[DanceRush] Crazy Shuffle Lv.9 100% EXC

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Player : FEFEMZ 구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다!! Plz subscribe!!

Comments from Youtube

AnagraRiver : Back in my day we had to jump on arrows

JTsuits : If u think you are good at something , Just remember there is always a 6 year old Chinese kid better than you

DDU-DU DDU-DU : Choose your difficulty: Caucasian Afro American Asian

DaniAh : I went on date to an arcade like this in korea with a korean dude and he wanted to play this. I was like nooo and he asked why and I just laughed and said "because I'm white" and he said "ahh yes let's play basketball" later we played this though because I felt bad and I literally got zero points and he said "wow yes you are so white" 😂

Swift Raven : This is going to be one of those videos that get millions of views and gets recommended to everyone a few years later

Comb Cuck : I feel like only Asian people can look cool doing this

Can I Get 500 Subscribers No Videos? : *_This isn't even his final form_*

Don’t Censor Hentai : Thank you recommendations, very cool.

Adventure Music : I can't even walk..😂

Terrence Richard : When you respawn in a game and you know exactly what to do

Dottツ : *play it on 2x speed..*

Ash Cook : my brain went "IT'S GUITAR HERO WITH YOUR LEGS!!!"

hahalord : That's how asian works

Gamer_1001 : "I got a dollar, please just 1 game it will be quick"

PHIL FCHR : Roses are red, Violets are blue, there is always an Asian better than you

RaceBandit : That looked cool but I'd actually probably kinda be scared to see one of these machines in person. Doesn't look like something I'd have the patience to learn.

BL 69 : No matter how good you are at something There's always a Asian kid better than you

めろん : ほんとに楽しそうな譜面だァ・・・(恍惚)



Micol Tafuro : Uh miren, 984 envidiosos :)) BAILÓ MUY BIEN! GENIAL!! GENIOO!😆

ransl7 ___ : I will play the taxi game...

First Name Last Name : I misread lv.9 100% as in lv.9100 and was like ahhhhh i see an over 9000 joke. Lol

Sean Sollano : "Tutorial complete"

Otaku_gamer 304 : "mind.exe has stopped working."

HotnSpxcy : This is why American technology will always be inferior Edit: For some reason people think Im talking all tech and hating on America, I meant just fun stuff like in this video

Faviola Avendaño Vasquet : Algún día llegará a mi pais :"v

ocidy : Remember to never skip leg day

Joshua Mckinnon : Crazy how much swag you have playing but you 100 it

Nx Vernxual : This is da wae how to become a Lvl.35 boss

Kookie Stole My Heartu : Idk how exactly that thing works...😂

Hex Hub Music : My recommendations are out of this world! Nice to see you guys again!

Chyeqarl Alhasni : is there a song to " LMFAO Party Rock Anthem " ?? Everyday Im Shufflin~

Hectic : He plays as casual as his dance

Maskedshadow Studios : Me- PFFF...it cant be that hard!!! Attempts* *FAILS ON FIRST STEP*

Lovely Heart : HOLY WOW! This is liKe one of the BEEEEST videos EEEEVER! 👌 Holy SHHHHIT! Oh SOOOOOO FLAAAME! 🔥 I love it! ✌💖😁

Andrew Prusakov : Wow. You're amazing. I subscribed! 😉👍

AFallingTree : This is how asians do their warmup

Gracie NM : I came here and I’m pissed cuz I saw Justin. Y Anyone else?

Leo DLR : Subbed. Cool game, even cooler vid. Well played!

Robert Holland : The risky spins you added in while keeping that combo 🔥🔥🔥

Holy Chief : It looks kinda like arcaea but badass Edit:DDR Bethoveen Virus Expert it's badass

Mxrcury Akuma : looked cool but wasn't thaaat impressive imo. Still nice tho, keep on shufflin'

dukc : Hard Dance, Flash Light, Double Time, Hidden. Do it you won't jk awesome moves, shame this machine probably doesn't exist in Australia looks like great fun

TeaAlamode : There are two types of pro people when it comes to rhythm games: • skilled at feet rhythm games • skilled at finger rhythm games Im not a pro but I'm rlly good at finger rhythm games and I suck at the feet ones

Eric Fejzo : When you wanted to play video games for a living but mama made you take dance lessons

StarKitty 66 : Thank you recommendations He killed this!

Zenendrah : TEACH MEH SEMPAI (sorry if I spelled that wrong) 🙏🙏 \(*•*)/

Jeseph Willis : Looks like pretty generic shuffling to me. Good job tho.