How It's Made Ice Cream

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Abdul Hafiz : Tomorrow is my exam and i m watching this ..

B I G M A N : Ok youtube, I finally clicked on this video.

Blue Nique : I have A project, deadline is tommorow, its 11:36 pm, and Im Watching this

grace stacy : This feels like something you would watch back in the 80s because your teacher just didn't care

Park Jiminie : I click this video because it is on my recommended....

Kitten` Cloudy : I want a ice cream sandwich right now

DJ Doge : The secret of life finally answered...

Hoola Da Salty Girl : He sounds like bright side or facts verse lmao

SYED SAQIB : Lucky are those people who are actually having an ice-cream watching this😥

Kapootis the Lord of Tax Fraud : How is it *actually* made

Stan JenChuLiChaeng : “to make ice cream treats, you first need to make the ice cream...” Me: **surprised**

Dr بروقه : Nice video 😉👌

sophie.wierdo .death : This show brings back so many childhood memories .

CommanderCyclone : *_144 ice cream sandwiches per minute_* gimmi gimmi

1,000 Skrubscribers With No Videos? : If only this had educational benefits. Then I wouldn't feel guilty I watched this instead of revising for my exams.

secretxla : Now I’ll show you how it’s eaten

scrub a dub : "To make ice cream treats, you first need the ice cream" You say..

الورده البيضاء : هل من عربي هنا ام انا واحيده ☹️

harshkumar trivedi : What are contents added in stabilizer ???

LMNTRIX YT : Roses are red Violets are blue I want to see how babies are made What about you

Luke Almighty : Level 1000 on papas freeze-aria

Random dude : So unhealthy. Chemicals and animal products with lots of animal hormones. Ice cream with nut milk tastes the same and it's not as unhealthy.

shannon osullivan : Lol we’re going to ignore the cow torture hoooookay. Not even vegan but cmon don’t lie

Marth Lowell : When the thumbnail is just click-bait. Feels bad.

Yash Singh : How to ensure the cleanliness of machines that prepare these products

Rawias TV : Wow that's looks so good and unhealthy!!!!! Lol XD

Firewolf 40 : You should have said it starts with cows/goats

Hindi Fan : Am i the only watching this while eating an icecream?😂🙋🏻

J K : How about a "how it's made- babies" episode?

mythical soundtouch : From buffed cakes to traditional living and now this Why are all these things in my recommendation? Why youtube

Changed O_O : who else is watching this while eating icecream

GoldenAfrican : Lmao the thumbnail had me like, “THOSE ARE THE HAGENDAZ ICE CREAM BARS”😂😂😂😂 i think i spelled that wrong...

Jaswant Singh : I love ice cream

Steve Kluver : Guess what I'm heading to the freezer for, right now!

Full Cowl : Does anyone like to eat the sides of that sandwich like me?

Victoria_Gaming : At the end: Ready, to take a licking. 😂😂😂

selena 2732703 : Wish I could eat all of them..

L͎!L͎ K͎4T͎ : Omq I used to watch this all the time on tv ;D

็ ็ : eating icecream while watching this

The amazing Dana : Now I’m hungry wait I’m always hungry🌚💔

Giancarlo Colistra : THE FITNESS GRAM PACER T E S T

xxxtentacion : Psst... *There's a special ingredient* THE MALE SPECIMEN!!!

Dizzle : 3:52 mmmmmm “Chocolate flavored liquid topping”

Johnny b Goode : Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?

Kyle Rider : I’m eating a vanilla frosty while watching lol

Wildboy789789 : Fun fact: Bulls make cream too but they only have 1 utter and it's really salty

ɴᴇᴋo ; : I love that :3 !

Blueaqualizard's Random Stuff : Put a cow in a freezer for thirty minutes and take it out then milk it.

LakaYT YT : Infinite icecream machine 2:16 O:

sufi gamer2437 : Im literally eating icecream while watching this (: