[DanceRush] Crazy Shuffle Lv.9 100% EXC

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FEFEMZ : Plz Subscribe!! 😎😎👍

JTsuits : If u think you are good at something , Just remember there is always a 6 year old Chinese kid better than you


Adventure Music : I can't even walk..😂

DaniAh : I went on date to an arcade like this in korea with a korean dude and he wanted to play this. I was like nooo and he asked why and I just laughed and said "because I'm white" and he said "ahh yes let's play basketball" later we played this though because I felt bad and I literally got zero points and he said "wow yes you are so white" 😂

DDU-DU DDU-DU : Choose your difficulty: Caucasian Afro American Asian

ʏᴛᴅᴏᴛᴛツ : *play it on 2x speed..*

Can I Get 500 Subscribers No Videos? : *_This isn't even his final form_*

Swift Raven : This is going to be one of those videos that get millions of views and gets recommended to everyone a few years later

Sean Sollano : "Tutorial complete"

Don’t Censor Hentai : Thank you recommendations, very cool.

barry bee benson : This video would have more views if you recorded horizontally.

〈Clex〉 : I can’t tell if he’s showing off or just winning

Terrence Richard : When you respawn in a game and you know exactly what to do

Josh's music : Why is this in my recommanded? . . . . . . Not Dissapointed.

Gamer_1001 : "I got a dollar, please just 1 game it will be quick"

AnagraRiver : Back in my day we had to jump on arrows

hahalord : That's how asian works

PHIL FCHR : Roses are red, Violets are blue, there is always an Asian better than you

HotnSpxcy : This is why American technology will always be inferior Edit: For some reason people think Im talking all tech and hating on America, I meant just fun stuff like in this video

BL 69 : No matter how good you are at something There's always a Asian kid better than you

Master Berka : osu!mania with feet

First Name Last Name : I misread lv.9 100% as in lv.9100 and was like ahhhhh i see an over 9000 joke. Lol

Mike Llerena : Honest question. Are Asian people more obsessed with perfection than anyone else or are they just naturally perfectionist?

AFallingTree : This is how asians do their warmup

Comb Cuck : I feel like only Asian people can look cool doing this

DeletriusX : This guy is insanely talented. He got 100% on something no normal person can do and look amazing at dancing while doing it. Legendary

dukc : Hard Dance, Flash Light, Double Time, Hidden. Do it you won't jk awesome moves, shame this machine probably doesn't exist in Australia looks like great fun

BJK CORBY : sugoi

barry bee benson : The difference between lvl.1 crook to lvl.100 boss has never been so clear.

Hex Hub Music : My recommendations are out of this world! Nice to see you guys again!

Justin F. : Hax? No Hotel? Trivago.

Trunoom Jr : This was recorded with iPhone u can tell

Rich's Delts : That spin though

Elf : Roses are red Violets are blue There’s always someone in Asia Thats better than you

Irish Punzalan : 2019 anyone?

Faviola Avendaño Vasquet : Algún día llegará a mi pais :"v

Kye Holmes : No disrespect for all he doing is the old dance that's called The running Man

Cyanna Miranda : I can do that. *Bob hold my beer*

Omgurafi Spoopenberg : ”Ddr is a dance game” checks out this game...

Gracie Mccall : I came here and I’m pissed cuz I saw Justin. Y Anyone else?

jess b : I remember trying one of these with my friends But it became competitive, awesome game 😂😂😍

Joshua Mckinnon : Crazy how much swag you have playing but you 100 it

Legend of LOL ? : I just watch this vedio because of his feet

Bella Stoneham : I’d just be stepping side to side

morelli tech : Its the Asian from South Parks "You got served" episode.

Kicak : Nervarien by miał 102%

XLazerHeroX : 1970: How would the people and the world look like in the future. 2018: EXCELLENT!

Sassy Sister G : And I trip over air...

Elizabeth Rathbone : Achievement unlocked *God mode*