude : Whenever I see these How It's Made episodes, I always think about how much trail and error they put into these machines. Like just imagine that people are building this sweet looking machine and all the sudden it breaks. Imagine how many times that happens! There might even be like an explosion of some sort where ice creams just goes everywhere. It's weird to think about.

Lifestyle Pin : it took me to my childhood. What was your childhood memories? Like to share?

Barbara Hammer : how many ice cream cones can you eat in 1 day ??? Good show thank you. i like it..

secretxla : Now I’ll show you how it’s eaten

Nandi Appiah : Literally everyone is like “Dora was my favorite childhood show” No,no,no... “How it’s made was my *ONLY* childhood show” 🤩

Brelliace : "would you like some corn in your ice-cream" the corn syrup has no place in ice-cream. Then again emulsifiers and stabilizers have no place there either. The crap we are made to eat these days. In Europe corn syrup is not used in most products like in the USA. The lobbyers are ofc trying to change that.

Akash Kunte : The production looks like cartoon.

BARS IK : О я только щас наткнулся на этот чудный канал) Ставь лайк если тоже по утрам перед школой смотрел!)

crazy cat skits : 4:23 thanks for putting the card at the MOST INCONVENIENT PLACE POSSIBLE!

Panda_ Kid_22 : *I Scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!*

1000 subscribers without a video : Youtube shows me this while im very very hungry

crimson comet : Anybody else can't sleep

Batman : How can I work on this factory? I will eat ice cream everyday lol.

Steve Kluver : Guess what I'm heading to the freezer for, right now!

Jara Jebein : WoooooooW This is awesome . I Love Ice cream

Guillermo Zaandam : My lactose intolerance doesn't like this

The Eccentric Artist : THERE'S A "HOW IT'S MADE" CHANNEL?! subscribed!

Reagan Butrum : Why am I watching this it's 4 in the morning

marble gun : Ok youtube, I finally clicked on this video.

Kiah Fredrickson : YO!!!! this shit used to be lit in class!!!!!!