How It's Made Ice Cream

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Abdul Hafiz : Tomorrow is my exam and i m watching this ..

GuyEJT : Now that I watched this, YouTube will recomend How It's Made videos for the rest of eternity...

OverstarAnthony : I got a suggestion for a new episode! *How It's Made: A Baby*

Sqib : Stop whipping the ice cream that's abuse.

Gabbie 19 : *140 ice cream sandwiches per MINUTE!!* And yet I am allowed to eat *one* every *MONTH!!*

Kitten` Cloudy : I want a ice cream sandwich right now

Sharon : I was working in ice cream factory for few month. At coffee and lunch breaks you could eat ice cream as much as you wanted for free.

Big Oof [] : When people don’t know the difference between Ice Cream and Popsicles *TRIGGERED*

Captain Karma : I constantly saw this on my recommendation and I finally clicked on it... Now I’m hungry

crazy cat skits : 4:23 thanks for putting the card at the MOST INCONVENIENT PLACE POSSIBLE!

lex _____ : “to make ice cream treats, you first need to make the ice cream...” Me: **surprised**

Craig Post : Corn Syrup instead of Sugar Vanilla Flavoring instead of Real Vanilla This must be shitty American ice cream. No wonder why Ice cream tastes so much better in Europe and Asia. They have been feeding us crappy, shitty, cheap ingredients. I am surprised they haven't found a cheaper, shitter version of milk yet.

Katers1343 : Please, no. It's 3:30am, I can't go on a How It's Made binge right now....

934ist : The narrator is clearly high.

Yusuf Onder : When was this made 1980s ?!

secretxla : Now I’ll show you how it’s eaten

Shaq WithTheCombo : 4:01 look at all those rabbit turds

agbutera : aw man I'm on a diet

Shishir P : Correction: *How It's Made: Ice Cream*

zanacatpotato 19 : I'm supposed to be at college giving a presentation...

Gamerz 49 : This make me hungry

Dosha Cat : 50%of comments: I'm watching this instead of doing this 30%of comments: Something to do with YouTube recommending this 20%of comments: Yummy 10%of comments:other (like this one)

Rose두 번 : I'm just going to say one word WOW 😮

Titanium Alloy : I have never gotten an ice cream cone like that 🙃

Raw Garlic : Ok youtube, I finally clicked on this video.

nyanyappsk : After this video im like... When Will I use This In Life?

JILLIAN ANDREWS : The ingenuity of the people who came up with these machines WOW

Tenia Lormy : I want to eat those sooo badly!!!!

Kotha Balaraju : This is not going out of my home field that's why I clicked on this video

YT kerfuffles : satisfying

Sanjay Kumar : Another thumbnail fail

The Winspear : It's hard to make Ice Scream.

yoshi_drinks_tea : Willy Wonka in real life..... ha ha ha

Sya Jiminie : I click this video because it is on my recommended....

the best 4923 : Akl a lie

Forza Master68 : 😡🤬🤩 I WANT ICE CREAM!!! IN THIS F****** SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks so delicious 😋

The Eccentric Artist : THERE'S A "HOW IT'S MADE" CHANNEL?! subscribed!

cpishere blox : I think I’m supposed to be cleaning... But yet I’m here watching how to make it, even tho I’m too lazy too make it i but it

Ä Përsøn : This feels like something you would watch back in the 80s because your teacher just didn't care

çikolatalı milkshake : Oww no 😂😂

D. J. E. : Why am I even watching this......

Lampy : Looks so good

Kavya Roshini : Í dont like icecream sandwiches 😝😝

Steve Kluver : Guess what I'm heading to the freezer for, right now!

Harshal K : I Love Ice Cream ❤ Like if you love it too

Lampy : Yum yum yum 😛😘

Seth Maskovich : but how is it *really* made?

Molly Brooks : Well it’s too bad I am lactose and intolerant 🙃

CommanderCyclone : *_140 ice cream sandwiches per minute_* gimmi gimmi